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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 19 - Lightning Strikes! (part 01)

Early the next morning, Fluttershy tossed and turned in her sleep.
“No...No...” she moaned.

In her dream, she was back in Ponyville. Her and her friends looked as though they had been through a great battle and were recovering from it. As she looked around she saw a familiar draconequus next to a dark violet portal. She could see that Discord was using his magic to keep the portal from closing.
“What's going here?” Fluttershy wondered.

To her shock she saw on the other side if the portal was a battle-scarred Star Driver. As he was walking toward the portal as he was bracing his left shoulder.
“Star!” she cried.

But when she tried to move toward the portal, she was unable to move her body.
What?! Why can't I move? she thought.

As she tried to move, she saw Star had almost reached the portal.
“Come on, Star...”

It was then that she saw a dark shadow emerge from the dark void. It's glowing orange eyes glared at Star Driver as it quickly made it's way toward him.
“STAR, LOOK OUT!” warned Fluttershy.

Before he could notice the shadow had wrapped it's shadow tentacles around Star's body. As Star tried to break free, the shadow shot a spear at Discord. The spear then punctured his claw which caused the portal to slowly closed. The last image Fluttershy saw was Star reaching out to her before the portal closed. Grief struck her heart, as she saw her closest friend was now gone for what seemed forever.
“Star...Star...Star...” she spoke, as the tears streamed down her face. “STAR!”

It was then she awoke from her dream in a cold sweat. Her breathing was slightly heavy, as she looked to see that she was still in her hotel room.
What was that about? she gasped. I've never had a dream like that before.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the knocking at her door. She put on her robe and quickly made her way to the door to answer it.
“Who is it?” she asked.
“It's me, 'Shy,” said Star Driver.

Swiftly she opened the door to see her favorite stallion on the other side. He was dressed in white shirt a blue pajama bottoms.
“'Shy, what's wrong? I heard you-”

Star was cutoff as Fluttershy pulled him into a tight embrace.
“Star! Oh thank Celestia you're okay!” she cried.
“'Shy...what happened?”
“I had a dream that where you trapped by this shadow thingy in another dimension and I couldn't do anything to save you. I was so scared,” she said in between sniffles.

Star then began to gently stroke her to try and calm her down.
“It's okay, 'Shy. I'm right here,” he cooed.

After a few moments, she was finally able to calm herself. She then broke her embrace, and looked up to Star with a gentle smile.
“I'm feeling a little better. Thank you, Star.”
“You're welcome, 'Shy,” he smiled.
“But that dream felt so real-”

She then cut off with a pat on the head.
“It was just a bad dream, 'Shy. I know with all that happened yesterday, you might be scared that I might be taken from you. But trust me, 'Shy. I'm not going anywhere,” he said with a wink.

He then booped her nose, which caused her to lightly blushed.
“It was just a dream. So don't worry so much.”
“I guess,” she said after a giggle.
“Come on, you better get ready. You got a duel to get ready for,” he grinned.

There was that infectious grin of his, to where she couldn't help but smile.
“You're right. Thanks Star,” she smiled.
“Anytime, 'Shy.”

He then left to let her get ready for the tournament. After she closed her door, she let out a deep sigh.
I wonder what that dream meant.


As Star was preparing for the day, he saw the Millennium Pendant illuminate with a golden glow.
“Huh? What's going-?”

Before he could react, the room was filled with a bright light. As the light faded, Star found himself in a familiar room. It was had ancient Saddle Arabian writing all on its walls.
“This place again?” Star groaned.
Greetings, young Star Driver.

Star then looked to see Moon appear on a bench.
“'Sup, Moon,” he replied with a wave. “Why did you bring me here again?”
Forgive me for my forwardness, but I have something important to discuss with you.”
“Really? What is it?”
It's about your role in the battle against Ehm.”
“Yeah that. Princess Celestia already told me about it.”
I'm aware of what Celestia informed you of, but there's more to it than what she explained.”
“More?! What do you mean there's more?!”

He then got up from his bench and began to walk toward Star.
You see, you're not meant to defeat her alone.”
“Huh? But didn't you defeat here by yourself?”
I did. But that's not what I meant. You see after I defeat Ehm, I divided my power into the seven Millennium Items. After which, it was decide to scatter the items among the governing kingdoms to prevent the incident from happening again. While the Millennium Pendant and Crown remained with me, the other five items was given to a chosen vessel known as the Millennium Guardian. And this title has been passed down through the generations.,” Moon explained.
“What's that gotta do with me?”
To stop Ehm you will need to find the other 5 Millennium Guardians.”
“M-Me?! Why me?”
You wield my item the Millennium Pendant. It is your destiny to gather the Millennium Guardians and lead them in the battle against Ehm.”“Wow... But wait how do I find these guardians?”
The Millennium Pendant will guide you to them.”
“But how will-”
You will know. I have faith in you Star Driver. I know you can do it

With that, Moon's body shined brightly. When the light faded, Star found himself back in his hotel room. Star then tired to wrap his he around what he was just told.
So not only do I have to defeat an ancient enemy bent on ruling the world, but now have to find these five other Millennium Guardians as well? he thought Jeez, no pressure or anything.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
“Star, hurry up or you'll miss breakfast,” shouted Rainbow Dash.
“Coming, Dash!” he responded.

As he heard her leave, he quickly got dressed and headed down stairs. Once there, he made his way to the dining hall. He then saw that there was a buffet style breakfast set up for the competitors. After he filled is plate (with pancakes, hash brown, eggs, french toast, and various fruits), he scanned the room for his friends.
“STAR! Over here,” shouted Pinkie Pie.

He then looked to see the energetic mare waving him over. Star merely shook his head, as he headed over to the table. As he sat down next to Fluttershy, he couldn't help but noticed she was more nervous than usual.
“You okay, 'Shy?” he asked.
“Y-Yeah, just a little nervous about the matches today,” she said.
“Don't worry about it, 'Shy. I'm sure you'll be awesome out there,” Star beamed.
“I guess...” she sighed.

Star then placed an comforting hand on her shoulder.
“Come on, 'Shy. You gotta have more confidence,” grinned Star.

She let out another sigh.
“Aw come on, Fluttershy. Let me hear you say 'I'm gonna win!',” Star said with the confident flair.
“I-I'm gonna win...” she squeaked.
“Come on, say it like you mean it!”
“I'm gonna win...” she said with a little more vigor.
“More confidence!”
“I'm gonna win.”
“I'M GONNA WIN!” she shouted, as she rose from her chair.

The other competitors then looked at the yellow pegasus. A large blush snaked across her muzzle, as she slunk down into her chair. Star couldn't help but laugh.
“Yeah, 'Shy! That's the way!” he smiled.
“I wouldn't count on it,” spoke a voice.

They all turned to see who was speaking. They then saw Lightning Dust sitting at the table behind them. She wore an cream short-sleeved V-neck shirt, light opal jacket with blue trim, blue jean shorts, and white stockings.
“Why's that Dusty?” asked Star.
“Don't call me that!” she deadpanned. “Anyways, I say that because there's a lot of tough competitors left. She doesn't have much of a chance.”
“Better than you, Dusty” countered Star.
“Knock it off, Star!” she barked.

She then picked up her tray and headed for the trash. She then called back,
“Who knows she might end up fight Twilight for all we know.”

With that, the table is left with an uncomfortable silence. They all knew that we Lightning said was true, but they didn't wanna think about it.
“Well, we should get going, the caravan will here soon to take us to the coliseum,” Twilight said to break the silence.
“Yeah...” Fluttershy sighed.

As they all got up from the table, Fluttershy felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Don't worry about it, 'Shy. Dusty is just trying to psych you out,” spoke Star.
“Yeah, but-”
“No 'buts' 'Shy,” he stated. “You're one of the best duelists I know. So, it's only natural that the competition wants to get inside your head.”
“You think so?” she asked.
“I know so. I saw the way you thrashed Mere Ka in the cave. So I have no doubt that you can beat anypony here, myself included,” he spoke with an encouraging tone.

Once again, she felt her worries subdued as she heard the confident words of her childhood friend. It never cease to amaze her at how easily he could restore her confidence.
“You're right, Star. I can't control the future, so I guess there's no point in worrying who I will face,” she said, feeling slightly more confident.
“Yeah, and I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.”

With a new resolve, Star could see the fire that burned brightly in her eyes. The two then headed up to their respective rooms to finishing preparing for the day.


As she made her way up to her room, Lightning Dust noticed a cloaked figure standing by her door.
“Hey, what're you doing by my door?” she barked.

The stocky figure then turned it's attention to her.
“Ms. Lightning Dust, I presume?” it questioned.
“Who wants to know?” she responded cautiously.
“A friend who is here to help guarantee your victory today,” it spoke.
“Is that so?”
“Indeed, but it comes with a price.”
“Of course it does...”
“So what do you say?”
“Thanks but no thanks, buddy. No offense, but I don't need help from some weirdo in a costume to win a duel. Now if you'll excuse me-”

She then felt her body be engulfed with a strange violet aura. As she tried to break free but found that she was unable to move.
“H-Hey! Lemme go you freak,” she demanded.

The figure then removed its hood. Lightning felt her blood run cold as she saw that it was non-other than King Sombra. He used his magic to take her room key and used it to open her door. He then walked in with her right behind him, and then closed the door.
“What do you want from me?” she spoke, in terror.
“As I said I waned to help you win, but since you turned down my offer,” he coldly spoke as he reveal the Millennium Rod. “I'm afraid more forceful steps are needed.”
“W-Wait, I do anything you want-” she pleaded.
“I know you will, child,” he darkly chuckled, as he used his rod to enslave her mind.

As much as she tried to resist, it ultimately was for naught. He then released her from his magical grasp, and she fell to the floor.
“Rise slave,” he ordered.

She then rose to her hooves. However her eyes where no longer the same gamboge, but instead were red pupils with light green irises and has strange markings on the edges of her eyes.
“What is your bidding, master?” she spoke in a trance like state.
“Listen carefully, slave. If you face one of the Elements of Harmony, be sure that you do not allow them you win. Is that clear?!”
“Yes, master!” she answered, as she bowed in response.

He then cast a spell to change her appearance back to normal. Once done he disappeared into a fog.


After a few minutes, Pegasus had arrived at the hotel to take the competitors to the arena. As they made their way to the Crystal Coliseum, the tension was thick with the remaining competitors. Many of them were eager to see who their opponent will be in the upcoming round. When they had arrived at the coliseum the crowds were all abuzz. They eagerly awaited to see the heated matches that they will see today. Pegasus then ushered to the Duel Field to begin the second round. As they waited on the sidelines, Pegasus stepped onto to the field.
“Welcome everyone, to the second round of the Preliminary Round!”

The crowd then roared with cheers.
“I know you're all eager to get things started. Let's take a look next match.”

He then motion to the monitor on the north of the stadium. The screen animation then switched to the second bracket an zooms to the first match. The first two cards then flipped over to reveal Fluttershy and Lightning Dust.
“And it looks like our first match is going to be Fluttershy vs. Lightning Dust!”

The crowd cheered as the two prepare to take the stage.
“Alright, 'Shy. You got this one,” said Star. “Show that mare what you're made of.”
“Right...” she nodded.
“Good luck out there, Fluttershy,” spoke Applejack.
“Thanks AJ,” she smiled, as she headed to the stage.

On the other side , Lightning Dust was making her way to the field. Just before she reached the stairs, she is stopped by Rainbow Dash.
“What do you want, Dash?” she asked.

She then saw Rainbow's eye flash with a light green.
“Remember your mission from master Sombra. No matter what it takes, Fluttershy must not win this match,” instructed.
“Of course,” she acknowledged.

As Rainbow walked past her to join the others, she slightly turned her head.
“Failure will not be tolerated,” she warned.

Lightning merely scoffed and walked onto the field. As the two reached the center of the field, they shuffled each others decks.
“Good luck, Lightning,” Fluttershy smiled.

Lightning then giave her cocky smirk.
“Same to you, Fluttershy,” she smugly spoke.

On the sidelines, the others watched on with anticipation as the match was about to begin.
“Do you think she gonna be okay?” asked Phantom Heart.
“Of course she will,” beamed Star Driver. “She's a better duelist than ponies give her credit for.”
“But there's something off about the other pegasus,” she mentioned.
“What do you mean, Phantom?” asked Twilight.
“I sense that there's something off about her.”
“Like what?” inquired Star.
“I don't know what it is, but I feel a strange aura coming from her,” Phantom explained.
“Aura?” Star responded.
“Oh, I should explain. See, my special talent allows me to sense aura from ponies. And her's is different from the other day,” she informed Star.
“Really? Well, it doesn’t matter. 'Shy definitely gonna win this one,” Star said, with a confident grin.

After they finished shuffling their opponent's decks, the two then retreated to their respective duel zones.
“Duelist, are you ready?” asked Pegasus.

They both nodded in response.
“Then let the match begin!”

The crowd cheered as the match was now underway.
“I'll start things off,” Lightning Dust said, as she drew her card.

She looked at her card and proceeded with her turn.
“First, I summon 'Wattlemur' in Attack Mode!”

Level: 2 stars
Type: Thunder/Effect
Card Text: If this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect): Your opponent cannot conduct their Battle Phase during their next turn.
ATK/DEF: 0800/0100

A small, furry creature appeared on the field. It had large eyes, blue fur with a light cream under belly, a blue and black striped tail. It expelled a small current of electricity.
“Next, I equip it with the Spell card 'Wattjustment'.”

Type: Equip Spell Card
Card Text: Equip only to a Level 3 or lower Thunder-Type monster. It gains 800 ATK and its effects are negated. Each time it inflicts battle damage to your opponent: Draw 1 card.

At that moment, a toy like gun appeared above the electric creature. It then leapt in the air and grab the gun. It ATK then changed to 1600.
“Though it gain 800 ATK, but he loses his ability his ability. Next, I set two cards facedown and end my turn.”
“Okay, it my turn,” spoke Fluttershy.

She then drew her card.
“Okay, first I summon 'Berserk Gorilla' in Attack Mode,” said Fluttershy.

Berserk Gorilla
Level: 4 stars
Type: Beast/Effect
Card Text: If this card is in face-up Defense Position, destroy this card. This card must attack if able.
ATK/DEF: 2000/1000

At that moment, a large brown furred gorilla emerged onto the field. It eyes glowed with a reddish orange hue as it rapidly pounded its chest. As it roared, it expelled fire from its mouth. Lightning Dust merely chuckled.
“Nice monster, Fluttershy. Too bad he's not staying, because I'm activating the trap card 'Compulsory Evacuation Device'!” spoke Lightning, as she motioned to one of her facedown card.

Compulsory Evacuation Device
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: Target 1 monster on the field. Return that card to it's owner's hand

“And thanks to this card, your monster is sent back to your hand.”

The massive gorilla then left the field and return to its owners hand.
“Hmm, not bad Lightning. I'll play set this card facedown and end my turn.”
“Then, I'll take it from here,” Lightning spoke as she drew.

Before she looked at her card she motioned to her other facedown card.
“First, I activate my facedown card 'Wattcannon'!”

Type: Continuous Trap Card
Card Text: Once per turn, when a Level 4 or lower Thunder-Type monster is Normal or Special Summoned to the field, inflict 600 damage to your opponent.

A large cannon the fell from the sky and landed next to her.
“And thanks to this card whenever I summon a low level Thunder-Type monster, you'll lose 600 LP.”
“Now, I summon 'Wattmole' in Attack Mode.”

Level: 3 stars
Type: Thunder/Effect
Card Text: This card can attack twice during each Battle Phase. If this card attacks a face-down Defense Position monster, you can destroy that monster immediately with this card's effect without flipping it face-up or applying damage calculation.
ATK/DEF: 0000/0100

Under the crystal field, a creature was tunneling to the mid field. Just then, a large brown furred mole-like creature emerged from underground. It sported black sunglasses, a yellow mining hat, white scarf, and golden shovel claws.
“And thanks to the effect of 'Wattacannon', you lose 600 Life Points!”

The cannon then took aim and fire a short electrical burst at Fluttershy. The impact caused her to stumble slightly, as her Life Point were reduced to 3400.
“Now, 'Wattlemur' attack her directly with Static Claw!” ordered Lightning.

The electric beast then charged Fluttershy.
“Sorry, Lightning. But I activate the Trap card 'Draining Shield'!”

Draining Shield
Attribute: TRAP
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: Negate the attack of 1 your opponent's monsters and increased your Life Points by the attacking monster's ATK.

She is then encased with a pale green energy sphere. It's attack was then absorbed by the sphere.
“Nice try, Lightning. But thank you for the Life Points,” she chuckled.

Fluttershy's Life Points were increased to 5000.
“Err... I'll play one card face down and end my turn.”


On the sidelines, Star cheered on his friend.
“Yeah, 'Shy! Nice counter!” he shouted.
“I'm impressed with how her skills have improved,” mentioned Twilight. “She seems more confident than she was in the Qualifying Rounds.”
“You got that right. And she's gonna win this one too!” Star beamed.
“I wouldn't count on that, dweeb,” said Gilda.

Star then turned to the punk rock griffon, who was leaning on the security barricade.
“Is that so?” questioned Star.
“Yeah, runt,” she huffed. “She ain't got what it takes to beat Lightning Dust.”
“Well then, I guess 'Shy's victory is pretty much guaranteed then,” scoffed Star.
“What's that suppose to mean?” she queried.
“It's just that given your track record for picking winners, I'm confident 'Shy will win.”
“My track record?”
“Yeah, you said that me and Spike would lose our duels. But we both won,” Star explained.
“So what?” she huffed.
“You can't pick winners.”
“What was that?!” Gilda bellowed.
“Hey, I'm just calling it like I see it.”

She then made her way over to Star.
“You wanna say that again, dweeb!”

Before the matter escalated further, Rainbow Dash spoke up.
“Don't count out Lightning, Star,” warned Rainbow Dash. “She can be unpredictable when comes to strategy.”

Star then turned his attention Rainbow Dash.
“That's may be true, Dash. But 'Shy can overcome any challenge. Just you wait and see,” Star spoke with a confident grin.


Back on the field, it was Fluttershy's turn. After she drew her card, Fluttershy proceeded with her turn.
“Okay, I summon back 'Berserk Gorilla' in Attack Mode,” she said.

Once again the feral beast emerged onto the field.
“Now, my beast attack her 'Wattmole' with Primal Charge!”

After beating it's chest (which caused its body to glow bright red), the savage gorilla charged the defending mole.
“Yeah! 'Shy!” cheered Star.
“You fell for my Trap. Just like I thought you would,” grinned Lightning.
“What're you-” responded Fluttershy.
“I activate my Trap card 'Dimensional Prison'!”

Dimensional Prison
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: When an opponent's monster declares an attack. Target that attacking monster and remove it from play.

“And thanks to this card your monster is now destroyed and removed from play,” she explained.

Before the gorilla could reach the helpless mole, a dark violet rift appeared in from of him. As it struck the riff, it was sucked into it and disappears.
“No, 'Berserk Gorilla'!” cried Fluttershy. “I'll end my turn by playing these two cards facedown.”


Hidden within the shadow, Sombra looked on with great interest.
“That Lightning Dust is quite the skilled duelist,” he grinned. “But I feel we need to make this duel a bit more interesting.”

He then used his Millennium Rod to cast a spell on the field. For a brief moment, the field illuminated with a subtle golden aura. This was immediately noticed by a few ponies, one namely Princess Celestia.
What was that just now? she thought.

She then surveyed the arena to see if she could spot anypony suspicious.
“Did you feel that too sister?” asked a voice.

Celestia turned her attention to see that it was her sister Luna had just arrived to the royal box. Luna was dressed in a long black backless dress with her cutie mark on the lower left hem of her dress, long black arm gloves, and her jet black regalia (crown, necklace, bracelets and belt).
“Indeed, sister. Somepony just cast something on the field, but I can't tell who it was or where they are,” informed Celestia.
“Shall I send word to Shining Armor to have him search for the culprit?” offered Luna.
“Not yet, Luna. Let's first see what this spell will do?”


Back on the field, Lightning Dust began her turn.
“Okay Fluttershy, no more games. Let's charge up this duel,” she exclaimed, as she drew her card.

A cocky smirk appeared on her face, as she looked at her card.
“Awesome, just what I needed,” she began. “First, I sacrifice my 'Wattmole' to summon one of my strongest monsters. Come forth...Zaborg, the Thunder Monarch.”

Zaborg, the Thunder Monarch
Level: 5 stars
Type: Thunder/Effect
Card Text: When this card is Tribute Summoned, target 1 monster on the field: Destroy the target monster.
ATK: 2400/1000

In a flash multiple lightning bolts, a large metallic creature then crashed onto the field. This colossal monster donned silver full body armor, crimson claws, a spherical green helmet with red and yellow accents. The stadium erupted as this new monster appeared.
“And when I summon him to the field by Tribute summon, I can destroy one monster on the field.
“But the only other monster is your lemur,” stated Fluttershy.
“It's a small price to bring out my powerhouse,” grinned Lightning.

With that, a stray lightning then struck her 'Wattlemur' and destroyed it.
“Crap, 'Shy a sitting duck out there,” said Star.
“And since you don't have any monsters on the field, you're wide open for an attack,” observed Lightning.
“Oh, no...” gulped Fluttershy.
“Now, 'Zaborg' attack her Life Points directly with Thunder Fist!”

The colossal monster then raised his fist to gather the electrical energy from his body. Within seconds, his fist was engulfed with yellow electrical aura.
This is bad, groaned Fluttershy.

With nothing left the stop him, the towering behemoth delivered her thunderous fist.
“'Shy!” cried out Star.

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