• Published 6th Aug 2017
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If You Want Peace, Prepare For War - tranhdxrbntd

Equestria is at war and she needs help. Before his death, Discord enlists the help of several creatures that are all too familiar with the concept.

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There Is Only One Thing Worse Than Fighting with Allies, and That Is Fighting Without Them!

Twilight frowned upon hearing the news that Rarity had given her. "The mortar team is missing?"

Rarity nodded. "The OIC (Officer In Charge) was confirmed to be dead from a gunshot to the head. He was found with, what is to be assumed, the mortars that the team was sent out with," Rarity explained.

Twilight milled around in her thoughts. "No signs of the mortar team?" Twilight asked.

"Multiple trails of blood were found leading away from the mortars but no other signs of them were found," Rarity answered.

Fourteen ponies were missing; they could have been killed or captured. These two buildings were proving to be more trouble than expected. Why did the minotaurs and griffons send two companies worth of soldiers to kill /capture only three unidentified soldiers of unidentified species of an unidentified military and a singular member of the Equestrian Army. What was the importance of these four?

Twilight ran a hoof through her mane. "Send another team of mortars to perform the same mission but this time, have them escorted by two squads of infantry. Have another two squads ready for a direct assault immediately after the fourth salvo. Keep two squadrons of dogfighters providing cover and air guard. We're eliminating all risks this time."


As Wilson neared supposed location of the other supposed "human fellers," the sound of gunfire grew in intensity. What the hell had they gotten themselves into? More importantly, what the hell was he getting himself into?

The group of horses he had saved were, unfortunately, still following him. Seven sported injuries, making matters worse. It severly slowed down his progress having to constantly monitor their condition.

For the millionth time today, he looked at his surroundings for any signs of danger. Paranoia was most definitely a common friend amongst soldiers. After two years in Afghanistan and one year in Iraq, Wilson was definitely accustomed to being friends with paranoia.

"You've seen your fair share of war, haven't you?" asked one random pony.

Wilson just continued moving in the same direction, ignoring the question.


Scootaloo popped open the cylinder of her Model 92 and dumped out six spent casings. She looked at Tran and found that he was also reloading his own revolver. Right as she had closed the cylinder a griffon busted through a glass window, brandishing a bayonet-equipped carbine.

Scootaloo shrieked before raising her revolver and worked the trigger as quickly as she could. The first shot missed but only did the first shot miss. While the 8mm Equestrian Ordnance round was "retardedly anemic," getting shot five times was definitely something that you'd notice.

Seconds after the griffon fell back out did Scootaloo notice that she was still working revolver's trigger. Heart racing, she opened up the cylinder to her revolver and started to reload again.

Unfortunately, another griffon appeared in the same window and he was brandishing a similar weapon as the first one. This time, Tran was the one to shoot first. Instead of using his hand cannon (emphasis on cannon), he had used the surrendered Colt Walker. Right as Tran recocked the hammer for a second shot, the griffon had fallen back out of the window (right as his body sprouted a raging blue inferno).

Scootaloo looked at Tran. "Do you ever get used to it?" Scootaloo asked.

Tran lowered the hammer to the Walker and holstered it. "Yes, but don't try to," Tran said. He pulled out a fresh paper cartridge and reloaded the shot that he had used from the Walker.

The minotaur war chief, who was standing around in the background, added in his opinion. "War should not be a part of anyone's life," said the war chief.


Outside the building, griffons and minotaurs watched as a griffon fell to the ground; Another griffon (this one bathed in blue flames) followed afterwards. With that, more thoughts of dissent were filling the minds of the lower enlisted soldiers. To them, they were being led to their deaths.

Just what were they dealing with?


Eric threw a revolver (one that he had scavenged) at the face of one minotaur before ramming the bayonet of his AK74 into the same minotaur's stomach. He withdrew the bayonet before slamming the AK's buttstock into the minotaur's face/


Did they have a chance?


The bullet fired from Tran's S&W Model 500 punched right through the chest plate of a minotaur officer's breastplate as if it was never present in the first plate. It then continued through the minotaur's chest, punching through the other side of the breastplate before continuing on through a griffon's chest. Does the .500 S&W round tend to over penetrate? Yes.


Should they even try?


Three minotaurs approached a different window, reach to surprise their two targets. Right before they dove in, Logan appeared with his FNX 45 in hand. Before the three of them reacted, Logan began firing. Are fifteen rounds of .45 ACP useful? Yes, yes it is.


When three more griffons fell to the ground, several of them started to desert. They didn't care about what their punishment would be. Whatever it was, there was no way that it could be worse than facing whatever their targets were.

Right before some of the griffons had taken flight, they heard a sound. It was a sound that every soldier in this war knew. It was also a sound that every soldier in this war had come to fear.

It was a sharp, constant whistle; the telltale sound of incoming artillery fire.


Twilight stood up from her desk, stretching out each of her limbs. Once finished, she looked at Rarity. "Let's head off to supervise the battle," Twilight said.

Rarity, who was looking at a battle report, looked up and raised one eyebrow. "You want to go towards the location of two companies worth of enemy soldiers?," Rarity asked in response.

"Yes," Twilight answered.

"Something that we both know is incredibly dangerous?" Rarity asked.

"Yes," Twilight answered.

"And I'm assuming we're just heading off by our lonesome?" Rarity asked.

"Yes," Twilight answered.

"And you do know that the two of us, two high ranking members of Equestria's military and government, are susceptible to being captured and tortured for what we hold in our heads?" Rarity asked.

"Yes," Twilight answered.

Rarity blinked once before crumpling up the report and tossing it in a random direction. "Right, I'll get my coat."


Twilight Sparkle and Rarity appeared on the roof of a particularly tall building, fresh from a teleportation. Rarity started to look at her surroundings as Twilight pulled out a pair of binoculars to survey the streets of Baltimare. Rarity groaned as she tapped her friend's shoulder. "Uh, Twilight dear. I believe you teleported us to the wrong rooftop," Rarity said.

Twilight continued to look through her binoculars. "What do you mean? I'm looking at the mortar team right now!" Twilight said. Rarity, instead of saying anything else, grabbed her friend and spun her around to face three griffons. "Oh." All three griffons were currently aiming carbines and rifles at the two of them.

"I'd say the two of you teleported to the right rooftop," said one of the griffons.

Rarity shot Twilight a glance. Twilight glanced back before her horn lit up. The three griffons, noticing the glow from Twilight's horn, immediately started firing. None of their bullets met their marks; they struck a large bubble shield that Twilight had thrown up. Smiling, Twilight grabbed their weapons with her magic and pulled them from out of their hands, tossing them off of the roof.

Dropping the shield, Twilight withdrew a revolver from inside her coat and aimed it at one of the griffons. "It looks I'm the one in charge," Twilight said. One of the griffons then threw something (later identified as a canteen) at Twilight, striking her in the face. Dazed, Twilight spammed the trigger to her revolver as the three griffons charged her.

Twilight felt herself getting thrown to the ground while also being disarmed of her sidearm. Once she had recovered, she found herself looking at the muzzle of her own revolver.

Rarity facehooved at the sight of her friend. "Twilight dear...," Rarity said.

"It appears we're the ones in charge," said the griffon who was holding Twilight's revolver. He looked at his two allies. "Did either of you get shot?"

One of the other two griffons was lying on the ground, clutching his stomach. "She got me but I think I'll be fine. Those ponies' puny pistols piss pitiful projectiles" said the griffon.

Rarity stopped facehoofing and stuck her hoof in her mane. Seeing this, the griffon aimed Twilight's revolver at Rarity's face. "Stop!" he said.

Rarity withdrew a derringer from her mane and aimed it at the griffon, using her magic to pull back the derringer's hammer. "That's empty." The griffon pulled the trigger.


"As I said, empty," Rarity said before firing her derringer. The fired bullet struck the griffon in the neck who immediately dropped to the ground. She recocked the hammer to her derringer before taking aim at the other uninjured griffon. Without a second thought, she fired and dropped the second griffon.

Twilight picked up her revolver with her magic. "Thanks, Rarity."

Rarity popped open her derringer and withdrew the two spent cartridges. She took a look at the two cartridges before sticking them in her pocket. Pulling out two fresh rounds, she reloaded her derringer. "Do try to prevent that from happening the next time," Rarity said.

She looked at her derringer and frowned. Upon seeing the slight build up of carbon on the derringer's muzzle, she knew she'd have to clean it later. The oils that she had to use to clean her derringers were a nightmare, especially if any of it got on her fur.

She remembered when she bought this dainty little thing. Upon walking into the gun store, the shop's owner couldn't believe his eyes upon seeing the element of generosity. Why would anypony with such grace, such refineness, would ever need something like a firearm? Why to protect herself, of course.

The derringer had a nickel finish and sported an absolutely beautiful set of scrollwork engravings. The grips, made of ivory, were engraved with a trio of diamonds on each side to signify ownership. The dainty derringer despite it's dinkiness was definitely dangerous. Chambered in .45 Colt, it was something that you didn't want to mess with.

Twilight's revolver was definitely a weird contrast, especially when compared to Rarity's derringer. Twilight's revolver, a Model 73, was an antiquated piece of junk that was chambered in 11.5x17mmR Equestrian Ordnance (the R meaning rimmed). The 11.5x17mmR round was, despite being an 11.5mm caliber bullet, somehow even weaker than the 8x27mm Equestrian Ordnance round. Why in the world would she choose such a sidearm? Sure, the Model 73 was robust, and reliable but so was any other sidearm that Equestria fielded! It also only held six rounds so capacity wasn't good.

Speaking of which, Twilight reloaded her revolver and aimed it at the third griffon, who was still lying on the ground. "So, pitiful huh?" Twilight asked.

Rarity glared at Twilight. "Twilight! Don't be so cruel!" Rarity said. She lit up her horn and shot a bolt of magic at the injured griffon. A second later, the griffon fell asleep. "Teleport him to one of Fort Platinum's POW holding cells" Rarity demanded.

Twilight's horn lit up and the griffon disappeared. Picking her binoculars back up, she looked back down in the streets.


Spitfire and the three other platoon of infantryponies prepared themselves. Behind them, a mortar team was busy sending deadly explosive shells towards their target. As soon as this salvo was finished, they would charge.

Captain Spitfire of the Royal Equestrian Army (previously captain of the Equestrian Royal Flying Corps), was in charge of this assault. With every fiber of her being, she hoped that this assault would end up with the same number of ponies that it started with.

But then, a dogfighter landed in front of her. "Ma'am! We have a group of ponies, some injured, being lead to this location by a possible minotaur! They're approaching from our rear and we have fifteen minutes before they arrive" reported the dogfighter.

Spitfire's eyes widened and immediately took to the sky above the ponies she currently commanded. "Possible enemy to the rear! Prepare to defend! Do not fire unless commanded!" Spitfire yelled.


Wilson noticed something in the sky. It was only in his vision for the shortest of split seconds but he had noticed it. Whatever it was, it wasn't a griffon. It had a similar form as the ponies but there was no way that they could fly.

But then again, he shouldn't be doubting that they could fly. Even more so when considering the fact that he was in a world where ponies were tiny, pastel, and could speak English. Also, there was also the fact that griffons existed in this world.

Soon enough, Wilson noticed a set of abandoned mortar tubes off in the distance. He immediately stopped moving forward and raised his KRISS Vector. The ponies behind him noticed the same thing and did the same thing.

"What is it?" one pony behind him asked.

"Some abandoned mortar tubes," Wilson replied. "They're not the ones that you idiots abandoned either. These are different."

Wilson heard a loud crashing noise directly from the sky. Looking up, he found a team of ponies (fucking winged ponies) armed with rifles aiming at him. The same crashing noise then came from every direction and Wilson found himself targeted by more than two hundred ponies. "Well fuck me," Wilson said.

One of the ponies in the air, a female pony with a bright yellow coat of fur and an orange/yellow mane, landed on the ground while still aiming her rifle at the intruder. "Drop the weapons!" she demanded.

Wilson looked at his KRISS Vector before unslinging it and gently laying it on the ground. He then repeated it with his Glock.

"Spitfire?" said one of the ponies that had been following Wilson.

"Applejack?" responded the winged pony.

Applejack stepped out of the group that had been following Wilson. "What's goin on?" Applejack asked.

"We're just about to descend upon the location of possibly two companies worth of enemy griffons and minotaurs. They're supposedly assaulting a pair of buildings that are housing three minotaur-like creatures and one pony. Rumor has it, these four are the ones that killed the two war chiefs and Jaegar," Spitfire answered.

Applejack pointed at Wilson. "We're headin there too," Applejack said.

Spitfire looked at Wilson. "And he's with you?" Spitfire asked. Applejack nodded. Spitfire looked at Wilson and at his weird rifle thing. "Go ahead but don't make me regret this decision."

Wilson frowned as he picked up his KRISS and Glock. "So, where are these two buildings?"


I looked out of one window at what remained of the minotaurs and griffons after that last salvo of mortar fire. A few of the uninjured ones were holding white flags tied to their rifles. I looked at the war chief, who was also looking at the sight before his eyes. "It appears that we're no longer in danger," said the war chief.

I shrugged before looking back out the window. It was then that I noticed the glare of a lens.


Twilight noticed a rather large rifle come into her view from one window, aimed in her direction. Whoever it was, he/she knew that she was there despite being 1100 meters away.


I adjusted my sniper rifle's scope to the maximum possible zoom. Whoever was watching me, he/she was accompanied by another person and that they were using only a pair of binoculars.

"What is it?" Scootaloo asked me.

I moved my face away from my rifle. "Two ponies are watching us with a pair of binoculars," I replied.

Scootaloo walked (trotted?) over to me. "Can I see?" Scootaloo asked.

I moved away from my rifle and gestured to the rifle's scope. She understood me and grabbed my rifle before looking to the scope. Seconds later, she gasped. "I know who they are!"

Then, I heard a creak from our rear. I immediately drew my .500 S&W and aimed it at the source.

Standing there was a pink pony holding a small mortar. "Hello!" she happily exclaimed.

"Hello," I said back.

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