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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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Well, I could place here a normal story description. But if I had to guess, we’d say you already know what we mean if here simply stands ‘HIE as Nightmare Moon’.
What? Too meta? The only meta thing you can’t write here is about the real world.
Original (HTML & epub).

Tags: < MLP:FIM | Sex | Anthro | Human | OC | Nightmare Moon >
(Sex only implied, and NOT a main aspect in the story.)

Chapters (6)

Princess Celestia has sent her student, Twilight Sparkle, to meet five mares in Ponyville who will help set up the Summer Sun Celebration.

She just never said they'd be hot.

Chapters (1)

Vapor Trail is preparing to marry her coltfriend, but something seems to be off.

Will all be OK, or will disaster strike?

First story of not only the new year, but also the new decade for me. :yay:

Companion story to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/436495/reach-for-the-skies

Note: Story is given the Teen Rating from in Chapter 6 given my usual thing you see in my stories. :ajsmug:

Chapters (8)

Octavia has been preparing for the Gala for the past week, and her roommate has been off having fun. Octavia begins to question their relationship, what are they to each other, but then everything gets put to a halt when she suddenly finds herself face to face with a human. What the hay will she do now?!?

Cover art credit to: https://derpibooru.org/2189688

Written for the 30 day challenge.

Chapters (8)