• Published 6th Aug 2017
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If You Want Peace, Prepare For War - tranhdxrbntd

Equestria is at war and she needs help. Before his death, Discord enlists the help of several creatures that are all too familiar with the concept.

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The More You Sweat in Training the Less You Bleed in Combat

Rarity wrote down the names of the four humans along with a brief description of them. "And you quadruple checked?" she asked.

Twilight, who had been looking over field reports, shook her head. "Yes," she replied. "Even Princess Celestia checked. They're definitely chaos beings."

Rarity paused. "So are they here to replace Discord?"

She eyed a different report, one adorned with Celestia's seal. "They're not true chaos beings. Discord was born from the world's desire to experience change and growth. The four of them were summoned. They're not going to have Discord's discord powers."

Rarity remembered when she first met Discord. While he was a menace, he never really killed anypony, or creature for that matter. What he did, albeit annoying, eventually did something that would benefit everypony in the end. He most certainly made life interesting and if it weren't for his sacrifice, Tirek and the griffons would have been presiding over the continent. "What can they do?"


Tran loaded up a full cylinder of some custom ammunition that he had handloaded. These bullets were created with the maximum allowed gunpowder, lead payload, and pressure. One for one, each bullet delivered nearly double the lead on a target than a shotgun shell. Not only that, they flew significantly faster than shotgun pellets or a slug which meant more muzzle energy. Naturally, Tran held the revolver with his right hand, ie the nondominant hand. The instant he pulled the trigger, a bullet came out of the barrel followed by a massive gout of flame and one of the loudest gunshots to grace anyone's ears. Naturally, the revolver tried to jump up and out of the user's grip but it found itself trapped by the steely grip of a demon. It was a well-fought battle but it had lost.

Wilson watched as the .500 S&W barely moved in Tran's right hand. While it sounded like a cannon and looked like a cannon, the recoil that showed made it look like he had been shooting 9mm. "Give me a go," Wilson asked.

Tran shrugged and handed the revolver off to Wilson. Wilson, unlike Tran, gripped the thing with his dominant hand and fired. Once again, the gun fought back. It found itself fighting a weaker opponent and did indeed manage to jump up more than it previously did. However, it still didn't get to jump as much as it liked to. While the gun recoiled more in Wilson's inexperienced grip, it definitely didn't recoil as much as it was supposed to in the hands of normal folk.

He handed it back to Tran. "Wow," Wilson said. "Bad but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Tran turned around to find Applejack watching them in the distance. He waved her over and she trotted up to the two of them. "Need mah help?" Applejack asked.

Tran held his revolver out to her. "Shoot this?" he asked.

Applejack looked at the revolver and then back at Tran. She remembered when Rainbow Dash tried to shoot it. "What's the catch?" she asked, eyeing the hand cannon with wary.

"Reference," Tran answered.

Applejack, with steel determination, grabbed the revolver. "If this here gun hits me in the face, I'm killin both of yah in yer sleep."

Wilson snorted. "You'll be doing us a favor."

Applejack stood up on her hind legs and took a nice strong shooting stance, holding onto the gun with both hooves for dear life. She pulled the trigger. For the third time, the gun fought. It found itself fighting an opponent it could easily defeat and rejoiced! It felt resistance but a nonexistant amount compared to the resistance it felt earlier. This was no battle, it was a slaughter! It gleefully jumped out of its opponent's grip and up towards the challenger in an attempt to teach a lesson. Its opponent fought hard and unfortunately succeeded, being kept mere millimeters away from tasting blood. "Dad gum that is a monster!" Applejack yelled. She handed the revolver back to Tran before starting to shake her hoof in an attempt to get rid of the pain that stayed behind.


"For one thing, they're stronger," replied Twilight.

Rarity raised an eyebrow. "How much stronger?"


Eric ran on a track, lightly sweating in his exercise. He wore sneakers, running shorts, and a t-shirt. Other than that, he was wearing his armor, helmet, and Logan. Well, no he wasn't wearing Logan. He was actually fireman carrying him.

Eric then crossed a finish line where Wilson was waiting with a stopwatch. Eric slowed himself down, bringing himself to a halt while Wilson brought him a water bottle. Eric set Logan down and drank from the bottle. "How'd I do?" he asked.

Wilson looked down at the stopwatch and then back at Eric. "Well, I'd say it was impossible but considering the magical bullshit we're surrounded by, fourteen minutes and thirty five."

Eric raised an eyebrow. "For two miles?" he asked. Wilson nodded. Earlier, he had also been timed while doing pushups and situps. While also wearing his gear and with a person standing on his back, he had managed to perform fifty-seven pushups. While performing situps with a fifty kilogram plate held to his chest, he had managed to achieve sixty-six. "You think it's the magic in the air?"


"Anything else?" Rarity asked.

"Possibly a higher metabolism," Twilight answered.


Wilson drained the bottle in his hand of its content, beer, before setting it down on the bartop amongst a couple dozen other beer bottles. Sitting next to Wilson was Eric who also had a couple dozen beer bottles sitting in front of him.


"But I asked them about it."

"And?" Rarity asked.


Wilson stopped drinking from the beer that he had upon hearing the question. "Nah, everyone in our military are just alcoholics", he said.


"Not the most reassuring of explanations," Rarity commented.

Twilight nodded in agreement. "There's also-"


A beer bottle, held in the glow of a magic field, flew through the air and into Wilson's head. "Get out of our country you bullheaded asses!" yelled one pony. The glass bottle promptly shattered against Wilson's head, shooting daggers of pain radiating into his skull. Wilson clutched his bleeding head and stood up, facing the assailant.

The unicorn in question was smugly sitting at a table with two other ponies, both of which looked equally as heated as their buddy. Wilson picked up his stool and threw it at the ponies, knocking his attacker over. The two other ponies stood up from their seats, as did Eric.

Before anyone could fight, someone and somepony stepped in between both groups. Rainbow Dash, in full military uniform, and Tran, in civilian clothes, stared at both parties. "We're leaving," Tran stated.

Wilson looked at the Tran, then at the ponies, and then back to Tran. "Let's go then," he resigned. The two drunk humans exited the bar with Tran and Rainbow Dash following.

Outside the bar, Tran walked up to Wilson and took a look at his skull where the glass bottle had struck him. "You have an inch long gash that's already starting to scab over."


"According to all four of them, it should take hours, even days for some wounds to scab over," Twilight explained.

"Anything else?" Rarity asked.

Twilight shook her head. "No. With the four of them like this, there's something still up in the air."

"Will they stay on our side?"

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