If You Want Peace, Prepare For War

by tranhdxrbntd

The Only Way to Swiftly End a War Is to Lose It

Vinyl grabbed Tran's rifle and tried to pry it out of his hands with all of the force that she could muster. It didn't budge, not even by a millimeter. She looked at him with pleading eyes. Tran lowered the rifle and held it out for her.

She took it and aimed it at the object in question. "Shit!" she said, upon realizing what it was. She instinctively tried to pull the trigger on the rifle. Too bad for her, the rifle was designed for humans with hands and not ponies with hooves so absolutely nothing happened. She handed the rifle back to Tran. "Shoot it!" she said. Vinyl looked at her partner, Octavia. "Get to the machine gun!" Octavia nodded and ran out of the room.

Tran took aim at the egg again. The egg was no longer there. In its place was a bunch of eggshells arranged in a circle with a large winged lizard standing in its place. The lizard was dark green with a light green underbelly and appeared to be about half a meter in height. It looked at its surroundings with angry looking reptilian eyes, taking note of who was surrounding it. "Is that... A dragon?" Tran asked.

Outside of the House

Eric and Wilson raised their weapons at the dragon and moved slowly closer to it. "What the hell?" Wilson said. Only taking a few more steps towards the dragon, it had spat a large fireball at them. The two men dove out of the fireball's way, barely dodging the attack.

Getting back up, Eric and Wilson raised their weapons. Much to their surprise, instead of a half meter tall dragon, it was now a meter and half tall. "What the fuck?" Wilson commented. In the time that it had taken him to say that, it had grown a few centimeters.

"Hey!" screamed somepony from their rear. Both of them turned around to find themselves looking at Vinyl Scratch, who was standing in the house's second story window. "Kill it before it grows more!" Both of them turned around and aimed their weapons, only to be amazed by how the dragon was now Wilson's height.

The dragon started growling and bearing its teeth upon hearing Vinyl's command. From the gaps in its teeth, both Wilson and Eric could see the beginnings of even more incoming fire (literally). The two of them fired their weapons at the dragon, only to be shocked when their bullets simply splattered against the dragon's hide.

The dragon opened its mouth again, this time creating a massive gout of flame from its mouth. Once again, Eric and Wilson jumped out of the way again. However, the dragon kept the stream of fire up and began to rake the area with flames. Luckily for Eric, the dragon was moving the flames away from him. Unluckily for Wilson, that meant the flames were heading towards him. Wilson tried rolling away and failed to do so, finding that his upper torso was on fire. He immediately hit the quick release on his body armor and his medic's bag, before literally tearing his uniform's coat off.

Picking up his still burning medic's bag, Wilson tried putting out the fire while Eric sprayed bullets with his AK74. The dragon, now two meters tall, sadistically laughed at the two humans.

The dragon's laughter was cut short by the sound of a cannon-like gunshot filling the air. With it, the dragon bowled over in pain as if he had been punched in the gut. Eric turned around, seeing Big Mac standing on the porch with his titanic lever action rifle. Big Mac worked the lever of his rifle, just as Celestia's machine gun came to life.

The dragon felt each and every bullet impact from Celestia's machine gun. It growled in pain, covering its face to protect it. While the bullets failed to penetrate its hide, each impact could be clearly seen as dents were being formed on its scales. Despite the stream of bullets, It began to charge towards the house while it prepared more fire in its mouth.

Mac fired again, striking the dragon in one of its legs. It fell down to one knee, still covering its face. Then, it stood up. Now, it was three meters tall and the bullets from Celestia's machine gun seemed to no longer affect it. Once again, Mac fired. However, the bullet from Mac's lever action clearly didn't do as much damage as it did earlier.

The dragon uncovered its face and spat a fireball at the house. Mac jumped off of the house's porch while Octavia, who was on Celestia's machine gun, ran off deeper into the house. Both ponies successfully dodged the effects of the fireball, which had set fire to the front of the house.

As Mac got back up, he found himself face to face with the dragon. "Eenope," Big Mac said, rearing up. He executed a well place buck, planting both of his hooves in the dragon's gut. The dragon, despite its armored hide, keeled over in pain.

The dragon recovered, now standing four meters tall, and swatted Big Mac. The big red stallion, despite being built like a brick shithouse, was sent flying away. Big Mac didn't get back up.

The dragon turned around, ignoring the machine gun fire, and looked at Wilson and Eric. The two humans, who had been pointlessly shooting at the dragon this whole time, stopped firing. "Shit," said Wilson. The dragon smiled, opening its mouth. Both Wilson and Eric could clearly see fire forming in its mouth. That was their cue to immediately start running in a desperate attempt to avoid being set on fire.

The dragon almost laughed at the attempt had he not felt the most painful feeling so far coupled with the loudest gunshot so far. On the dragon's back, a hole in its hide appeared, oozing red blood. It turned around, following the source of the gunshot.

The dragon, now five meters tall, found it facing another one of the humans, this one standing in the house's second story. Tran quickly loaded another round into his .338 Lapua and fired again. This time, the bullet struck the dragon in the stomach and created another hole in its hide.

The dragon clutched the hole in its stomach and growled. It opened it's moving, revealing that it was starting to create a fresh batch of flames. However, before it could spit out a fireball, Tran had fired again. The bullet flew true and entered the five meter tall dragon's mouth, punching a hole into the roof of his mouth. The dragon, fireball still forming, froze for a second before falling over forward. It twitched once and then stayed still.

Wilson and Eric looked at Tran. Wilson, angry at the damage to his gear was about to start yelling when he realized that Tran was covered in blood. "What the hell happened to you?!" he demanded.

Tran wiped some of the blood off of his head. "I was busy," he calmly replied.


Tran took one more look at the dragon and then back at Vinyl. "I'm assuming its dangerous?" he asked.

Vinyl nodded. "Very."

Tran looked back at the dragon and then to Apple Bloom, then Logan. "I want you three in the cellar with those other three royals." Logan raised an eyebrow. Tran pointed at the filly. "She's a child." He pointed to Vinyl and Logan. "And I want you two to guard them in case someone gets to them." Logan and Vinyl looked at each other before shrugging and walking off. Apple Bloom wanted to protest but she had been picked up by Logan.

Tran walked over to his shooting platform and unfolded the bipod on his rifle, gently laying it down on the platform. He then had a sense of deja vu as he was tackled from behind. The two of them wrestled for control. The human, clearly stronger than his opponent, found himself disadvantaged due to having to fight an invisible opponent.

Tran forced himself out of his opponent's grasp, rolling away and drawing both his 1911 in his right hand and S&W Model 500 in his left. He took aim at random areas of the room, possible hiding spots for an invisible opponent. Nothing gave a hint as to where his opponent was. Tran frowned.

A bullet hit Tran in the chest, failing to penetrate his vest. Tran smiled, taking aim at the spot where the bullet came from and fired his 1911. The .45 caliber bullet impacted his invisible opponent, leaving a splattered bullet floating in the air. Before his opponent could do anything, Tran aimed both handguns at the clear target and fired both handguns as quickly as he could. The rounds that he fired from his 1911 did nothing but further splatter against his opponent's armor. However, the armor did nothing against the rounds Tran fired from his S&W Model 500. Once the first .500 S&W round had penetrated, the invisible Jaeger turned visible. When the other four .500 S&W rounds penetrated, the visible Jaeger's chest was reduced to hamburger meat and caused blood to splatter everywhere.

Tran reloaded his 1911, then his S&W Model 500. He then picked up his sniper rifle and began to walk back over to the window, only to stop and walk back to the Jaeger's corpse. He undid the red scarf around the dead Jaeger's neck, tying it to his war belt before going back to the window and taking aim at the dragon, now four meters tall.

Present Time

Tran wiped some of the blood off of his head. "I was busy," he calmly said. Tran then jumped out of the second story window, landing on his feet.

Eric cringed as he landed while Wilson looked in awe. "How'd you do that?" Wilson asked.

Tran looked at his rifle. "Think about it, does your gear feel as heavy as it previously did?" Eric and Wilson stared at their weapons. Tran noticed Big Mac's unconscious form. "Is he okay?" Tran asked, looking at Wilson.

Wilson walked over to the big red pony and then grabbed one side, preparing to turn the giant stallion over. When he did roll the pony over, he used significantly less strength than he thought. It felt like the pony weighed a quarter as much as he should have. "What the hell?"

Tran looked at Wilson. "When I was carrying that pony, I realized she didn't weigh as much as she claimed." Before he could explain further, he realized something horrifying. "Do you still hear gunfire?" The other two froze, realizing that the gunfire sounded like it was coming from the other size house.

Wilson looked at Big Mac and then the direction of the gunfire. "You'll have to go without me," Wilson said. Tran and Eric looked at each other, then simultaneously sprinted off towards the direction of the gunfire.

On the other side of the house, was a big, raging, blood-red dragon. Actually battling it was three pegasi, all of whom were suffering from some form of burns. Surrounding the small battleground were three additional ponies, all of which were severely burned, incapacitated, and lying still. The dragon, having been wreaking havoc this entire time, looked completely undamaged and was six meters tall.

Tran handed Eric his sniper rifle and unholstered his S&W Model 500. He fired a singular round at the dragon's back, immediately catching its attention. The dragon looked at the two humans in curiosity before opening its mouth, fireball already forming up. Eric took aim with Tran's sniper rifle and fired, putting a bullet into the roof of the dragon's mouth. The dragon, like the other one, froze for a second before starting to fall over backward. Once it fell over, the ground shook. The dragon started twitching but all movement completely died out when Tran had fired four rounds from his S&W Model 500 into the creature's mouth.

The three pegasi looked at the two humans in amazement. Tran and Eric looked back at the remaining three pegasi. "What?" Tran asked. He looked back at the house and then to Eric. "Pull security at the front of the house and send Wilson over here when he's done with that farm boy. And, if you can, try to build up defenses. I'm gonna check up on the cellar that they've been talking about."

Eric handed Tran his rifle back and left, leaving Tran with the pegasi. Tran noticed how the pegasi were still looking at his blood splattered body. "Who's the highest rank between the three of you?" Tran asked. Two of the pegasi looked at the third pegasi, who's eyes looked at the other two. Tran took a step towards that pegasus, who flinched in response. "Keep a guard up, I don't want anything surprising us."

The pegasus's eyes darted to the three chevrons on Tran's vest. "Y-Yes sergeant!" said the pony.


Spitfire and Scootaloo finally reached Sweet Apple Acres. Sure they were on the outskirts of the farm but they had made it. Unfortunately for the two of them, they could clearly hear gunfire coming from three different directions. Most disheartening was the fact that one of the sources of gunfire sounded like it came from the center of the farm. "Shit," Spitfire cursed.

Scootaloo's ear's twitched upon realizing what the gunshots coming from the farm's center sounded like. "Do those gunshots sound familiar to you?" Scootaloo asked.

Spitfire looked at the filly. "What?" she asked.

Scootaloo looked at the direction of the gunshots, the ones coming from the farm's center, and then finally realized why they sounded so familiar. She ran off towards that direction, rifle ready. Spitfire ran after the filly, quickly catching up to her. "What are you doing?!" she demanded.

Scootaloo looked at the direction of the gunfire. "Remember those Americans?" Scootaloo answered.

Spitfire froze, remembering the one that had a cannon for a sidearm. She let go of the squirt and looked in the direction of the gunfire. "Let's go then." But carefully. It seemed that where ever those humans were, the biggest trouble was.


Wilson gently covered up the second degree burns of an unconscious pegasus, one of the ones that had battled the dragon. Beside the medic and pegasus was Eric, who was watching the distance.

Eric flipped the safety of his rifle off and aimed it at the distance. A half second later, he flipped the safety back on and lowered his rifle. "Hey, we got a pair of ponies coming up."

Wilson didn't even bother lookin up, still giving all of his attention to his patient. "And?"

Eric realized that the two ponies looked somewhat familiar. "Huh," Eric said.


Tran walked out of the Apple family's cellar (which turned out to be more emergency bunker than cellar), Applejack in tow (limping). "Your family is gonna have some cleaning up to do," Tran commented.

Applejack looked at Tran. "And what do you mean by that?" she asked.

Tran didn't answer, instead just opting to walk towards the entrance of the house. Applejack followed and the two made their way to the house's front porch (passing Eric at a window). She immediately noticed the dead dragon. "Ah see what yah mean," Applejack said.

"You should see the bigger one," Tran commented.

Applejack stared at the human. "Bigger one?!" she exclaimed. She was gonna ask more questions but then noticed her brother lying unconscious in front of the house. She sprinted over to her brother's body and pressed her head against his chest. While she was relieved that he was still breathing, she was still worried. "What happened to mah brother?!" she demanded.

Tran didn't answer, having seen a pair of ponies that he recognized. Scootaloo and Spitfire stared back at the human. "So explain to me, how you're different from a stray cat?" The smile that Scootaloo previously sported was now an irritated frown.

Spitfire eyed the red scarf that hung off of Tran's belt. She knew it was recently acquired. A third Jaeger. Three Jaegers, all killed by the same person. She looked at the dead dragon. "Did you do that?" Spitfire asked.

Tran nodded. Tran looked at Spitfire's bleeding wing. "Let's get you patched up."

Applejack punched Tran in the leg. "What about mah brother?!"

Tran let out a sigh before walking over to the stallion's body. He unslung his sniper rifle and held it out to the cowpony. "Hold this." Applejack took Tran's rifle and he hoisted the red stallion upon his shoulders. "I'll take him to the bunker."

While Tran carried the stallion back into the house, Applejack, Spitfire, and Scootaloo took a look at the giant dead dragon. "Why is there a huge dragon out here?" Scootaloo asked.

Spitfire kicked the dragon's corpse. "They're mercenaries. Griffons pay them in gems," Spitfire explained. She noticed a piece of eggshell and picked it up. "Using magic, they turn back into eggs for easy transport. After hatching, they'll grow back to their full size in a few minutes. This one isn't even halfway to full size. "

Scootaloo gulped. "That's not fair," she commented.

Spitfire sighed. All's fair in love and war. She opened her mouth to say something else but froze. She heard it again. The Sound. It was the sound that a scarf makes when its exposed to high winds. That was when Tran collapsed, having taken a bullet to the back where he stood on the porch.

Up in the Clouds

A charred Jaeger carefully attached a suppressor to a sniper rifle and loaded it up with armor-piercing ammunition. He took aim at his target, one of the four humans that he was tasked with hunting. He honestly thought the two dragons would have dealt with them. Obviously, he was wrong.

And what of his brother? He was supposed to rendezvous hereafter the dragons were deployed. His brother's task had been rigging up the house to explode but none of the marked areas had bombs on them.

The human he was currently aiming at had been the same human that had set him on fire. Oh how he was gonna pay for doing that. He was such an easy target right now, too. The human couldn't have been moving any slower, what with him carrying that huge red stallion. He didn't even need to adjust for drop. This was pretty much spitting distance! He did, however, have to adjust for the high winds that came from being up so high in the clouds.


The griffon smiled as he watched human collapsed from eating an armor piercing bullet. The smile disappeared when the human got back up and sprinted into the house, dragging the stallion with him. "I was using armor piercing ammunition, you unfair shit!" he angrily shouted. He cycled the bolt of his rifle, taking aim again.


Tran dragged Big Mac into the house, bringing him into relative safety. Eric, who was keeping guard behind a window, ducked out of the window's open view. "Fucking snipers," Eric growled. Eric looked at Tran. "You hurt?"

Tran checked himself over. Much to his relief, he wasn't bleeding in any away. The ceramic plate in his vest had stopped the bullet, no doubt. "No," Tran replied. "Plate caught the bullet." The plate was no doubt shattered and whether or not it would stop another bullet was a risk he couldn't take. He reached for his sniper rifle... He didn't have his sniper rifle. Applejack was currently holding it.

On the outside of the house, Spitfire, Applejack, and Scootaloo had taken cover behind the dragon's corpse. Scootaloo briefly peeked out from behind cover but found herself pulled back down by Applejack, just as a bullet soared over her head. "Are yah stupid or somethin?!" Applejack yelled. Applejack looked to Spitfire and asked her a question.

Spitfire didn't hear Applejack's question, the sound of her own heartbeat was louder. She just sat there, clenching her shotgun. Applejack shoved the pegasus and she came to. "What?" Spitfire asked.

"Did yah hear where that shot came from?" Applejack asked. Spitfire shook her head. Applejack looked at Scootaloo and the filly also shook her head.

Applejack looked at the rifle in her hooves. "He knows where we are but we don't know where he is." She pulled back on the bolt. "And we only have the one round." Applejack dug through her uniform and pulled out a pony trigger adapter, attaching it to Tran's rifle. "It'll be a helluva shot." She looked over at the house. "Hey!" she yelled out.

"What?!" Eric answered back.

"Do yah think you can distract 'im?" Applejack yelled out.

There was a long pause in the air. Then, Tran answered. "Yeah."

Applejack looked at Tran's absolutely massive sniper rifle. While still being behind cover, she stood up on her hindlegs and practiced taking aim with Tran's rifle. She immediately found out that it was impossible to keep the rifle steady in that stance, especially with her injured leg. She collapsed to the ground and sat up against the dragon's corpse. "Ah can't do it."

Scootaloo grabbed the rifle out of Applejack's hooves. "I'll do it," the filly said.

Spitfire's mouth gaped at the filly's suicidal courage and immediately pulled the rifle out of her hooves. "Absolutely not," the captain said.

The filly glared at the mare. "And why not?!" she demanded.

Spitfire stared off into the distance as she thought about how the filly had saved her life earlier in the day from that griffon. She also remembered when the filly had been horrified by the griffon's look of confusion upon his death. She looked back at the filly. "Can you even hold up the rifle long enough to shoot?" Scootaloo looked at the rifle's massive size and then looked away, done with the argument but still angry.

Spitfire looked at Applejack and readied the rifle. Applejack put a hoof on the rifle. "Yah still don't know where he is."

Spitfire's mind came to focus on The Sound. "Yes I do." Spitfire looked at the house where Tran and Wilson was. "Now!" she yelled, readying the rifle.


The Jaeger carefully watched the front of the house. Movement. In one of the windows, something stirred. It had to be one of those two humans. One of them peeked their helmeted heads out of a window, then ducked back down as quickly as he appeared. The Jaeger took aim at the same window.

Then, from an adjacent window, a different helmeted head popped up. It was only there for a fraction of the second, giving no time for a clean shot. He didn't want to plant a bullet in its helmet. If its vest could stop an armor piercing bullet, maybe their helmet could too. He'd have to put a bullet where it wasn't protected.

A few seconds later, the first human peeked again. This time, he popped up a little higher and the Jaeger could make out the protective glasses that it wore. The Jaeger smiled and he fired, putting a bullet between its eyes. There was no blood.

He had been duped. He looked around with his scope and found a mare scanning the skies with a scoped rifle. He took aim again. The mare hadn't fired yet, he still had time.


The instant she heard the sound of a bullet impact, she stood out of cover and took aim. She heard no gunshot but she could still hear The Sound. It was clear as day where it came from. She focused the reticle on exactly where The Sound came from and... Her heart stopped.

There he was, just sitting there up in the clouds. His form, charred, highlighted his position against the white background he was in front of. All she had to do was pull the trigger, but she couldn't. She couldn't stand the sight of them, Jaegers. They were why she couldn't fly like she used to.

She closed her eyes. Everything changed at that instant. Her heart went back to its normal rhythm and all she had to focus on was the weight of the rifle in her hooves. She pulled the trigger. The explosion of the rifle discharging deafened her ears and the recoil nearly knocked her down.

She opened her eyes. The Jaeger fell out of the skies, his body going one direction and his head going another. She had won.


Spitfire and Tran walked alongside each other, the former armed with a shotgun and the latter armed with his Savage 112. Spitfire glanced at the rifle. "That thing hurts to use," she said. Tran continued walking, staying silent.

The two of them finally found what they were searching for. Lying on the ground was the decapitated body of a Jaeger. Tran bent down beside the griffon's body and examined the stump where the head had been detached. What remained of the griffon's neck was, surprisingly, still wearing the red scarf.

Spitfire noticed the red scarf and her heart skipped a beat. "Fleetfoot," she whispered.

Tran pulled the blood stained scarf off of the corpse and found a small hole in one section of the scarf. "Nice shot," complimented Tran. He noticed Spitfire staring dead at the scarf and held it out to her. "Do you want it?"

Spitfire hadn't hear anything but realized that she was being spoken to. She blinked a few times. "What?" Spitfire asked. Tran repeated his question and Spitfire began staring at the scarf again. Slowly, she reached a hoof out and took it.

The simple red strip of cloth burned in her hoof as if it had been made of lava. What little wind that blew through the air was enough for the scarf to make The Sound. She could almost hear the thing mocking her, telling her that she would be dead soon enough. It didn't matter. She had won.

Spitfire wrapped the scarf around her shotgun's stock. "So why did we search for his body?" she asked.

Tran continued searching the Jaeger's body. "A lone sniper, one from a special corps of soldiers? He's bound to have something on him," Tran answered. He pulled a slightly burnt small scroll from the Jaeger's body. "Like this." Tran opened up the scroll and quickly read through it before rolling it back up.

Spitfire looked at the scroll in Tran's hand. "What did it say?"

Tran stuffed the scroll away. "Just as I thought, the princesses and prince were their target."

Spitfire raised an eyebrow. "Princesses?" she asked.

Tran looked at the Apple Family house in the distance. "They're in the house's cellar." He looked back to the pegasus. "But they were a secondary objective."

"Secondary objective?" Spitfire questioned.

Tran continued searching the Jaeger's body. "Apparently, my three friends and I were their primary objective." He pulled a couple stick grenades off of the griffon's body and then, some ammunition.

Spitfire looked at the bullets that Tran was pulling off of the griffon's corpse. "What do you need the ammo for?" Tran looked up. Spitfire looked to what he was looking at and found a rifle hanging in a tree.

Tran stood up and pulled the unscathed rifle out of the tree. The rifle was clearly a griffon rifle, having a trigger guard designed for usage with hands/talons. The bolt action rifle had some common features, such as having a wood stock and a leather sling. However, it also had a few uncommon features. What Tran had immediately noticed was that it had a scope attached to it with no backup iron sights. Strangely enough, the scope wasn't attached to the top of the rifle like what he was used to but instead, it was attached to the left side of the rifle. The other thing he took note of was that it had a short round suppressor attached to the end of a barrel.

Tran took aim with the rifle, realizing that he hated it. It balanced weirdly, was much lighter than what he felt comfortable with, and had a scope that was designed for right handed use that was fixed at 4x magnification. Tran worked the bolt of the rifle and emptied the rifle of three rounds of ammunition. Considering two rounds were fired, it could be assumed that it held a maximum of five rounds. He looked at one of the rounds. It was a rimless 7.92x57mm round. Interesting.

Tran looked to Spitfire. "Let's get back to the house."

Over at the house, Eric, and a trio of civilians from the house's cellar bunker had dug various foxholes around the house. Tran was actually surprised at the defenses. "How'd you dig them so fast?" he asked. He jumped in one and indeed, it was a properly dug out foxhole that was armpit deep. "It hasn't been half an hour since I went searching for that sniper."

Eric gestured towards the trio of naked civilian ponies beside them. "Something about it being their special talents or something? Hell, they even got ass tattoos about it."

One of the civilian ponies looked at Eric. "Ass Tattoos?" Spitfire questioned. Eric pointed to the pictures that were on his ass. All three of the ponies had a tattoo of a shovel on their ass, the only difference being the shovel type.

"Incoming," Tran said. Spitfire and Eric immediately jumped into one foxhole and got their weapons ready. The ponies also jumped into a foxhole and instead of readying themselves or battle, they ducked down for safety. Off in the sky, both humans could see something incoming.

"What is it?" Eric asked.

Tran lowered his rifle. "They're horses." Spitfire and Eric also lowered their weapons. A short moment later, a couple dozen pegasi landed, Rainbow Dash included. Tran knew these were the pegasi that were supposed to guard the house.

Rainbow Dash looked at the large dragon corpse littering the ground. "Whoa, what happened here?" Rainbow Dash asked, walking towards the foxhole that Tran was in. He climbed out of the foxhole and her eye immediately caught sight of the new red scarf hanging off of his belt. "Jaeger?"

He shoved past her and walked towards the group of pegasi. "Which one of you is in charge of the defending force?"

One of the pegasi stepped up. "Lieuten-," the pegasus started saying. Tran had interrupted his speech by kicking her to the ground and planting one foot on the pegasus's chest.

Some of the pegasi immediately drew their weapons on Tran. "Were you or were you not supposed to defend this location?" Tran asked.

Rainbow Dash shoved Tran with all of her strength in an attempt to get him off of the poor lieutenant, he didn't budge. "What are you doing?!" Rainbow Dash demanded.

Tran turned to look at Rainbow Dash and answered, "asking her a question." He looked at the pony trapped under his boot. "Well?"

She tried to get out from being pinned but Tran put more pressure on her chest, causing immense pain. "We were!" the lieutenant screamed.

Tran let up on the pressure but still enough to hurt. "So why did you leave with more than half the defending force?"

Rainbow Dash decided enough was enough and drew her trusty Model 92 and pressed it against Tran's head. "There were griffons, now let her up," Rainbow Dash demanded.

Tran kept his foot on the lieutenant and looked at Rainbow Dash. "What happened when all of you engaged those griffons?"

Rainbow Dash, cocked the hammer to her revolver. "They tried running away, shooting at us while they ran. Now, get off of her!"

Tran took his foot off of the lieutenant and she tried to scramble away, except Tran had grabbed her tail. "And none of you were hit?"

Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi lowered their weapons. "No," she angrily replied. She froze, realizing what Tran was getting at. "They were distracting us, keeping us away from here."

Tran let go of the lieutenant's tail, who finally ran off into the safety of her platoon. "They fired back to keep interest in the chase and while they were off, I got shot twice, my medic got set on fire, and six of your soldiers burned alive, three of which are dead."

Rainbow Dash flew up to look Tran at eye level. "How were we supposed to know?!" she screamed in his face.

Tran grabbed Rainbow Dash by her uniform's collar. "Tell me what is more important. Running off to fight some griffons off in the distance or protecting the rulers of your country and some civilians?"



Everyone looked at Spitfire, smoking shotgun pointed in the air. "Enough! We still have a house to defend!"

Tran and Rainbow Dash went back to looking at each other. "Yes we do," Tran said. He shoved the pegasus away from him and walked towards the house, disappearing inside it.