If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

by tranhdxrbntd

In the Midst of Chaos, There Is Opportunity

Scootaloo ears rang. Scootaloo's eyes shot open. The first thing that she noticed was that Spitfire's body was smothering her's. The next thing she noticed was that her ears hurt and fortunately, they were the only things that were hurting.

She gently shoved Spitfire off of herself and looked around. The cabin that they had been sitting in had been absolutely shredded by the explosion, as did a number of the other cars from this train. Standing back up, she scrambled to where she had been sitting and grabbed a duffel bag. From the duffel bag, she pulled out a revolver. It was her Model 92, the exact one that she found in Baltimore. Was she supposed to have it? Absolutely not. Did she care that she wasn't supposed to have it? Absolutely not. If it hadn't been for her obvious theft of Royal Equestrian Army property, she wouldn't have been able to defend herself from the shotgun armed griffon that had just busted into the train car she was in.

Scootaloo squeaked. The griffon squawked. Both of them raced to shoot first.


When Scootaloo saw that her first shot hadn't dropped the griffon, she kept on firing. Five more shots later and the griffon was down. She knew that her revolver was empty and that she had no other ammo for it so she scrambled forward and picked up the shotgun that the griffon had dropped. She didn't get too much time to do anything with the shotgun because the next thing she knew, it was ripped out of her hooves.

Spitfire looked at the small pegasus. "Better leave that with me." Spitfire held out the revolver that Scootaloo had dropped as well as two speedloaders. Scootaloo nodded and took the revolver. Spitfire looked at the pump shotgun in her hooves. "This was one of the ones those guards were using in the other car." She searched the griffon and found a hoofful of shotgun shells.

Scootaloo reloaded her revolver and stuffed the extra speedloader in her uniform. "What do we do now?"

Spitfire lept out of the train car's window and was immediately tackled down by a griffon. Spitfire growled and immediately kicked the griffon in the groin. This griffon also squawked and was now easily shoved away. The following shotgun blast ended him for good.

Spitfire got back up to her hooves and looked back at the train car. "Let's go." Scootaloo nodded and jumped out too.

Spitfire looked up and around, finding that many more griffons were flying around in the air. Her eyes widened and she dove under what remained of the train to hide from the sky, pulling the squirt along with her. Spitfire looked at the squirt and started checking her over. "Are you hurt?"

Scootaloo pushed Spitfire's hooves away. "No." She looked at the griffon that Spitfire had just dropped. "What are we gonna do now?"

Spitfire pulled out a shotgun shell and loaded it into her shotgun. "We have to get to Sweet Apple Acres, it's Ponyville's rally point in case of emergencies."


Princess Celestia's machine gun roared with the anger of the sun, slinging 8mm bullets at a squad of griffons hidden behind a house. While they were pinned down, Tran, Eric, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash moved up towards the house. When Celestia's machine gun finally clicked empty, the griffons ducked out of cover and started firing at her position in an attempt to take her out. Too bad for them, a protective bubble caught ever single bullet that they fired.

A few seconds later, Princess Celestia reloaded her machine gun and continued her stream of bullets at the griffons. The griffons, deciding that death was a bad thing, ducked back behind cover. One of the griffons looked at each other. "Screw this, we can't deal with her!"

Before they could run off, Tran and company flanked around the house and had their firearms trained on them. One griffon tried to bring his rifle on any of them but was immediately dropped by Applejack's Colt Army. When a griffon merely twitched, Rainbow Dash fired a warning shot into the ground from her Model 92.

Tran (brandishing his 1911) and Eric (brandishing his AK) looked over the nine remaining griffons. "Where did all of you come from?" Eric asked. They stayed silent.

Applejack then realized that she recognized a few of them. "Wait a gosh darn minute, ah've seen some of them before!"

Eric looked at the cowpony. "Where?"

Applejack looked at the griffons once more to make sure. "They were part of the griffons that surrendered back in Baltimare!" She trotted up to one of them and examined their uniforms. "Yeah, they're all from the same unit."

Rainbow Dash looked at the nine griffons. "So what do we do with them? We still have other important things at hoof."

Eric gave Tran a look, who nodded. Looking back at the griffons, Eric started executing them. Some tried to get away but failed, Eric couldn't miss at this range.

Rainbow Dash, horrified at what she had just witnessed, flew up to Tran and shoved him. "What was that for?!" she demanded. Tran, barely moved by the blue pegasus, holstered his 1911 and picked up one of the rifles that the griffons had dropped. He began checking if over as Rainbow Dash continued shoving him. "Hey, don't ignore me! Say something!"

Tran turned to face the pegasus and shoved the rifle into her hooves. "Faked a surrender, forfeit your lives. If you have a problem with it, shoot me." Rainbow Dash looked at the rifle and spat at his boots before turning away from him. Tran, ignoring the pegasus, picked up another rifle and tossed it to Applejack.

Applejack caught the rifle and cycled the bolt, noticing that it was an REA rifle and not a griffon one. "There was about six hundred of them." Tran looked at the cowpony, raising an eyebrow. "Six hundred. That's about how many of them had surrendered, all at the same time."

Eric gritted his teeth. "They planned this." Tran nodded.

Wilson and Logan, weapons ready, flanked around the house to join them. Seeing that everything had been dealt with, they lowered their weapons. Soon enough, everyone else (Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Prince Blueblood, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Celestia) joined them.

Tran picked up another of the rifles that the griffons were using and handed it to Octavia. Everypony else realized what he was doing and grabbed their own weapons, along with some ammunition. "Gentlemen." Everypony raised an eyebrow at this statement. "It appears that the enemy is conducting a false surrender operation. They're most likely here to destroy or capture something. I just don't know what." Tran turned to address Princess Twilight Sparkle. "Do you have any idea of what might be important enough that they would consider conducting an operation of this scale?"

PRINCESS Twilight Sparkle looked at the human that had seriously asked her that question before realizing that he was in fact serious. She looked at PRINCESS Celestia and PRINCE Blueblood, who both realized the meaning of what he had just asked. Twilight looked back at Tran, not saying anything. At that point, Tran finally realized what she was trying to get at.

"Oh," Tran said. "Well, in any case, we need to find somewhere safe. If they're after you, they will bring hell upon us to capture or kill any of you three."

Applejack's head shot up. "Sweet Apple Acres."

Tran looked back at the cowpony. "What was that?"

Applejack repeated what she had just said. "Sweet Apple Acres. It's Ponyville's gatherin spot for emergencies. It's about eight kilometers west of here on the outskirts of town."

Tran unslung his rifle. "Sweet Apple Acres, here we come."

High Up In The Clouds

Two Jaegers appeared out of thin air as the two of them pulled their helmets off of their heads. They settled themselves on a cloud, ready to strike at any moment. "Everything is coming along."

The other Jaeger looked down from the clouds. "Explosives ready?"

The first Jaeger pulled out a massive bundle of dynamite. "Yep."

The other Jaeger stuck his helmet back one, disappearing from thing air. "What does the target area look like?"

The first Jaeger snorted. "From the name. An apple farm." He too donned his helmet and disappeared from thin air. "Ponies are awful at naming."

The other Jaeger chuckled. "Yeah, what was I thinking. What could a place like 'Sweet Apple Acres' be other than an Apple farm?"

Somewhere In Sweet Apple Acres

Granny Smith gently rocked in her chair on the porch of her beloved family home. Distant gunshots could be heard but for the elderly near-deaf mare, they might as well have been silent.

Out of nowhere, a heavily armed and armored Jaeger appeared from thin air in front of the mare. Granny Smith squinted her eyes at the griffon. "Oh, hello dearie. Are you a friend of Apple Bloom's?"