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peace and war, both are his tools.


I am god or am I the devil? I am both. · 8:15am Jul 26th, 2017

My oc/ avatar in the mlp world. Is god and the devil in human form with wings 1 black 1 white. He is the 1 that made are world and the rest of them, But 1 day he find the mlp world. something he did not make and he instantly yells at his brothers thinking they made a fucked up world. His brothers names are ark angel michael and lucifer. They were made after my oc/ avatar and he has no clue what made them. all he remembers is blackness of the nothingness of space then a bang......... and there

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Thanks for giving my story chance man!

Thanks for adding THE EMPEROR COMES BITCHES!!! to your favourites

Thanks for faving Ghost Of Reach! When you can, could you possibly tell me what do you like/dislike about it?

May you continue to enjoy reading Zebrican Warlord.

Thank you for adding The Soldier and Hope to your Favorites.:twilightsmile:

May i ask what you enjoy about it?

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