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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 08 - Clash of the Big Brothers (part 01)

The crowd roared with excitement, as they awaited the epic contest of the two stallions. On the sidelines, the two brothers headed for the field. Before they stepped on the platform, their respective sisters called out to them.
“Good luck, Big Mac! Show'em how we Apple's duel!” exclaimed Applejack.
“You got it, AJ,” answered Big Mac.
As he walked onto the field, Big Mac heard a certain filly cheer.
“Whoo! Go, Big Mac!” shouted Applebloom.
He turned to the crowd to see his little sister jumping up and down. As he saw her display, he merely chuckled.
“You got this, BBBFF. Show everyone the power of the Crystal Prince!” shouted Twilight Sparkle.
“You can count on me, Twily,” saluted Shining Armor.
As he turned his attention to the battlefield, he felt a small tug on his jacket sleeve. Looking over his shoulder, his saw his loving wife had grabbed it.
“Something the matter, dear?” asked Shining Armor.
“I just wanted to give you something,” replied Cadence, with a loving smile.
“Oh? And what's that?” asked Shining Armor, as he turned to his wife.
Without any warning, she gave him a small kiss. As she pulled back, she beheld the small smile on her husband's face.
“A kiss for luck,” she winked, as she headed back to the sidelines.
Shining turned his attention back to the field.
“Thanks, dear. I'm gonna need all the luck I can get,” said Shining Armor, as he walked to the center of the field.
As the two combatants reached mid-field, they both shared a competitive smile. While they shuffled each other's decks, the two engaged in a little friendly banter.
“So, Big Mac. I hope my guards don't overrun your monsters,” quipped Shining Armor.
“I'm sure they won't. But, I reckon I'll let my monsters speak fer themselves,” answered Big Mac, with a small sign of a smirk.

On the sidelines, the sisters of the two combatants engaged in friendly conversation.
“Well, this oughta be a go one fer sure,” said Applejack.
“I know it is. But what are the odds, that our brothers would've fought each other in the preliminaries?” asked Twilight.
“True, I figured they'd at least make it to the semi-finals,” added Applejack.
“It's too bad for Big Mac though,” sighed Twilight.
That statement made Applejack's ears slightly twitch.
“What's that supposed ta mean, Twi?” asked Applejack.
“No offense, AJ. But, I'm sure my BBBFF is gonna prove to be more than enough for Big Mac to handle,” stated Twilight Sparkle.
“I beg yer pardon! Your brother may be strong Twi. But he's got nothing on Big Mac,” said Applejack, with a hint of annoyance.
“Why it may be true that Big Mac is stronger physically, Shining Armor's dueling skills are far superior,” declared Twilight, as she turned to face her friend.
“Oh, please Twi. Bic Mac will duel circles around your brother,” said Applejack, facing Twilight.
“What was that?!” bellowed Twilight, as she pressed her snout against Applejack's.
“Y'all heard me!” answered Applejack, with a fierce glare.

As the two glared intensely into each other's eyes, it was almost as if you could feel the heat of their anger toward each other. Looking on, the others were in awe at the two friends, now temporary enemies, argue about which brother was stronger.

“Wow, those two sure are fired up ain't they?” chuckled Rainbow Dash.
“Indeed, darling,” said Rarity.
“I can't wait to see Big Mac throw down. This is gonna be so awesome,” stated Star, as he jumped with excitement.
“Indeed, my dear Star. Though Shining is one of the strongest duelists in the Crystal Empire,” added Princess Cadence.
“Yeah, but I've dueled Big Mac before. So I never count him out,” he stated.
“So, who do you thinks gonna win?” asked Pinkie Pie.
At the same time, Princess Cadence and Star Driver both answered.
“Shining Armor,” said Princess Cadence, with a smile.
“Big Mac,” said Star Driver, with a grin.
Upon hearing each other answer, the two share the same type of glare as the two sisters did. They then joined in with the heated debate of the who was the better duelist. Rainbow Dash merely turned to Pinkie Pie.
“Why did you do that?” Rainbow asked in a deadpanned tone.
“I was just curious. I didn't think they join in too,” Pinkie Pie said, in her defense.
“This is going to be quite the heated duel. Both on and off the field,” sighed Rarity.

Back on the field, the brothers finished shuffling each other's decks. Once done, the two stoic stallions stared each other down. An in a show of sportsmanship, they exchange a brief handshake.
“Good luck to you, Big Mac,” said Shining Armor, as he tightens his grip.
“You too, your highness,” stated Big Mac, as he mimicked Shining Armor's actions.
They released their grip, they headed for their appointed duel zones. Once they're there, Pegasus motioned to the two combatants.
“Are you both ready?” he asked.
“I was born ready,” smirked Shining Armor.
“Eeyup,” stated Big Mac.
“Then, let the match begin!”
“Ah'll start things off,” stated Big Mac, as he drew his card.
Looking at his card, Big Mac proceeded with his turn.
“Ah play one card in facedown Defense mode. Then I set two cards facedown and end my turn,” said Big Mac.
Three facedown cards then emerged on the field.
“Alright, let's see what I can do,” said Shining Armor, as he drew his card.
As he looked at his card, a smile appeared on his face.
“Things are starting off in a good way. First I summon 'Blade Knight' in Attack mode,” stated Shining Armor.

Blade Knight
Level: 4 stars
Type: Warrior/Effect
Card Text: If you have 1 or fewer cards in your hand, increase the ATK of this card by 400 points. Also if this card is the only monster on your side of the field, negate the effects of Flip Effect Monsters destroyed by this card as a result of battle.
ATK/DEF: 1600/1000

At that moment, a warrior emerged on the field. He was dressed from head to toe in silver armor while wielding a platinum shield and mighty blade.
“Now, 'Blade Knight' attack his facedown monster,” ordered Shining Armor.
Heeding his orders, the warrior charged the for the facedown creature. The hidden monster was then revealed as a large blue rat with sharp claws, glowing yellow eyes, a long tail. As it was destroyed, Big Mac chuckled.
“Much obliged, partner,” said Big Mac.
“What do you mean?” asked Shining Armor.
“I mean you destroy mah 'Giant Rat',” answered Big Mac.

Giant Rat
Level: 4 stars
Type: Beast/Effect
Card Text: When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 EARTH monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck, in face-up Attack Position.
ATK/DEF: 1400/1450

“And that does what?” inquired Shining Armor.
“Well, since it was destroyed, I can summon an EARTH monster from my deck to the field,” explained Big Mac, as he searched his deck for a monster. “And I summon 'Terra Beast – Stone Porcupine' in Attack mode.”

Terra Beast – Stone Porcupine
Level: 4 stars
Type: Rock
ATK/DEF: 1300/2000

Just then, a large, slight muscular humanoid porcupine summoned to the field. His hide was similar to that if granite, and his claws and spiked quills were as concrete. He wore brown wrist gauntlets and tattered black pants.
“I place one card facedown and end my turn,” said Shining Armor.
“Let's see what Ah can do?” Big Mac said, he drew his card.
As he looked at his card, a slight smile appeared on his stoic visage.
“Ah summon 'Terra Beast – Swift Raven' in Attack mode.”

Terra Beast – Swift Raven
Level: 4 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Effect
Card Text: This card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If this card attacks your opponent's Life Points directly, the Battle Damage is halved. This card can attack twice in the same Battle Phase.
ATK/DEF: 1500/1000

The monster that appeared was a slender, voluptuous humanoid avian maiden with its wings that protruded from her back. Covered in dark violet feathers, her long mauve hair drapes gracefully over her piercing golden eyes. Dress in a maroon tube top with plum vest, golden necklace, silver wristbands, and a long purple skirt.

“And thanks to her special ability, she can attack your Life Points directly,” stated Big Mac.
“What?” responded Shining Armor.
“All right, Raven. Attack directly with Swift Strike!” he ordered.
The avian maiden then hastened to her target. Before he could brace for impact, the maiden disappeared.
“Huh? Where'd she...?” asked Shining Armor.
It was then he felt a slight gust of wind brush against his body.
'Why do I feel wind? We're in a dome? Unless...' thought Shining Armor.
He quickly looked behind himself to see the avian maiden hovering a few feet behind him. Before he could react, he felt a crushing slash impact his body. The resulting impact caused Shining Armor to fall to one knee.
“Big Brother!” Twilight cried.
“Shining Armor!” yelled Cadence.
“Lucky fer you the damage is reduced by half,” stated Big Mac.
Shining Armor's Life Point is reduced to 3250.
“Unfortunate fer ya, my monster can attack twice in one turn,” Big added, with a stoic grin.
“No way...”
In a flash, Shining Armor felt another slash come from behind this time as the avian mistress appeared back on her master's side of the field. Shining Armor's Life Points are then reduced to 2500.
“That'll do it fer now,” said Big Mac.

On the sidelines, Applejack was cheering hard for her big brother.
“That's the way, Big Mac. Keep it up,” cheered Applejack.
“Your brother might have the edge now,” Twilight unwillingly admitted. “But Shining Armor has a way to turn duel around in an instant. Just you wait and see.”
“Seein' as how Big Mac's monster can attack twice a turn, I don't see much hope fer your 'BBBFF',” Applejack replied in a teasing manner.
These words caused Twilight's eye to involuntarily twitch.
“This duel is far from over AJ. Just you watch, Shining Armor will show your brother how dueling's done in the Crystal Empire,” Twilight said, with confidence.
“Well, I won't hold my breath fer that one, Twi,” Applejack said with a smirk.
The noticeable flare in Twilight's eye was a clear indicator that Applejack was doing a good job getting under her skin. And it didn't help with Star Driver in the background shouting 'Woooooooooooooah!'.

Back on the field, Shining Armor used his military mind to come up with a strategy.
'I need to get rid of that 'Raven'. If she stays much longer this duels gonna be over quick,' Shining Armor thought.
He quickly observed the field.
'He's got two facedown cards, so one of them has to be a Trap. I can't charge with my knight and risk him being destroyed.'
As he drew his card, Shining knew of only one card that could help him. As he looked at what he drew, Shining knew he'd be able to turn things around.
“Perfect! First, I summon 'Royal Guard LV3' in Attack mode,” said Shining Armor.

Royal Guard LV3
Level: 3 stars
Type: Warrior/ Effect
Effect: At the beginning of your Standby Phase, you can send this card to the Graveyard to summon 1 'Royal Guard LV 5' from your Deck or hand.
ATK/DEF: 1500/1000

A young humanoid male warrior emerged onto the field. This warrior was short, with a somewhat muscular build. He has short, spiky blue hair that draped slightly over his light cerulean eye. He's dressed in a plain golden-yellow breastplate armor, blue shirt with a yellow trim, golden wristband, midnight blue pants, and slate boots.

“Now, 'Blade Knight' attack 'Swift Raven' with Mighty Slash,” commanded Shining Armor.
Heeding his commander's orders, the armor-clad knight charged. Before he could cross the field, Big Mac spoke.
“Not so fast, partner. I activate the Trap card 'Roar of the Beast'!” said Big Mac as then motioned to one of his facedown cards.

Roar of the Beasts
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: On the turn, this card is activated, your opponent cannot declare an attack on 'Terra Beast' monsters.

It was then a thunderous roar projected from Big Mac's side of the field. The force of the roar stopped Shining Armor's Knight dead in its tracks.
“What was that?” inquired Shining Armor.
“It was the effect of my Trap card. When it's activated, y'all can't select any of my 'Terra Beast' as a target of an attack,” explained Big Mac.
“I set two cards facedown and end my turn,” huffed Shining Armor.
“Let's see what Ah can do,” said Big Mac, as he drew his card.
When he looked at his card, a smile appeared on his otherwise stoic countenance.
“First, I play the Field Spell 'Orchard of the Strong'.”

Orchard of the Strong
Type: Field Spell Card
Card Text: Increase the ATK and DEF of all 'Terra Beast' monsters by 500. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects unless your opponent pays 1000 Life Points.

The field was converted in an orchard, filled with many variances of trees and foliage. Looking at the new surroundings, Big Mac let out a content sigh.
“Reminds me of working back home,” Big Mac stated.
He turned his attention back to his opponent.
“Thanks to this Field Spell, my monsters get a 500 ATK and DEF boost,” said Big Mac.
Swift Raven's stats are changed to 2000/1500, and Stone Porcupine stats are changed to 1800/2500.
“This could be a problem,” said Shining Armor.
"Next, Ah'll switch mah 'Stone Porcupine' to the Attack mode."
The stone beast was then switched to a fighting stance.
“Now, 'Swift Raven' attack him directly,” ordered Big Mac.
Hearing her master's command, the avian prepared to launch her attack. Before she could reach him, Shining Armor activated his hidden Trap card.
“Not this time, Big Mac. I activate the Trap card 'Negate Attack',” Shining Armor spoke, as he motioned to one of his facedown cards.
Before she could attack a blue and white vortex appeared in front of Shining Armor. The oncoming attack was then absorbed by the vortex. With no other moves left, Big Mac concluded his turn.
“Ah set one monster in Defense mode and end my turn,” stated Big Mac.
“Good. Now, it's time to turn this duel around,” said Shining Armor.
As he looked at the card he drew, he proceeded with his turn.
“First, I activate the special ability of my 'Royal Guard LV3'. By sending him to the Graveyard, I can Special Summon 'Royal Guard LV5' from my deck,” stated Shining Armor.

Royal Guard LV5
Level: 5 stars
Type: Warrior/Effect
Effect: By discarding 1 card from your hand, you can destroy 1 card on your opponent's side of the field. If a Spell or Trap was destroyed by this effect, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points. On the turn this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points by its effect, during your End Phase you can send this card to the Graveyard you can Special Summon 1 'Royal Guard LVL 7' from your hand or Deck.
ATK/DEF: 2400/1500

It was then, the young warrior disappeared, and a new slightly older one was summoned in its place. The warrior's armor was somewhat more decorative than its predecessor. His spiky hair was somewhat longer as well. He now donned a light navy blue cape, and his blade was fairly more massive than before.

“And what does he do?” asked Big Mac.
“I'll get to that in a moment. But next, I summon 'Royal Modifier' in Attack mode.”

Royal Modifier
Level: 4 stars
Type: Warrior/Effect
Card Text: This card cannot be Normal Summoned unless there is a face-up monster(s) with 'Royal Guard LV' in its card name. Increase the ATK of all 'Royal Guard LV' monsters by 400. This card cannot be the target of an attack as long as there is a 'Royal Guard LV' monster on the field.
ATK/DEF: 2000/1100

A playful little humanoid boy appeared on the field. His face was bubbly and energetic as his short auburn hair swayed as he jumped around. He wore a blue crew-neck shirt with yellow lining, light grey pants, a black armband on his left arm and goggles that he wore around his neck.
“Aww, isn't he adorable,” Fluttershy squeed from the sidelines.
“Ah'm reckon there's more to him than meets the eye,” observed Big Mac.
“You're quite right, Big Mac. Since he's on the field, my 'Royal Guard' monsters get a 400 ATK boost.”
Royal Guard LV5 ATK increased to 2800.
“Now, 'Royal Modifier'. Attack his 'Stone Porcupine' with Mod-o Beam!”

The bubbly monster's demeanor changed, as he heard his commander's order. It turned from a bubbly smile to a focused glare. As he drew upon his energy, his hands began to glow with a light yellow light. Once at he's at his limit, young lad launched his crushing beam at his stone adversary. As the beam impacted, the stone warrior as instantly destroy. The shockwave from the resulting brushed past, the stoic stallion. The impact didn't even cause him to flinch, as his Life Points were reduced to 3800.

“Now, 'Royal Guard LV5' attack 'Swift Raven' with Royal Wave,” said Shining Armor.
With one swing of his mighty blade, the warrior launched a massive aura slash. The defending maiden was quickly destroyed by the powerful slash. The resulting destruction reduced Big Mac's Life Points to 3000.
“Your turn 'Blade Knight'! Attack Big Mac's Life Points directly!”
The armor-clad warrior then charged the stoical stallion.
“Not so fast, I play the Trap card 'Call of the Beasts',” said Big Mac

Call of the Beasts
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: You can only activate this card if 1 or more 'Terra Beast' monster(s) were destroyed. Special Summon 1 level 4 or lower 'Terra Beast' monster from your Deck.

“And I summon another 'Swift Raven' to the field in Attack mode.”
With that, another avian maiden emerged on the field. With the arrival of another monster, Shining Armor halted his assault.
“All right, then I activate my guard's special ability.”
“And that is?” asked Big Mac.
“Simple, by sending one card from my hand I can destroy one card on your side of the field,” explained Shining Armor. “And I think I'll be destroying that Field Spell of yours.”
“You'll have to pay 1000 Life Points to do it,” explained Big Mac.
“It'll be worth it,” Shining Armor said, as he discarded a card.
His Life Points were then reduced to 1500. With one swift motion, his armored guard struck the ground with his mighty blade. The force of the strike shattered the surrounding trees and foliage. The field was then returned to its original state.
“This is gonna be trouble,” uttered Big Mac.
“And since I destroyed a Spell card you lose 500 Life Points,” Shining Armor stated, with a smirk.
At that moment, Big Mac's Life Points were reduced to 2500.
“And now that I inflicted damage to your Life Points, I can send my monster to the Graveyard to Special Summon 'Royal Guard LV7'.

Royal Guard LV7
Level: 7 stars
Type: Warrior/Effect
Card Text: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of 'Royal Guard LV5'. By discarding your hand, you can destroy cards on your opponent's side of the field equal to the number of cards discarded. If a Spell or Trap was destroyed by this effect, inflicts 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points per card. On the turn this effect is activated, you cannot declare an attack with any monsters.
ATK/DEF: 2900/2300

Once again, the young warrior vanished and was replaced with a stronger, slightly older looking man. The warrior armor was slightly more decorative (now with various gems embedded on parts of the armor) than its predecessor. His spiky hair was somewhat longer and tied back in a ponytail. His blade was relatively larger than before. Due to Royal Modifier's effect, Royal Guard Lv7's ATK was increased to 3200.

“That does it for now,” said Shining Armor.
“Okay, it's mah turn,” Big Mac said, as he drew his card.
'Ah got do somethin' about that monster of his,' thought Big Mac.
He looked at his card.
'This is just the card I need'
As Big Mac looked up from his hand, a subtle smile appeared on his unreadable face.
“Sorry, your highness. But I'm afraid I'll be taking over this duel.”

Author's Note:

Thanks to TheNoteBook for the cards for Big Mac :eeyup: and Shining Armor. Concepts were created by TheNoteBook, formated by me:twilightsmile:

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