• Published 6th Aug 2017
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If You Want Peace, Prepare For War - tranhdxrbntd

Equestria is at war and she needs help. Before his death, Discord enlists the help of several creatures that are all too familiar with the concept.

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Plan for What Is Difficult While It Is Easy

One minute, we were all riding peacefully in a rail car. The next minute, there was an explosion and the train was disabled.

We had been heading directly north to the Crystal Empire for a diplomatic meeting and supposedly, we were going to meet up with yaks(?) to discuss supporting the Equestrian effort. The yaks, despite being a very lightly populated nation, could be an important potential ally due to their nation's resources.

The Day Before

With a light click, the long metal gun case had popped open. It was one of the four that Discord had left behind for the humans and inside it, was nothing. A second after being opened, a KRISS Vector and its magazines were gently placed inside the case. Wilson closed the case and moved it onto the ground where a pile of other equipment had been sitting. Among the pile were his medic's bag and various medical items.

"Yaks?" Wilson asked, raising an eyebrow. "You mean those big hairy things that live on arctic mountain tops?"

Rarity nodded. "Yes, but don't say anything like that near them. Yaks have very big tempers and are prone to outbursts." Rarity's horn lit up and she floated over a medium-sized wood crate. "Here's your armor." She opened up the crate and revealed Wilson's IOTV. The burns the armor had earned in the defense of Ponyville were gone, having been freshly repaired.

Wilson picked up his body armor and opened it up, checking the plates and kevlar. They were still there. 'Good', Wilson thought.

Rarity's magic brought in another wooden crate. This one revealed a pair of two armored plates. "These are for your friend. We weren't able to make a ceramic set as he asked but we made a steel counterpart with enchantments to absorb impact and fragmentation. Hopefully, it'll be an adequate substitute."

Wilson took the plates from her. "He'll probably won't complain too much and I'm pretty sure he'd be gracious that he was able to get a replacement set."


Tran sat in front of a large table with a map of Equestria on it. Standing there with him was Princess Twilight with a pointer stick held in her magic. "Yakyakistan, the many millennia old home of the yaks located in the far north," Twilight started. "Early on in the war, they adopted a policy of isolationism in regards to military or economic involvement."

'I don't blame them,' Tran thought. "So why are we going there now?" he asked.

Using the glow of her magic, she highlighted the various mountains that Yakyakistan existed on. "Their nation owns these mountains in the northwest and a few decades ago, these very mountains were found to be inundated with coal and iron ore deposits."

Tran blinked. "Again, why are we going there now? You said they don't want anything to do with the war."

Twilight pointed at Ponyville and Manehattan. "Due to recent military victories, the Yaks have decided that they're interested in a trade-focused alliance. They're also interested in meeting you and your friends."

Tran raised an eyebrow. "Out of curiosity's sake, what exactly does Equestria have that Yaks are interested in?"

"The usual items, gold, gemstones, and machine guns," Twilight answered.

"I can understand the first two but machine guns?"

Twilight pointed at Tran's hand cannon of a sidearm. "Typically, yaks prefer their weapons big and loud but they've taken a liking to Equestria machine guns. Apparently, they're amusing to them. Their king has a personal collection that would rival some state arsenals."

"They can't make their own?"

"They're not known for complicated manufacturing capabilities." Using her magic, Twilight lifted up a large wooden crate and placed it down on the table, covering up half the map. She ripped off the crate's lid, revealing a half dozen machine guns. "You'll be giving them these as gifts."

Twilight removed the crate from the table and highlighted a series of railroad tracks. "The route is secured but you'll be passing within a hundred kilometers of Manehattan, a griffon occupied city."

Tran leaned back in his chair. "And I'm assuming this is when you'll be describing our resources?"

She teleported in a color photo and placed it in front of Tran. The photo pictured the side of a train, one that resembled a porcupine considering the number of gun barrels sticking out of it. "That's the Dauntless, one of seven armored trains in Equestria's arsenal. Eighty millimeters of steel protecting every possible angle, five mortars, eight direct fire cannons, thirty-four machine guns, and a crew of one hundred fifteen ponies. You'll also be accompanied by your bodyguards, Rarity, and Prince Blueblood, Equestria's diplomatic representative."

She brought in another photo, this one picturing the entirety of the train from an aerial view. "Her main coal fired-engine moves her at a max speed of fifty kilometers an hour but if they go out, she has an additional two coal-fired engines that can propel her at half speed if used individually and a lightning-powered engine that can propel her at full speed but only for three hours."

"Did you just say lightning powered?" Tran asked.

"Yes, bottled lightning," Twilight answered.

"Lightning in a bottle, as in the electrical discharges that come from the sky during a storm? A bottle filled with that stuff?" Tran further questioned.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "I take it, catching lightning in a bottle is not common where you're from?" Tran's deadpan expression was all she needed to answer her question. "Right, I'll make sure the rest of the supplies you need are delivered."


The four humans and company stood in front of a massive rolling fortress. "Holy shit," Logan said.

"No kidding," Eric added, eyeing one of its many artillery pieces.

Tran started walking up to the train. "It's impressive, load up. We can admire it from the inside."


The Dauntless slowly screeched to a halt with its front main engine on fire. Her pegasi crew members were quick to put the fire out with various nearby clouds. While everyone else was in full alert status and manning their battle stations, Tran and Rarity had gone to find the senior-most engineer of the Dauntless. It wasn't a difficult search, the pony in question wore a completely charcoal stained version of the Royal Equestria Army uniform while also being stained charcoal black.

"Sabotage?" Rarity asked.

The engineer nodded. He reached into one of his coat pockets, pulling out what appeared to be a lump of coal, and tossing it to Tran. "Coal Torpedo. Fake Coal lump filled with explosives," the engineer explained. "Classic sabotage."

Rarity looked at the main engine of the train. "How bad?"

The pony wiped some of the charcoal off of his face. "The trip was supposed to take two days. Now? I'm not sure. The main engine is dead weight and before we fire up either spare, we have to inspect all of the coal."

"Casualties?" Tran asked.

The engineer shook his head. "Luckily the firebox was closed and vented the blast upwards."

Tran turned around and surveyed their surrounding area. They had only traveled for half a day so far and were in a heavily forested area. To make matters worse, clouds plagued the skies. "Good spot for an ambush or artillery barrage."

Rarity nodded and faced the engineer. "Get the lightning engine ready." She walked over and stood beside Tran. "See anything?"

Tran narrowed his eyes. "Not Yet."


A distant voice pierced through the cloud cover. "Fix Bayonets."

Author's Note:

So, I've recently finished my fourth and final surgery regarding my apparently-not-minor boo-boo. I was supposed to only have three but the third one resulted in a fourth surgery shortly afterward due to uncontrolled bleeding. On a completely unrelated side note, losing slightly more than a quarter of your blood volume leaves you severely anemic and weak. On a more unrelated sidenote (I swear its unrelated) when you're missing a lot of your blood, the doctor will try to give you as few blood transfusions as possible as your body will slowly build up a permanent rejection-response immunity to blood transfusions with each transfusion. On an even more unrelated sidenote (I just wanted to share random facts that I randomly learned today), getting through four transfusions in a 12 hour period is a lot.

I also want to add to last chapter's PSA, if you get run over by an SUV and have the chance to go to the hospital via ambulance, do not forego the offer and try to sleep it off because you feel fine. To further add to that, after attempting to sleep it off, do not do the morning Army warmup prep Drill and run three quarters of a mile before you decided that you have to sit down and can't get back up. Most importantly of all, if you do decide to do PT and run, make sure you do not have: 

A. Massive internal bleeding
B. Air bubble slowly building in your abdomen that's threatening to damage other organs
C. Have a fracture in your left hip
D. Have a fracture in your left femur
or E. All of the above. 

These are all things I randomly learned through a pamphlet. I definitely did not learn this through first hand knowledge. 

Final unrelated sidenote: While Oxycontin is fun (so much fun), it is illegal to take it without a prescription

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Comments ( 21 )

Glad to see your back, and I still can't get over how you got ran over and did PT before you thought something was amiss

What the hell? Are you feeling better?

And this is why going to the hospital after being hit by a car is always a good idea. (This is in relation to the authors note)

*reads AN*
Oh joy... sounds lovely:trixieshiftright:

Relating to you injuries and surgery.
How are you feeling?

Read AN: glad to read that you are alive. Good luck doing PT, it is hard even in top condition mostly due to how much damage the body have gone through before PT.

It's amazing how stubborn the human body, brain and all, can be. :rainbowderp:

*Reads AN*

I will tell you what I told my former manager at my first job and one of my best friends since. For context we were working in an attic on a day it was around 95-100 OUTSIDE.

I don't care if you feel fine, you should not be coughing up blood. So go back to the van into the AC before I before I call your wife to yell at you to go to the ER. At least I know she can make your life hell more than the office can.

Needless to say we went back to the shop after I got everything back in the van and went home.
What's the moral of this short story? Just because you can semi walk away from whatever tried to kill you DOESN'T mean it didn't yet.

All this aside glad the worst is over for you.

Were you trying to tackle the SUV? Or was that just a random encounter that went pear-shaped?

Great chapter. Always nice to see one of my favorite stories is still going.


if you get run over by an SUV and have the chance to go to the hospital via ambulance, do not forego the offer and try to sleep it off because you feel fine

The US will never cease to impress me in how BAD its health system is. A country in which you can even consider not using an ambulance after being freaking ran over because "it's not worth it and you feel fine" definitely has problems, no matter what arguments you can have for it.

To be fair, doctors (in this case paramedics) can’t tell you what to do. They can advise you, but if you say “no” the best they can do is inform you of the risks in that decision. It’s up to you whether or not you listen to them when they tell you “you will die”. It’s against the law for them to force you. If you choose to die, they by law cannot save your life and have to let you die. They can recommend against it, but they can’t act to prevent it.

The only exception is if you aren’t deemed capable of making said decision. I.e. if you’re too young, mentally impaired a la alcohol/drugs, unconscious, etc.

their is a loophole, if a change of state happens that endangers your life. So wait until the moron passes out, then fix them. But, refusal of care is kinda stupid.

before refusal of care was law, men put women in insane asylums for hysteria, men were treated for being gay, and the mentally ill were sterilized. It exists because a persons body is supposed to be sacred. That being said, if you get hit by a car get yourself checked out.

Damn bruh, you are a BAD! ASS!

Get well soon and keep up the good work.(in your career, and your hobbies)

if you get run over by an SUV

Cry mommy and ask for sick days regardless of actual harm?

attempting to sleep it off, do not do the morning Army warmup prep Drill and run three quarters of a mile before you decided that you have to sit down and can't get back up

That's not how you get free time off :derpyderp2:
Somebody didn't play enough high school sports nor learn to fake injury :ajsmug:

It is. But, humans are stupid. Not much you can do lol


I think you’re mixing up bad with expensive, as many people tend to do. US healthcare, while expensive, if measured by quality of care, is actually the best on the continent, and one of the best in the world. Even socialized “free” health care like in Canada doesn’t hold a candle to it, evidenced in the fact that many Canadians, who have waited literal months to be treated in their own country’s hospitals, will often get fed up with waiting, will head to the states and get that same procedure in days, with the only drawback being having to pay a little more for it.

Also, what 10375927 said.

Idk dude, the US is first in only one category and that was in 2009 so I wouldn't call it "best in the world".

Adding to this, an healthcare system where you simply can't heal yourself because you'll be in debt your whole life after it IS bad, it's like saying "yeah we have the best military equipment in the world, but it costs so much we only have 10% of most other country's forces". It simply doesn't work like that, price is definitely a quality factor. Especially for healtcare because contrary to popular US belief, healtcare isn't a privilege, it's a right of the Universal Declaration of Human rights made in 1948 so "quality", even has a flawed argument for reasons stated above, is NOT a valid argument for its exorbitant price.


That may be true, but still keep in mind when I say it’s one of the best in the world ( I didn’t say THE best in the world, just in North America), I meant that in spite of the cost.

What most people don’t get when it comes to the cost is that it’s because of government having too much control over it. The first troubles we had with high costs coincided with the implementation of Medicaid and Medicare, both of which were ironically made so that the less fortunate could rely less on private charities. They also prevent any sort of competition between medical practitioners and hospitals, and restrict them to providing the same amount of money for their services. This inevitably brings up the cost, as they can set the price however they like (mostly higher than twice what the procedure would cost) with little to no consequences.

The price isn’t what is wrong with Healthcare, the government involvement is. To say that it could be fixed by giving more government control is ludicrous. If you were to expose it to market forces, And let them compete for their clients, then you would see The prices go down, while the quality goes up. Look into retail clinics, as those are realistic examples of that model, and have been able to save people hundreds on hospital bills while maintaining the quality Americans are used to at this point.

Bayonets, god I love bayonets.

Hope you get better brother, please never go full hooah like that again.

Hope your ok, how long until you're fully healed?

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