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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 05 - Crystals vs Dragons (part 02)

“First, I strike with Zircon! Attack with Prism Slash!” ordered Rarity.
Following his master's orders, Zircon drew his crystal blade. Just as he was about to strike, Spike flashed a toothy grin.
“Not this time, Rarity. I discard 'Swift Scarecrow' from my hand to activate his effect,” he stated.

Swift Scarecrow
Type: Machine/Effect
Card Text: When your opponent's monster declares a direct attack, you can discard this card to negate that attack and end the Battle Phase.
ATK/DEF: 0000/0000

At that moment, a large metallic scarecrow appeared in front of Spike. As soon as Zircon struck the scarecrow, he and the other crystal monsters were immediately sent flying back to Rarity's side field. When Rarity witnessed this, she tilted her head in confusion.

“What just happened?” asked Rarity.
Spike merely grinned.
“Due to my monster's effect, when I sent him to the Graveyard your attack was negated, and the Battle Phase was ended without me losing any Life Points,” he explained Spike.
After she heard his statement, Rarity quietly chuckled.
“That was very clever, Spike. Well played,” she smiled.
“Thanks,” Spike said.
“I guess I end my turn.”

On the sidelines, Twilight breathed a sigh of relief.
“That was a close one,” she said, as she placed a hand over her heart.
“Yeah, I thought it was over for my bro,” Star chimed.
“This duel is so AWESOME!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie, while she bounced in place.
“You mean amazawesome right, Pinkie?” asked Star.
“You know it,” she responded with a high-five.

Back on the field, Spike drew his next card. As he looked at his card, he felt his worries slip away for a moment.
'This will at least buy me some time' he thought to himself.
He turned his attention to Rarity. She couldn't help but notice the grin on Spike's face.
'Hmm, what is he up to?' she thought.
“I activate the Spell card 'Nightmare’s Steelcage',” said Spike.

Nightmare’s Steelcage
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: This card remains on the field for 2 of your opponent's turns. While this card is face-up on the field, no monsters can attack. This card is destroyed on your opponent's 2nd End Phase.

Two large metal dome cages appeared around Spike and Rarity.
“Stalling for time, eh Spike,” she spoke with a knowing smirk.
“I prefer to call it 'taking a strategic break',” he responded, with a smile.
Rarity merely rolled her eyes.
“That ends my turn.”
Rarity drew her card.
“Alright, I play the Spell card 'Graceful Charity’,” said Rarity, after she looked at her card.

Graceful Charity
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards.

“This lets me draw three cards so long as I discard two,” Rarity said after she drew her three cards.
After looking at her hand, she selected the two cards to discard.
“Next, I summon 'Topaz – The Royal Advisor' in attack mode.”

Topaz - The Royal Advisor
Level: 3 stars
Type: Crystal-Warrior/Effect
Card Text: You only activate this card's effect when "Crystalia - The Crystal Kingdom" is on the field. By discarding 1 card from your hand, you can negate the activation of your opponent's Spell and Trap cards and destroy them.
ATK/DEF: 1200/0200

At that moment, a crystal mare appeared on the field. Her golden brown coat illuminated with a bright glow. She wore a maroon crew neck shirt with a light brown cloak, a silver choker with a topaz gem in the center, a light orange sash, maroon tunic pants, wielding a crystal staff with a golden brown gem at the top of it.

“And that ends my turn.”
Spike drew his card. As he looked at his card, Spike couldn't help but grin.
“Yes! Now it's time to take control of this duel,” Spike said, trying to keep his composure.
“Is that so, Spike?” asked Rarity.
“Yep, cause I activate the Spell card 'Dark Hole',” Spike said.

Dark Hole
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Destroy all monsters on the field.

A giant black portal then appeared in the middle of the field. Rarity's monsters were slowly being dragged toward the portal.
“Say goodbye to your monsters, Rarity,”
Just before here creatures were sucked up, a smile snaked across Rarity's snout.
“You think so, Spike?” she asked.
She discards one card from her hand. Topaz then stepped in front of the monsters. As she raised her staff, the gem at the top of it glowed brightly. It was then the dark portal then disappeared.
“What the-?!”
“Nice try, Spike. But thanks to 'Topaz – The Royal Advisor' by sending one card from my hand to the Graveyard I can negate the activation of your Spell cards,” she smirked.
“Err...I end my turn,” said Spike.
“Don't be too upset, darling,” said Rarity, as she drew her card.
As she looked at her card, she let out a squeal of delight.
“Finally, my victory is all but a certainty,” she smiled.
“What do you mean?” he asked a little confused.
“I'll simply show you, my dear dragon. I sacrifice 'Opal – The Crystal Feline” and “Sapphire Guard” to summon the strongest and most beautiful of my crystal monsters. Come forth, 'Diamond – Queen of Crystalia'!”

Diamond - Queen of Crystalia
Level: 7 stars
Type: Crystal-Warrior/Effect
Card Text: As long as "Crystalia - The Crystal Kingdom" is on the field, this card cannot be destroyed as a result of battle or by the effects of your opponent's Spell and Trap cards. While this card is face-up on the field, increase the ATK of other Crystal-Type monsters on the field monster’s level x 200.
ATK/DEF: 2600/2300

A regal crystal alicorn then emerged on the on the field. Her light gray coat glimmered brilliantly. The regal crystal alicorn's apparel was a long white tube top dress, her silver regalia (necklace, crown, bracelets, and belt), and orchid arm warmers. Her ATK is increased to 3100.

“And now that she is on the field, my other crystal darlings ATK are increased as well.”
At that moment, Zircon ATK was increased to 3500. Ruby's ATK was increased to 1900, and Topaz's ATK was increased to 2300.
“Fortunately for you, I must end my turn,” stated Rarity.
As she ended her turn, the two steel cages that surrounded the two competitors then disappeared.

On the sidelines, a worried Twilight looked on.
“What's Spike gonna do? How's he gonna get out of this one?” she asked.
“Ya got me sugarcube. Ah don't see him winning this duel,” replied Applejack.
“He gonna lose soon enough anyway. So why worry about it?” chimed in a voice.
The group turned to see Gilda leaning against the crowd barrier.
“What was that?” asked an annoyed Star Driver.
“There's no way he's going to win. So he should just quit now so this crowd can see a real duelist compete.”
“And who would that be? I'm sure it couldn't be you, Ms. Second Place,” retorted Star Driver.
She merely huffed at his statement.
“Whatever, dweeb. Your friend is still gonna lose,” she said in a matter of fact tone.
“You don't know my bro like I do. Just when you think you have him beat he finds a way to win,” Star Driver said with a grin.
He turned his attention back to the field.
“Just wait and see.”

As he drew his card, Spike tried to figure out how he can turn the duel around.
'What am I gonna do? She has four monsters, and any one of them can end this for me. There's gotta be something I can do,' thought Spike.
He looked at the card.
'This is gonna be tricky, but it could possibly work.'
He turned his attention to the field.
“Make this turn count, Spikey~,” Rarity said in a singsong tone.
“This is all I can do. I play one card in defense mode, and end my turn,” said Spike.
“Is that all? Well, I guess that means this duel is over for you,” spoke Rarity, as she drew her card.
She looked at her card.
“First, I equipped my queen with 'Ruby Grenade',” said Rarity.

Ruby Grenade
Type: Equipment Spell Card
Card Text: This card can only be equipped to Crystal-type monsters. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 500. At the End Phase of the turn this card was equipped, destroy the equipped monster. Your opponent loses Life Points to the monster's level x 500.

Her ATK is increased to 3700.
“Now, Zircon! Attack his facedown monster with Prism Slash!” ordered Rarity.

Drawing his blade, the light blue stallion charged the hidden monster. The facedown monster is revealed as a mid-size red and white scaled dragon with its wing shielding its body. With one swift slash, the dragon was destroyed.

“So much for you last monster, darling.”
She noticed Spike had a grin on his face.
“Why are you smiling?”
“You just destroyed my 'Masked Dragon',” he snickered.
“Your what?”

Masked Dragon
Level: 3 stars
Type: Dragon/Effect
Card Text: When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck.
ATK/DEF: 1400/1100

“And since he was destroyed, I can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from my deck that has 1500 ATK or less,” he explains, as he looked through his deck. “And I'm gonna summon another 'Masked Dragon' to the field in defense mode.”

Another red and white scaled dragon emerged on the field with its wing shielding its body.
“Still trying to delay the inevitable, eh Spike,” said Rarity, in a slightly annoyed tone.
“Don't count me out just yet, Rarity. I can still win this duel,” said Spike.
“I wouldn't bet on it, darling. Ruby, take out his 'Masked Dragon' with Scarlet Shot!”
Following her mistress orders, Ruby then began to focus her energy into her hand. After a few moments, she launched a massive aura sphere which destroyed the opposing dragon.
“Second verse, same as the first. Since you destroyed my dragon, I can Special Summon another one from my deck in defense mode,” explained Spike.
Yet another red and white scaled dragon emerged on the field.
“Topaz, attack with Adamant Barrage!”
Topaz then swung her staff toward her target. As she twirled, her staff launched a multitude of crystal shard to destroy the defending dragon.
For my last beast, I Special Summon 'Golem Dragon' in defense mode,” said Spike, as he set his monster on the field.

Golem Dragon
Level: 4 stars
Type: Dragon/Effect
Card Text: Your opponent cannot target face-up Dragon-Type monsters for attacks, except this one.
ATK/DEF: 0200/2000

A giant brown dragon appeared onto the field. Its hide was similar to that of a boulder, while its claws resemble four small stalagmites.
“This will end it! Diamond, destroy his monster with Diamond Storm!”
The regal crystal alicorn was then surrounded by a multitude of diamond shards, which circled around her body. She then motioned her hand toward the dragon. Just then, Golem Dragon was destroyed by a barrage of diamonds. As she was about to conclude her turn, she lets out a brief chuckle.

“What is it Rarity?” asked Spike.
“It's just I really had fun dueling you, Spike. But I'm afraid this is where it ends,” she explained.
“What are you talking about, Rarity? I didn't lose any Life Points this turn.”
“Not yet at least darling. I now activate the Spell card 'Crystal Shock',” she said, as she motioned to her facedown card.
The card lifted up to reveal the hidden Spell card.

Crystal Shock
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: This card can only be activated when “Diamond – Queen of Crystalia” is face-up on the field. If a monster(s) was destroyed this turn, inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the number of monster(s) x 200.

“And since four of your monsters were destroyed this turn, you lose 800 Life Points.”
Diamond then stretched her hand toward Spike. She then expelled a massive shockwave that almost knocked Spike off his feet. Spike's Life Points are reduced to 4100.
“Next, I activate the effect of 'Ruby Grenade'.”
“And what does that do?” asked Spike.
“Unfortunately, it destroys whatever monster that it's equipped to,” she spoke with a little annoyance in her voice.
“Awesome, that's one less monster I have to deal with,” Spike said.
A mischievous grin appeared on Rarity's snout.
“However, when she’s destroyed you lose Life Points each to her level time 500.”
“And since she is a 7-star monster, you lose 3500 Life Points,”
“Oh, buck...”
As her monster was destroyed, the backlash of the explosion struck Spike.
“Oh no! Spike!” Sweetie Belle shouted from the crowd.
As he fell to one knee, his Life Points were reduced to 600.
“I end my turn, dear Spike.”
Getting back to his feet, Spike drew his card.
'This is my last turn. Come on, I need something...'
As he looked at the card, a sense of dread fell over him.
“I activate the Spell card 'Pot of Greed',” he spoke.
He drew his two cards. Looking at his new cards, he was filled with hope.
'This is perfect! But wait, if I use this she just negate it with that Topaz monster.'
An idea then clicked in his mind.
'It's a risk, but at this point, I've got nothing to lose.'
Turning his attention to Rarity, Spike proceeded with his turn.
“Okay, Rarity. It's time to step up my game,” he said, with a confident smirk.
“Is that so, Spike?” asked a confused Rarity.
“Yep, because I equip the Spell card 'Snatch Steal' to your Zircon.”

Snatch Steal
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Equip only to a monster your opponent controls. Take control of the equipped monster. During each of your opponent's Standby Phases: They gain 1000 Life Points.

Rarity simply chuckled at Spike's statement.
“Dear Spike, did you forget about my little Topaz. I discard a card from my hand to negate your cards activation,” stated Rarity.
Topaz then raised her staff to destroy the card.
“That's just what I wanted you to do,” grinned Spike.
“What?” said Rarity.
“That was the last card in your hand, so now I don't have to worry about Topaz effect negating the card I really wanted to play,” informed Spike.
“That's was pretty smart Spike,” she groaned with annoyance.
“Now I activate the Spell card 'Monster Reborn'!”

Monster Reborn
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Target 1 monster in either player's Graveyard and Special Summon it.

“I bring back my 'Golem Dragon'.”
The rock-hide dragon then appeared onto the field.
“But he won't be staying for long, because I sacrifice 'Golem Dragon' to summon 'Dragna, King of the Sky'.”

Dragna, King of the Sky
Level: 6 Stars
Type: Dragon/Effect
Card Text: Increase the ATK of this card by 300 for every Dragon-type monster in your Graveyard. Once per turn, by decreasing your Life Points in half, you can attack your opponent’s Life Points directly. By tributing this card while equipped with “Dragon’s Crown” you can Special Summon “Dragnus, The Dragonic Sovereign” from your Deck or Graveyard.
ATK/DEF: 2500/2400

High above the Crystal field, dark clouds began to form. As they began to roll with thunder, a large figure emerged from the cloud. While encased in its crimson wings, the figure descended rapidly toward the field. Before it reached the ground, it spun around and expanded its wings to reveal an enormous dragon. It is covered with crimson scales, with his golden yellow crest that glimmered under the stadium light. Hovering in mid-air, the crimson dragon let out a thunderous roar, which shook the arena. As Rarity looked at Spike's monster, she was filled with awe.

“What a magnificent beast,” Rarity said, in wonderment.
“Just wait 'til you see what he can do. First, he gets a 300 ATK boost for every dragon-type in my Graveyard. And since there are six dragons, he gets an additional 1800 ATK,” explained Spike.
Dragna's ATK is then increased to 4300.
“This could present a problem,” Rarity muttered under her breath.
“But that's not all he can do! By paying half of my Life Points, I can attack your Life Points directly,” smiled Spike.
“No way...” she spoke, in disbelief.
Spike's Life Points are reduced to 300. He then motioned toward Rarity.
“Now Dragna, attack with Mega Flare!”

The crimson dragon opened his mouth to form a massive energy sphere. Once ready, he then launched the sphere toward Rarity. With no way to defend, she was suddenly engulfed by the attack. As she fell her to her knees, her Life Points were reduced to 0.

As the crowd cheered at the conclusion of the impressive duel, Pegasus walked onto the field. He witnessed Spike rush over to Rarity to help her to her hooves. As he reached her, he extended his claw.

“Whew, that was a close one. I didn't think I was gonna pull that one off,” Spike said with a smile.
“Indeed, darling. I must say you did bested me today,” she spoke, accepting his claw.
Once on her hooves, she then poked Spike in the chest.
“You better not lose now. I expect you to be the new 'King of Games' after beating me,” she said, in a serious tone.
As he looked into her eyes, he could tell how serious she was.
“You can count on me!” Spike grinned.
Pegasus then placed his hands on both competitors’ shoulders.
“Let's hear for these two, everypony! They gave us a spectacular duel!” said Pegasus.

The two then waved to the crowd. Pegasus then motioned for the two to head to the sidelines. Once they were off the field, Pegasus turned his attention to the monitor on the northern end of the stadium.

“Let's keep things rolling. Now, let's see who will be dueling next.”
The next two cards then flipped over to reveal Gilda and Pinkie Pie.
“And our next match will be Gilda vs. Pinkie Pie!”

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