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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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There's a saying in Equestria that "Keeping the harmony doesn't come cheap." Many owe the saying to the countless ponies—and the Elements of Harmony themselves, no less—who have sacrificed so much to keep a lasting peace in Equestria against all threats.

Twilight just didn't anticipate a more literal component of this... or rather, a monetary one. On the bright side, she now knows to never trust her friends with money again.

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Anonymous solicits mares for an unknown purpose. It's up to Twilight and Pinkie to get to the bottom of the mysterious human's secret enterprise.

Entry for CategoricalGrant's Cuddlefic Contest!

Now with a reading from StraightToThePointStudios!

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Anon is the only human in Equestria.

It can be hard to feel alone, despite having come to know a few ponies he can call his friends. Humans are so different from ponies, and it can be hard suddenly losing so much that you thought made you the person you are.

But, is this a final goodbye..?

Short Story.

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The name's Jack, imagine sleeping in college and realizing you overslept in college, when a 22 year old guy aka me, tries to go to class in said college what happens? I get teleported to a place full of lion chickens as a spicy chicken. What does a guy like me do? Kicking, lots and lots of kicking.

Now I'm here with no one to help me except for some edgy chickens, wooden wolves, and this weird chicken who won't stop bothering me! Well, not helping but annoying, yeah that's the word for it.

I'm a martial artist, in a world full of adventure, "friendship", and frustration because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!! Except for the wooden wolves but shut up. This is going to be fun.

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Ever since arriving in Equestria, you, a local male human in Maretropolis, had some hard time of adjusting among every pony while sometimes having restless sleeps and headaches. After getting into an accident, you wound up in a pony hospital where you can spend a few weeks of peace and quiet. Although, what you didn't realize that there would be some "friendly visitors" checking in on you every day before the snowy winter of Hearth's Warming Eve starts.

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Lyra Heartstrings loves humans, so much so that she wrote a book about humans. Unfortunately for her, the rest of Equestria doesn't share her enthusiasm. They don't even believe the legendary creatures are real. Luckily for her, she's got the proof, and the proof's name is Archard.

This is a commission. If you'd like your own commission, feel free to PM me, or support me on patreon.
Cover art provided by Ramiras

The Lyra Laws is a companion to this story, which you should read, by Shinigamimirror

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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken

It's a week later, and Twilight is nagging Heartbreak into learning more about herself and what her special talents really are! Heartbreak shows herself to be the artistic type but with learning to be a pony and contending with ponies curious about the new mare in Ponyville, it's a rocky start that is leaving Heartbreak feeling more than drained of her ability to express herself. Let alone learn how to use a pencil with her mouth. Perhaps Zecora can help with a special brew she calls "Creativi-Tea"? Or will this just going to lead to a lot of Insani-tea?

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This is a show separate from Good Morning Equestria
Inspired by the fanart: RUG Podcast
By Doodle-Mark

Four former villains decide to set up a new show for all the listeners to rival Pinkie Pie's shenanigans. Hopefully this show in the afternoons will be fun and have less chaos in. Right? They also talk to former villains and reformed creatures on their show and see where they are now.

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When a mare moves to Ponyville, she expected to find what her parents have told her. That Ponyville is a place for all of ponykind to live together in harmony. And she does find that to be true...but she fears that her biggest secret will ruin her new life in the not-so-quiet town.

What will happen when she meets a certain group of mares? Only time will tell.

If you like the story, how about an upvote? If this story gets 75 likes I'll release the second chapter of a new side story set in the Sparkling Harmony universe. Like if you want to see that.


Takes Place during season 8 and beyond, but Cozy Glow doesn't exist.

Celestia and Luna NEVER retire and hoof over the throne to Twilight.


As the story progresses, tags and characters will be added as deemed necessary


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Camping with Fluttershy was a very enlightening experience, to say the least. After all, there was something about the timid, shy pegasus that would send your insides fluttering. Was it her voice? Her caring personality? The way she would smile at you?
You were about to find out.

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