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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 26 - Old Rivals Returns (part 02)

She’s not gonna listen,’ Star groaned as he drew his card. “Fine, but don’t cry when you lose.”

He then looked at the card.

First, I activate the spell card ‘Polymerization’,” he declared.

Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or your side of the field as Fusion Materials.

I fuse ‘Celestial Hero Valkyrie’ in my hand with ‘Celestial Hero Yin’ to summon ‘Celestial Hero Valkyrian Mystic’!”

Celestial Hero Valkyrian Mystic
Type: Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect
Material Monsters: C-Hero Valkyrie + C-Hero
Card Text: This card cannot be Special Summoned, except by Fusion Summon. Increase the ATK of this card by 200 for every face-up Spell and Trap card on your side of the field. When this card is the target of an attack or by an opponent's Monster effect, send 1 Spell or Trap card from your Hand to the Graveyard; negate the attack or effect and destroy that card.
ATK/DEF: 2600/2100

A beam of light landed on the field. As the light faded, a tall and slender humanoid maiden appeared on the field. She had soft peach color skin, long dark mahogany hair that cascaded down her slender frame, and icy blue eyes. She wore a light cream backless dress with golden trim, a see through covering over her mouth, a golden headband, golden armbands and wristbands with spherical emerald gems in the center of them, bronze gold sash with golden yellow trim, and sienna sandals.

“And thanks to her effect, she gains an additional 200 ATK making her total ATK 3300.”

Mystic’s ATK was then changed to 3300.

“That’ll end my turn,” Star spoke.

Amethyst drew her next card, carefully eyeing the Fusion Monster.

Hmm…rather early for Fusion...” she thought looked at the card she drew, and sneered. “I summon ‘Cyber Dragon Drei’, to open up this turn.”

Cyber Dragon Drei
Level: 4 stars
Type: Machine / Effect
When this card is Normal Summoned: You can make all “Cyber Dragons” you currently control become Level 5. You cannot Special Summon any monsters during the turn you activate this effect, except Machine-Type monsters. If this card is banished: You can target 1 “Cyber Dragon” you control; it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects this turn. This card’s name becomes “Cyber Dragon” while it is on the field or in the Graveyard.
ATK/DEF: 1800/0800

A large mechanized serpent-like dragon emerged onto the field. It had a silver plated body with golden accents with dark blue gem along the sides, a pointed head with four aura spines on its head, a jet-like midsection, and a triangular tail.

“Then, I activate the effect of ‘Cyber Network’ and banish another LIGHT Machine-Type from my Deck. Next, I'll activate ‘Zwei’s effect, to reveal ‘Cyber Renovation’. Then, I’ll activate ‘Cyber Renovation’!”

Cyber Renovation
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: This card can only be used to Fusion Summon ‘Cyber’ Fusion Monsters. Fusion Summon 1 Machine-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using ‘Cyber Dragon’ monsters from your hand or your side of the field as Fusion Materials, and it gains ATK equal to its original ATK. During the End Phase, if the Fusion monster is still face-up on the field of the turn this card is activated, you take damage equal to the amount of ATK gained from this effect at the time of the Summon.

“With this, I’ll fuse my ‘Cyber Dragon Core’, ‘Cyber Dragon Zwei’, and ‘Cyber Dragon Drei’, by taking advantage that all three are considered ‘Cyber Dragon’, Rise forth from the factory of destruction, 'Cyber End Dragon'!"

Cyber End Dragon
Level: 10 stars
Type: Fusion/ Machine-Type/ Effect
Material Monsters: ‘Cyber Dragon’ + ‘Cyber Dragon’+ ‘Cyber Dragon’
A Fusion Summon of this card can only be done with the above Fusion Material Monsters. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.
ATK/DEF: 4000/2800

The field is shrouded in a light blue gradient light. Then within seconds, a black form appeared and conformed to into a large silhouette of a three-headed beast. As the light faded, the figure is revealed to be large metallic dragon. Its polishing hide gleamed within the darkness as its three heads (left one- smoothed out skull with green eyes and green orbs along its neck; center- pointed brow and jaw and rounded yellow eyes; right one- rounded skull with two crimson eyes and a red orb on the center of its head) connected to its large frame with a deep blue orb in its chest let out a screeching roar as it expanded its massive wings.

“Thanks to my card, my dragon gets a reprogramming that doubles its ATK!”

An aura shrouded the beast and its ATK is increased to 8000.

“Now, ‘Cyber End Dragon’! Attack his ‘Valkyrian Mystic’! Cybernetic Burst Barrage!” ordered Amethyst.

The beast opened each of its mouths, launching orbs of fire like a machine gun at the defending maiden. Amethyst smiled because she had anticipated Star’s moves. She knew that he would have to use his monster’s effect, because if he didn’t, his Life Points would be completely depleted and she would claim victory. The only drawback is that she knew the effects this new one had. She knew what was coming and she’d have move to plan ‘B’.

“You seem to be cornered, Star. If this attack goes through, I win. Unless you can’t forcefully end my turn,” she sneered.

Err...I don’t wanna do this Amethyst, but I can’t lose here. I activate my monster Special ability. By sending one of facedown spell card to the Graveyard, I can negate your monster’s attack.”

He then sent a facedown card to the Graveyard, and a barrier formed around his maiden which absorbed the attack.

“I’ve studied that card’s effect, Star. I know my dragon is also destroyed,” she said as she watched the mechanized dragon explode, the fragments disappearing in a pixelated haze. “And I was counting on that. Notice the final card in hand. This is what I was building up to!”

Amethyst smiled coldly, but for a moment, her smile faltered briefly. It quickly returned, and Amethyst continued speaking.

“Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for my ‘Cyber Network’ to destroy itself first. On my next Standby Phase, this duel will reach its endgame!”

Star couldn’t help but chuckle.

Not if I end it first.”

“Good luck. Either way, my trump card will be able to evade your monster’s ability. Just you wait and see!" she declared pointing at Star with a malicious smile. “It’s your move!”

We’ll see. Now, it’s my draw!” he drew his card. “First, I play Celestial Draw.”

Celestial Draw
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Draw 1 card. If there is a face-up “Celestial Hero” on the field on the turn this card is activated, draw 3 cards instead.

Normally, I could only draw one card. But since I have a face-up ‘Celestial Hero’ monster, I can draw three cards instead.”

He drew his three additional cards. As he looked at his three cards, a smile snaked a across his face.

Perfect! First I play the Spell ‘Fusion Recovery’.”

Fusion Recovery
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Target 1 “Polymerization”, and 1 Fusion Material Monster that was used for a Fusion Summon, in your Graveyard; add them to your hand.

I’ll bring Valkyrie and Polymerization back to my hand.”

Amethyst looked at him steadily.

“I believe it’s safe to predict another Fusion Monster, probably using ‘Celestial Hero Valkyrie’, either this turn or in the next couple of turns,” she deduced.

Well you’re half right. It’s a fusion, but not with Valkyrie. I fuse ‘Celestial Hero Aquarius’ in my hand with my facedown ‘Celestial Hero Bowman to summon Celestial Hero Wave Rider’.”

Celestial Hero Wave Rider
Level: 7 stars
Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Material Monsters: C-Hero Bowman + C-Hero Aquarius
Card Text: This card cannot be Special Summoned, except by Fusion Summon. On the turn this card is summoned, destroy every other face-up Monsters on the field. You cannot declare an attack with any monsters you control until the end of you next End Phase after this card was summoned.
ATK/DEF: 2600/2200

At the moment, a large wave of water appear on his side of the field. As it cascaded down a tall, muscular humanoid man was seen riding the wave in a white surfboard. He had a black shoulder length hair that was spiked back, thick goatee, tribal tattoos on his arms, and piercing green eyes. He wore a light sienna vest with a “Hero” crest on its back, silver chain necklace, dark brown wristbands, a light brown sash, and brown shorts.

And thanks to his effect, when he’s summoned to the field every other face-up monster on the field,” Star explained.

At that moment, a huge wave came crashing down on the field. Both Mystic and Satellite Core were swept away by the wave and destroyed. Amethyst merely shrugged at her monster’s destruction.

“It really doesn’t matter what you do from this point. Either way, come my next turn, one of my strongest cards will be summoned, and there’s nothing you can to do stop it."

Amethyst glanced at her card in hand, her confident smile fading momentarily.

“Though there might be a way...if you can find it. Do you end yet?” Amethyst changed her stance, her free hand hovering over her Duel Disk. “Or are you going to stall for time, hoping that I’ll ‘come to my senses’?”

Star chuckled.

I guess you could say that. I’ll end by placing one card facedown.

Amethyst drew her card and smiled.

“Regardless, I’m afraid this is where it ends. During my Standby Phase, my Cyber Network is destroyed, taking all of my Spells and Traps with it.”

In a flash, all her Spell and Trap cards were destroyed.

“And, now I get to summon as many banished LIGHT Machine-type monsters as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve only got three. So I summon my three ‘Cyber Dragon’ monsters!”

Cyber Dragon
Level: 5 stars
Type: Machine/Effect
Card Text: If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).
ATK/DEF: 2100/1600

As she spoke, three large metal dragons emerged onto the field. Their silver plated serpent like bodies stood tall as they loomed over Star.

“Now, I’ve got two possible choices...” As Amethyst spoke, something clicked in her head.

She felt a sense of déjà vu. She then remembered what her revenge had been driven by. It was the same scenario, she had pushed him to his limit and he was backed into a corner. She thought victory was assured, but fate had other plans. Despite her planning out every phase of the duel, Star still caused her first defeat. Now here she was again, moments away for claiming victory yet she knew it would prove to be futile. If she summoned her ultimate monster, Star would still find a way to destroy it. In a moment of clarity, she stared at him.

“You...can’t be beaten through analysis alone, can you? What’s the secret to your strength?” she questioned as she shook her head.

While she did, she felt an old flame returning to her eyes…the flame of passion in dueling.

I can’t explain it either…it’s just I believe in my deck. It’s never let me down. So I know it’ll pull through for me in the end,” he honestly spoke.

As he spoke, Amethyst could see the images of his defeated monsters standing behind him. To symbolize their resolve to support him in battle. Amethyst looked down and chuckled to her.

“A friend of mine, before we parted ways told me: ‘It’s not how you build the deck. It’s how the deck builds with you. It’s not easy to explain, but...you will be able to pull through, even in the toughest of duels.’ That same friend gave me the card that completed my deck. She said it would shine brightest when I was at my darkest…” Amethyst spoke while she slowly drew a shaky breath. “With two of my Cyber Dragon's, I build the Overlay Network!”

As she spoke, two of the Cyber Dragon’s turned into orbs of light. They then ascends to the skies orbiting around each other. Just then a silver and black vortex appeared.

“With the trump card of my deck, this duel will end, one way or another! I Xyz Summon ‘Cyber Dragon Nova’!

Cyber Dragon Nova
Rank: 5 stars
Machine-type/ Xyz/ Effect
Material Monsters: 2 Level 5 Machine-type monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 “Cyber Dragon” in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can banish 1 “Cyber Dragon” from your hand or face-up from your Monster Card Zone; this card gains 2100 ATK until the End Phase. If this card in your possession is sent to your Graveyard by your opponent's card effect: You can Special Summon 1 Machine-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.
ATK/DEF: 2100/1600

As the lights entered into the vortex, they collided to create a blinding light. When the light faded, Star opened his eyes and beheld the beast before him. It was a massive dragon cladded in metallic scales. Its head adorned a silver and black trim with golden spines that protruded from the sides and ran down is serpentine body, a red orange core that is encased in black and gold plating and large wing with silver metal feathers lined with red streaks.

“Whoa…” uttered Fluttershy

“But I’m not done yet! I build the Overlay Network again!”

Once again, a silver and black vortex appeared in the sky.

“I overlay my ‘Nova’ with its Xyz Material to Xyz Summon ‘Cyber Dragon Infinity! Rise, the infinite power of the cosmos!”

Cyber Dragon Infinity
Rank: 6 stars
Type: Machine/Xyz/Effect
Material Monsters: 3 Level 6 LIGHT Machine-type monsters
Card Text: You can also Xyz Summon “Cyber Dragon Infinity” once per turn by using a “Cyber Dragon Nova” you control as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card.) This card gains 200 ATK for each Xyz Material attached to it. Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up Attack Position monster on the field; attach it to this card as a face-up Xyz Material. Once per turn, during either player’s turn, when a card or effect is activated: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it.
ATK/DEF: 2100/1600

Cyber Dragon Nova turned into an orb of light, and as it did its two Materials began to orbit around the large orb. As they collided into the vortex, a new dragon emerged. Its body is similar to Nova, but a bit sleeker and with sharper spines and spikes. As her creature descended to the field, all traces of doubt were gone from Amethyst’s mind. Sombra couldn’t help but grin.

Well done my slave,’ Sombra praised.

“Now the game truly begins!” Amethyst called out. “Thanks to my monster’s effect its power increase by 400.”

Its ATK is then increased to 2500.

“It’s your move, Star!” she smirked

Let’s check the deck!” he spoke as he drew his card. “I Set a monster in Defense Mode. That does it for now. It’s your move, Amethyst!”

She then saw him look at her with his trademark cocky grin.

“I’m guessing your facedown has a destruction effect. But I’ll be sure to rid you of it! I draw!” she drew her card, and her eyes shone with confidence. “I’ll start by summoning ‘Shining Angel’ in Attack Mode!”

Shining Angel
Level: 4 stars
Type: Fairy/ Effect
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 LIGHT monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck, in face-up Attack Position.
ATK/DEF: 1400/0800

A holy light then cast down from the heavens. At that moment, a tall, toned four winged humanoid male descended to the field. He had short blonde hair, sienna skin, and baby blue eyes. He wore a white toga with goldenrod belt, gold armbands, brown twisted wrist gauntlets, and light brown twisted Roman sandals.

“Now, Shining Angel! Attack his facedown monster with Heaven’s Fist!” she ordered.

The angel gathered his holy energy and then fired an aura fist. Star then smiled.

“Not so fast, Amethyst. I activate my Trap card ‘Sakuretsu Armor’”

Sakuretsu Armor
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; destroy that target.

“Thanks to this card your angel is destroyed,” he chuckled.

“Not quite Star. I activate the effect of ‘Cyber Dragon Infinity’. Once per turn, by removing an overlay unit I can negate the activation of a card effect activated and destroy it.”

“Uh-oh…” gulped Star.

At that moment one of the orbs floating around the imposing beast flew to his card and destroyed it. With his card gone the aura fist destroyed the defending monster.

“But by doing that your monster’s ATK reduces, making it weaker than my Wave Rider,” spoke Star.

“True…until I activated its second effect,” she grinned.

“Second effect?!”

“Yes, one per turn I can take one face-up monster in Attack Mode and make him and overlay unit for my monster.”

“Oh no…”

“And I think I’ll choose your Wave Rider!”

His warrior is turned into a ball of light. It then shot across the field and hovers around her beast.


“And now you’re wide open Star. Now Cyber Dragon Infinity, attack him directly with Infinite Burst Stream!” she ordered.

Heeding his master’s orders, the large behemoth then gathered its power and unleashed a powerful blast at Star.

“Star!” cried Fluttershy.

Star then flashed a toothy grin.

I was hoping you would do that. Because, now I activate my other Trap ‘Mirror Force’.”

Mirror Force
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.

Nice try, Amethyst! But thanks to this card your monster’s are now destroyed!”

A reflective barrier formed around Star to deflect the attack back to her monsters. Amethyst cringed as she saw both her monsters get destroyed.

“Either way, I planned on deleting Infinity when it ran out of Materials. All you’ve done is accelerate my plan. Going into Main Phase 2, I banish all LIGHT Machine-type monsters from my Graveyard for the Summon requirement of my next monster. Rise from the debris, Cyber Eltanin!”

Cyber Eltanin
Level: 10 stars
Type: Machine/ Effect
Card Text: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing all LIGHT Machine-Type monsters from your side of the field and your Graveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. This card's ATK and DEF become the number of monsters banished for its Special Summon x 500. When this card is Special Summoned: Send all other face-up monsters on the field to the Graveyard.
ATK/DEF: ????/????

As monsters fade in the ether, a portal appears behind Amethyst. From within its depths a hulking figure emerged. Its metallic body was in the form of a giant dragon head with yellow eyes, a blue orb in the center of it with a neck and head protruding from it, and numerous spikes on its back. Hovering around its form are six metallic dragon heads.

“And due to its effect, it gains 500 ATK and DEF for each monster that was banished. Sincr I banished 10 monster's, it now has 5000 ATK and DEF.”

Cyber Eltanin’s ATK and DEF were then raised to 5000.

Is that all.”

Sombra then speaks to her.

Excellent work my puppet. Now you can finish him on your next turn!’ said an overjoyed Sombra.

Amethyst looked at Star, and sighed inwardly.

“It’s all I can do. Your move, Star Driver. Make it a good one,” she smirked.

Oh I will. It’s my draw,” Star drew his card. “Okay. I activate my trap card…‘The Heroes Return!’ .”

The Heroes Return!
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: This card can only be activated when there are 10 more cards in your Graveyard. The controller of this card can Special Summon any number of “Celestial Hero”, “Elemental Hero”, and “Hero Kid” monsters (not exceeding the free Monster Zones) to the field from the Graveyard or that have been banished (this Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).

Thanks to this card, since I have ten cards in my Graveyard I can bring back Celestial Hero Yin, Valkyrie, Aquarius and Valkyrian Mystic and Wave Rider to the field in Attack mode!”

The five monsters then emerged onto the field.

Celestial Hero Aquarius
Monster Level: 7 stars
Type: Aqua/Effect
Card Text: On turn this card is summoned to the field, if there are no other monsters your side of the field draw 4 cards. When this card inflicts Battle Damage, draw 1 card.
ATK/DEF: 2600/2000

On the field emerged a tall, fit humanoid male appeared. He had light sienna skin, long gradient colored hair (from dark aquamarine to light aquamarine) and genteel light green eyes. He wore a light blue single sleeve toga with a silver sash, silver wrist gauntlets, and brown twisted sandals.

Celestial Hero Valkyrie
Level: 6 stars
Type: Fairy/Effect
Card Text: By decreasing this card's ATK in half, this card can attack twice in the same Battle Phase. Once per turn, you can return 1 FIRE monster from your Graveyard and add it to your hand.
ATK/DEF: 2400/2000

A humanoid maiden appeared on the field. She was a fairly tall, petite young woman. She had long auburn hair tied in a long braided ponytail, soft peach skin, and gentle cerulean eyes. She donned a light blue headband with goldenrod trim, a blue mouth covering, midnight blue leotard, light blue breastplate with yellow trim and a triangular ruby in the center of it, red arm warmers, blue gauntlets with golden yellow trim, red stockings, and dark blue and bronze yellow boots with a large ruby at the top. She wielded a large silver and blue halberd.

Despite the army that he had assembled, Amethyst felt content that she still had control of the duel.

“Hope you have something planned for those monsters, because none of them are strong enough to defeat my beast. Choose your next move carefully, because I will not hesitate to attack on my next turn. Just beware, I have several tricks left in my sleeves- metaphorically, of course, since my dress has no sleeves,” she spoke.

Oh I have a plan! I activate my Trap card ‘Celestial Blast!’

Celestial Blast!
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: This card can only be activated if there are 3 or more face-up “Celestial Hero” monsters on your side of the field. Inflict damage to your opponent’s Life Points equal to half of the combined “Celestial Hero” monsters ATK.

Thanks to this card I can take half of my monster’s ATK and inflict it as damage to your life points. Which means you lose 6000 Life Points.”

The monsters’ then gathered their hands together and formed a giant sphere. As they fired the ball at her. Amethyst could only sigh as she was overtaken by the attack.

“I have no counter for that. Well played, Star…very well played,” Amethyst smiled faintly, watching her Life Points dwindle to 0.

When the light faded, Amethyst weakly remained on her hooves. Sombra was then consumed with rage, as he tightly gripped the Millennium Rod

You dared to fail me! Now suffer the consequences!

As the field started to disappear, Amethyst is then shrouded in a dark aura. She felt her very soul being ripped from her being.

Amethyst!” Star called out as he ran to her.

The process was too much for her and she fell to her knees. She took two cards and held them to her lip. She whispered something softly before she let them slide from her hand. Star and Fluttershy arrived by her side. Amethyst looked to them with lifeless eyes.

“Don’t forget me, Star...and before it’s too late...I need to tell you something important...” she breathed.

What? What is it?

“Don’t ever quit! Even if the enemy seems too strong…fight to…save us…all…”

As the dark aura faded, her body went limp. When the surroundings returned to normal, they both knew that she was gone.

“No…Amethyst…” cried a somber Fluttershy.

Star noticed the two cards she had dropped. When he picked them up he saw that they were Cyber Dragon Infinity and Cyber Dragon Nova, the two cards that meant the world to Amethyst. He knew she must’ve dropped them as a way of saying, ‘Guard these, and my spirit…please…’

Amethyst...I swear I will save you!” he vowed as he picked up the cards

“I doubt that boy!” laughed Sombra as his voice echoed throughout the alley.

Star surveyed the area, but couldn’t locate him anywhere.

Sombra, you coward! Come out, and let’s duel!

“In due time boy. But for now farewell,” he chuckled as his voice faded away.

Star gritted his teeth as he picked up Amethyst’s lifeless body.

Sombra! You’ll pay for this!

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