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That guy who writes too many AUs and fluffy fics, apparently. Avatar is by Viria.


In all the high schools throughout Canterlot, there's a very special day the week before prom. A day when all the fillies and colts will do their best to pluck up the courage to offer a flower to their crush. It's a shame Shining's is the Prince of Love.

He might be in just a bit over his head.

A request by SPark and Cynewulf from way back in December/January.
Preread by like half of my friends at this point (Brasta Septim, M.E. Lovecolt, Alto, Cynewulf, SPark, and Timaeus).
Cover art by Dreamingnoctis.

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Comments ( 40 )

Sweet and adorable. Cadence being gender-flipped threw me for a little, and it actually took me a while to realize Bolero was her, but I don't mind. Absolutely stunning story.

Pretty good.

Excellent, I wish you would have asked me to preread *big eyes*

Well, those 10000+ words got devoured.

B_25 #6 · Jun 27th, 2018 · · 1 ·

This is gay

9011836 Gonna go with a hard no on that meme.

Comment posted by Distorted Flare deleted Jun 27th, 2018

9011866 piss off with that.

This thing is cute as fuck. I will proudly take credit for harassing you into it. :pinkiehappy:

If Shining is an alicorn in the story, then shouldn't he have wings?

Comment posted by An Intricate Disguise deleted Jun 27th, 2018
Comment posted by Alexei deleted Jun 27th, 2018

A story so sweet not even the sore losers in the comments can ruin it. c:

Yasssssss The best harassment choice ever! >:3

Gay stallion romantic fluff that isn't also porn


9011951 I mean ... well, yes, I am 26 ^^;

A m/m story with shining armor x cadence (r63) that's rare 0.0 don't think i've seen that before or ever...how wickedly deliciously,scandalous & I fucking love it!
if ya can't tell i'm being over the top/dramatic. awesome story:)



Ah, some nice fluff. Can never have too much fluff. Never read a Shining/R63!Cadance before, so this was really unique. The tails in the cover art look kinda weird to me, though. They're just...very different from the typical design.

Now you have to write a sequel about how little Blizzard Core wound up being adopted by these two and how he ascended so insanely young for a colt.

... what? Where's the rest!?

*Scrolls through page and recommended*


(Jk I'm okay with this being the end I'm doing this for the memes)

I... I kinda want a lot more of this. Just like, its own 'verse. But without all the inevitable dark drama a 'verse usually has. Just like...

A fluffverse.


Wait, this is 10k words? I read this so fast, lol. Also, how many times am I going to click on something in my feed that looks cute and not check if it's Cara until after I've devoured it? Lol, every time the cutest stories are always from you, and I get so eager because they're so adorable and only realize after it's over who wrote it.

Carapace, you have absolutely taken the spot as my favorite author here. (Not to discredit anyone else I follow, as they've surely earned my follow in their own way.)

Real quick, I'm reading it right now, but I'm hoping that you don't do the standard twist. I won't be too disappointed, but I'd imagine a greater payoff if you could do something different.

H E C C. Oh well, I still liked it.

Very sweet and sappy. I'm definitely gonna go on a romance "bender" thannk to this story.

heard a crinkled of plastic.


Indeed, those were 10K words that went fast. He needs to think about what he's done!

Think Carafluff! :P

The tails are a reference to the myth of unicorns! Unicorns are said to have long tails with tufts on the end, like a lion, so a lot of people adopted the headcanon for MLP unicorns!

*Flails* this was just the best fluff and shipping and my heart might explode!!!!!!

Shit man. This reminds me of my crush. We’ve been friends for eight years and I dont want to fuck up the relationship. If only i had the confidence of Bolero.

Teen romance, it never fails to appeal to me yet not much of it is well written;although I would suggest you to use more synonyms for certain words I did love this small storie. Like any fevered fan I’d love to read more about these two love bugs.

Summarizing: I am head over heels for your story

this was really, really great, especially everything after the reveal.


That was really sweet. It did remind me of how much I hated high school though. But it was worth it.

The twist was obvious, after all this is a cuddly fluffy romance story, but the obviousness of the twist doesn't matter because I absolutely loved this.

He rushed down the hallway, carefully to avoid shoulder blocking anypony in his haste. Only his nimble hooves, gained from four years of those accursed hoofwork drills, saved a pair of small freshcolts with glasses and a books hovering before their eyes from being knocked back into the lockers. Shining ducked under the texts, catching their eyes as he passed them by, and called back, “Either float them off to the side or over your shoulder! You’re gonna get hit doing that!”

Of all ponies, he’d know best. It’d been he getting knocked into walls before his growth spurt finally hit.

Just "books" here.

As for this, maybe it's just a stylistic choice on your part, but I think this is meant to be "him" rather than "he."

This wasn't legitimately one of the sweetest things I've ever read. I don't care how damn cliché the "misunderstood his crush isn't asking someone else out on a date" thing is, the execution of this story and all the emotions were so well done. Thank you

I know this might be apparent and states many times now but please.... add a sequel or continuation to what happens between these two :heart:

You write so good and this isn't the only story I am a huge fan of and you're my source of fuzzy, cuddly, and wuggly stuff that I need to survive :twilightsheepish:

This is just... it's that good and I do hope you don't stop here woth these two, Bolero x Shining :twilightsmile:

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