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Without any other options, an uppercaste unicorn hires a "human" -- an exceedingly rare and unfairly attractive species -- as her bodyguard. Her mission is to travel across the lands of a pre-unified Equus to reach Equestria and reunite the alicorn filly in tow with her sister. It doesn't help that everypony between tries their best to make that not happen.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe and has been converted to prose from its original greentext state.

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The events take place after the Main 6 defeated Discord, while the other side, Ash has just finished his adventures in Alola. The two worlds intertwine, making the Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu cross paths with Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

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The name's Jack, imagine sleeping in college and realizing you overslept in college, when a 22 year old guy aka me, tries to go to class in said college what happens? I get teleported to a place full of lion chickens as a spicy chicken. What does a guy like me do? Kicking, lots and lots of kicking.

Now I'm here with no one to help me except for some edgy chickens, wooden wolves, and this weird chicken who won't stop bothering me! Well, not helping but annoying, yeah that's the word for it.

I'm a martial artist, in a world full of adventure, "friendship", and frustration because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!!!! Except for the wooden wolves but shut up. This is going to be fun.

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Lyra Heartstrings loves humans, so much so that she wrote a book about humans. Unfortunately for her, the rest of Equestria doesn't share her enthusiasm. They don't even believe the legendary creatures are real. Luckily for her, she's got the proof, and the proof's name is Archard.

This is a commission. If you'd like your own commission, feel free to PM me, or support me on patreon.
Cover art provided by Ramiras

The Lyra Laws is a companion to this story, which you should read, by Shinigamimirror

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Affection therapy: a new and innovative practice in Equestria wherein the patient/subject is calmed and relaxed through simple displays of platonic affection, such as ear scratches, nose boops, and belly rubs. It's surprisingly effective, and leaves the pony happy and content. The strangest thing, however, is that you, a simple human living in Ponyville, 'invented' this practice completely by accident.

*I wrote this a long time ago, before Every Little Thing She Does aired. The first chapter takes place between No Second Prances and that episode, and I decided to touch it up and release it now as an early Christmas gift to you guys, as a simple piece of cute, platonic fluff. More to come, too, when I find the time and inspiration. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

Cover art by ElementOfFaith

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Elias Bright is a survivor. He has survived the end of the world. He has survived the deaths of his family. He has survived the death of all that he has built. On the run from a past that haunts him to his core, he finds himself in Equestria, a land of tranquility and peace. Elias now has a choice. Does he give up the only life he has known, that of a survivor, and settle with the ponies of Equestria, or will his past deeds come to drag him back into the dark past he has tried to bury?

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What if instead of a book, The tree of harmony gave Twilight a card with strange symbols on it. She studied the symbols closely wondering what they meant. But it was all very new to her. But when she looked at a small inscription that appeared on the card that said.

"Bakugan Field Open!"

The Mane Six, and Spike were magically pulled into another dimension, where there is no magic, or talking ponies. But they found themselves in the middle of a battlefield. a fight between creatures the humans call... Bakugan.

With no way to get home, they meet a young boy named Dan Kuso, a hot headed but brave brawler, and his newly acquired partner, Pyrus Dragonoid (Drago). They soon meet the rest of his teammates. Runo Misaki, a short tempered but sweet girl, and her partner Haos Tigrerra. Marucho Marukura, a smart and intelligent young boy, and his partner Aquos Preyas. Julie Makimoto, who is like the Brawlers version of Pinkie Pie, happy and joyful, and her partner Subterra Gorem. Shun Kazami, the stealthy ninja of the brawlers, and his partner Ventus Skyress. And Alice, the brightest, and most beautiful member of the Battle Brawlers who is a bit like Fluttershy.

Together, the Battle Brawlers and the ponies must work together to defeat Naga, and his army of darkness. Or else... the worlds they fought for... will be destroyed.

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"You all know the story by now, so let's take it from the top." That was how the story of another human lost in the magical lands of Equestria began their tale. To say the welcoming wasn't what they expected would be an understatement. This was fine with them, why should they have to bend a knee to a race of self-centered, discriminating ponies?

This doesn't mean they won't try to keep the mistakes that followed them from ripping apart the world, even if some of them don't deserve it. Stuck in the body of the Sarkaz Mercenary, W, this human won't just take the insults lying down, even if that puts the capital on her back.

Arknights/MLP crossover
Note: 'Sex' tag for references to subject and body. Also, Tags will be added over time.

First Arknights story featured, thanks so much!! =^_^=
List - (This is getting a little longer than I expected...)
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But yeah it probably is. This is going to be my take in the Generic Anon in Equestria trope, freestyled from the beginning of Bridle Gossip at the request of the purchaser. Shennanigans shall most likely ensue. Contains excessive philosophical discussion, pseudoscientific worldbuilding mumbo jumbo, and a light dash of casual humor.

Cover art by Twitter artist Andaluce!

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Featured seven fucking days running since 2/13/2021 holy shit you guys this is insane :0

Check out a sweet audiobook reading of the first half of the first chapter here, by a wonderful fan ^^.

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Sequel to Indomitable

Topaz has seen her fair share of mythical and otherworldly beings, so when she's tasked with tracking down a mysterious case of deforestation near Hollow Shades, she may find she bit off more than she could chew. Good thing she's not the only one searching for the cause of the ecosystem's sudden shift.

A/N: I may have done a battle on his subspecies but I will always love Glavenus's base form. So! Here's another short adventure dedicated to the Cutting Wyvern himself! Enjoy!

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