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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 18: Setting the Plan in Motion (part 02) [revised]

“Star look out!” shouted Fluttershy.

Just before the lightning could the angelic maiden, Star sprung into action.
I activate the Trap card ‘Hero Rescue’,” said Star.

Hero Rescue
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: You can only activate this card when a face-up 'Celestial Hero' monster is the target of an attack. By discarding 1 card from your hand you can negate the attack of your opponent's monster.

By sending a card from my hand to the Graveyard, I can negate your attack.”

Just then, the spirit of Sentry appeared in front of Airess. She then deflected the bolts away from Airess with her shield and then disappeared.
“Fine, I'll end my turn,” stated Darkshine.
My go,” Star spoke, as he drew his card.

When he looked at his card, he couldn’t help but grin.
Looks like it's time for me to wrap this up, Swirly.”

Once again, Darkshine’s eye slightly twitched.
“And how are you gonna do that?” he asked.
I’ll let my cards do the talking. First, I play the spell ‘Celestial Draw’.

Celestial Draw
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Draw 1 card. If there is a face-up 'Celestial Hero' on the field on the turn this card is activated , draw 3 cards instead.

And since I have a ‘Celestial Hero’ on the field I can draw three cards,” Star spoke as he drew his three cards.

He then looked at the cards he drew and gave a cocky grin.
Perfect! Next, I play the Spell card ‘Rise of the Valkyrie’!”

Rise of the Valkyrie
Type: Spell card
Card text: By sending one card from your hand to the graveyard, you can Special Summon 'Celestial Hero Valkyrie' from your Graveyard.

By sending another card to the Graveyard, I can summon 'Celestial Hero Valkyrie' to the field in Attack Mode.”

Celestial Hero Valkyrie
Level: 6 stars
Type: Fairy/Effect
Card Text: By decreasing this card's ATK in half, this card can attack twice in the same Battle Phase. Once per turn, you can return 1 FIRE monster from your Graveyard and add it your hand.
ATK/DEF: 2400/2000

A humanoid maiden appeared on the field. She was a fairly tall, petite young woman. She had short auburn white a long braided ponytail, soft peach skin, a gentle cerulean eyes. She donned a light blue headband with goldenrod trim, a blue mouth covering, midnight blue leotard, light blue breastplate with yellow trim and a triangular ruby in the center of it, red arm warmers, blue gauntlets with golden yellow trim, red stockings, and dark blue and bronze yellow boots with a large ruby at the top. She wielded a large sliver and blue halberd. Due to the effect of the Field Spell her stat changed to 2900/2500.

“Nice card, Star but my Leviathan is still stronger than her,” Darkshine smirked.
I'm not done. Next, I equip her with my facedown Spell card 'Flame Halberd'!”

Flame Halberd
Type: Equip Spell Card
Card Text: This card can only be equipped to 'Celestial Hero Valkyrie'. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 700. Once per turn, you can select 1 of your opponent's facedown cards and destroy it (negate the activation of any effect).

Her halberd is then switched to a crimson and cobalt one.
Which increases her ATK to 3600.”
“Uh-oh, I guess she's stronger now,” gulped Darkshine.
And now I activate my other facedown Spell card 'Polymerization'.”

Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or your side of the field as Fusion Materials.

To fuse 'Celestial Hero Pyros' with my facedown 'Celestial Hero Bowan' to summon 'Celestial Hero Flame Archer'.”

Celestial Hero Flame Archer
Type: Warrior/Fusion/Effect
Material monsters: C-Hero Bowman + C-Hero Pyros
Card text: This card cannot be special summoned, except by Fusion Summon. By discarding 1 card from your hand, this card can destroy all of your opponent's face-up monsters. This card cannot attack your opponent's Life Points directly.
ATK/DEF: 2100/1400

A random fiery arrow appeared onto the field. At the moment, a rugged, humanoid young archer leapt onto the field. The man had peach skin, spiky fiery red hair, and piercing goldenrod eyes. He wore large hat with a long phoenix feather on it, a long-sleeved white collared with crimson lining, an orange-red vest with yellow trim, silver belt, black fingerless gauntlets, gray pants, and brown boots. The wielded a large bow in the shape of a phoenix. Due the 'Hero Tower' his stats were changed 2600/1400.
And now I'll activate his special ability. By sending one card from my hand to the graveyard, I can destroy all of your face-up monsters.”

As Star then discarded a card from his hand, the rugged archer took aim.
Okay 'Flame Archer', take out his 'Leviathan' with Phoenix Shot!”

The young archer gathered energy into his bow. Once enough energy was gathered, he fired a energy arrow at the armored warrior. As the arrow traveled toward the dark king it's form changed to resemble that of a phoenix. As he rose from his throne, Leviathan is then impaled by the arrow and then is destroyed.
“Leviathan! Well, when my Leviathan is destroyed I can return three Fabled' monster from my Graveyard to my hand. And I choose my Oltro, Dyf, and my Leviathan.”
Well let's wrap this up, DS. 'Cause I play my facedown Trap card 'Celestial Blast!'

Celestial Blast!
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: This card can only be activated if there are 2 or more face-up 'Celestial Hero' monsters on your side of the field. Inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to half the original combined ATK of the 'Celestial Hero' monsters.

And since I have more than 2 'Celestial Hero' monsters on the field this card, inflicts damage to you equal to half of my monsters. Which will deal 3150 points of damage to your Life Points.”

The three heroes the gathered their hands together and gather their energies together to form a giant sphere. After a few seconds, the launched the sphere at the defenseless Darkshine. As he braced himself to the oncoming attack, Darkshine is knocked off of his hooves. His Life Points were reduced to 0. The crowd cheered as their impromptu match came to an end.
Sorry Darkshine, but don't mess with the best,” Star Driver smirked.

Darkshine couldn't help but laugh, as he shook his head in defeat. As he rose to his hooves Darkshine dusted himself off.
“You just barely beat me there,” Darkshine said as he held out hand. “That was a great duel.”

Star then transformed back to his normal state.
“I just got lucky is all,” laughed Star, as he shook his hand.

Twilight and Fluttershy then made their way over the two of them.
“Your reputation belittles your talent, Darkshine. I would've love to duel against you in tournament,” Twilight smiled.
“T-Thanks. I'd love to duel you too sometime,” Darkshine blushed.
“I'd love that too,” she replied with a wink. “Say we were just heading out to eat. You wanna join us?”
“Sure,” he answered.

The group then continued the trek to the restaurant.


Meanwhile at restaurant, Rainbow Dash had just walked out it's door with a full stomach.
“Now that hit the spot,” she grinned, rubbing her stomach. “Guess I better do a quick flight to burn off this dinner.”

With that, she took to the sky. As she lost herself in the feel of the clouds during her post-dinner flight, she felt herself being zapped by a magical blast. While she fell to earth, Rainbow Dash was able to regain her composure and stopped herself crashing into the ground. She rolled into an alley and slammed into some bags of trash.
“Ow, that one hurt,” Rainbow groaned, as she rubbed her head. “Ugh, what happened?”
“Greetings, Rainbow Dash. The wielder of the Element of Loyalty,” spoke a voice from the shadows.
“Who said that?” she said with a start.

She then found herself surrounded by a group of changelings.
Changelings?! How in the hay did they get in the Crystal Empire? she gasped.

Storm Runner then emerged from within the group.
“What an honor it is to meet the fastest flier in Equestria,” he bowed.
“So, were you the one who blasted me out of the sky?” she seethed.
“It was the only way I knew I'd get your attention,” Storm said, with a smug grin.
“So, what do you want with me?”
“Our queen has requested your presence.”
“And why should I give a flying feather about what Chrysalis wants?” Rainbow deadpanned.
“I would think that you would. Especially when I came to the safety of your friends?”

That comment caught Rainbow's attention.
“What's that suppose to mean?” she queried.

With a snap of his finger, Rarity appeared in front of him bound with magic canceling rope. She could see that Rarity was unconscious.
“Rare! What did you do her?!” Rainbow bellowed.
“She and I were out on a lovely evening, but things didn't end so well for her,” Storm darkly chuckled.
“You son of a-” Rainbow spoke.
“Now...now, Rainbow Dash. Such language doesn't become a fine mare such as yourself,” he mocked.
“So what's you're game?” she demanded.
“Simple, my dear Rainbow Dash. Come with me to see the queen, otherwise I can't guarantee this lovely mare's safety,” Storm smugly spoke.
“Why you!” she barked.
“So...what will it be, Rainbow Dash?” he asked.

After she clenched her fist, she let out a defeated sigh.
“I'd never leave a friend hanging like that,” she began. “But, you should know something...”

She then vanished in a flash.
“Huh?! Where'd she-”

His words were cutoff by a swift kick to the jaw. The impact sent him crashing into a wall, as Rainbow grabbed her friend.
“You guys are still not fast enough to catch me,” Rainbow chuckled.

The other changelings then helped him to his feet.
“Don't just stand there, you fools! Get them!” Storm barked.

They then turned their attention to Rainbow Dash.
“Bring it!” Rainbow challenged.

They then charged her from all sides. At the last second, Rainbow leapt into the air and ascended above them.
“Come on, Rare. We're out of here.”

Rainbow then took off toward the roof of the build. The changelings then scaled the walls and lunged at the cyan pegasus, but were sent flying each time with a swiping kick by her. As she reached the roof of the adjacent building, Rainbow looked down upon her would be captors and laughed.
“Nice try, boys. But think of this as the night you almost caught the Great Rainbow Da-”

Her statement was interrupted by the appearance of a crystal whip wrapped around her body and being pulled backward which cause her to drop Rarity onto the roof.
“What the hay?” Rainbow said, as she struggled to get free. “Lemme go!”

She then is shocked with a massive jolt of electricity. After a few moments, Rainbow fell to her knees.
“Dammit...” she groaned.
“You shouldn't have been so cocky, kid,” jeered a voice.

Rainbow then looked behind her to see the silver haired Mere Ka was the one that had in her wrapped up. Mere Ka however looked slightly different as her eyes were no longer the beautiful blue color, but rather red pupils with light green irises and has strange markings on the edges of her eyes.
“Next time, you should escape when you have a chance,” Mere Ka mocked with a smug grin.
“You son of a-” Rainbow said, before she received another shock.

Rainbow then fell to the floor unconscious. Storm then jumped onto the roof.
“I didn't need your assistance, mutt,” he hissed.
“Ya could've fooled me,” Mere Ka mocked. “If you ask me she would've escaped if it weren't for me.”
“You insolent little-”

Ignoring him, Mere Ka then went to pick up Rainbow Dash.
“If ya need me, I'll be at the hideout,” she said, as she disappeared in a flash.

Storm then clenched his fist.
“I guess it matters not who captured her,” he seethed.

After he retrieved Rarity, Storm and the other changelings then disappear into the night.


As they arrive at their table with their plate, the group sat down and began to eat. While they ate the group engaged in ideal conversation.
“So Darkshine, what happened that made you miss your qualifier match. You clearly have the skills needed to be in the tournament?” asked Star Driver.
“Some Diamond Dogs challenge me before my match. I beat them, but I missed my match and got disqualified,” explained Darkshine after a brief sigh.
“Well that's unfortunate,” replied Fluttershy.
“Diamond Dogs? Hmm...did you happened to get their names?” asked Star.

Darkshine then shook his head.
“I didn't get any names. I just figured they were just some bandits. Why do you ask?” asked Darkshine.
“Well I had a run-in with some Diamond Dogs too,” answered Star. “Nearly cost me my match. Luckily 'Shy and Spike were there to helped me out.”
“You were very lucky. I'm glad I didn't miss that duel,” said Darkshine.
“I wonder why the Diamond Dogs would be going after tournament participants?” pondered Twilight.
“Beats me,” shrugged Darkshine.
“Well I know that once Shining Armor gets wind of this, security is going to be pretty tight around here,” said Twilight.

She then noticed that her glass is empty.
“Excuse me, I'll be right back.”

Twilight then left to fill her cup. As she left Fluttershy spoke up.
“Um Darkshine. Can I ask you something?” asked Fluttershy.
“Sure,” smiled Darkshine.
“How do you feel about Twilight?” she pried.

His cheeks then glowed with a faint blush.
“W-What would make you ask a question like that? I mean, she's nice, an incredible duelist, and her mane is...”

Fluttershy and Star then looked at him with huge grins on their faces.
“Fine, I like her,” he admitted.
“The way you two were getting along so well, I thought something like that was going on,” Fluttershy said, after a short giggle.

Darkshine then felt a nudge at his side from Star.
“She's single y'know,” Star replied with smug grin
“R-really?” he asked.
“Eeyup. Who knows, you might have a shot Swirly,” answered Star.
“Do you think so, Starry?” questioned Darkshine.

As he heard that name, Star's left eye slightly twitched.
“Sure do. And don't call me 'Starry',” huffed Star.

By now, Twilight was making her way back to the table. As she walked, she slipped on a stray ice cube. The unexpected cube caused her to fall backward toward the floor. Just before she hit the ground, Darkshine teleported to her and caught Twilight and her drink.
“Are you alright, Twilight?” asked Darkshine.
“Y-Yes, I am. T-Thank you Darkshine,” she replied with a faint blush.

As he helped her to her hooves their eyes met. He gazed into her violet eyes and she into his dark silver ones. After a few seconds, he realized that he was still holding her waist and immediately let go of her.
“Y-You're welcome,” he blushed, as he made his way back to his seat.

Confused by his actions, Twilight looked over to the table to see Fluttershy was giggling. As she sat back down, Star gave Darkshine a knowing grin.
“Is something wrong Star?” Twilight asked.
“Oh nothing~” he chimed.
“Hmm... Did something happen Fluttershy?” Twilight questioned, with an arched eyebrow.
“Nope. Nothing at all~” Fluttershy giggled.

Twilight then turned to Darkshine.
“Swirly- Er I mean Darkshine do you know what's up with these two?”
“Um...nothing?” he nervously smiled.
“Okay I guess,” Twilight shrugged. “So will you be staying for the rest of the tournament, Darkshine?”
“Of course. I want to see how far Star makes it and plus I haven't seen you duel in the tournament yet,” responded Darkshine with a wink.

Twilight sheepishly grinned.
“I'm not that special. I've just been lucky enough to win matches, is all,” Twilight replied.
“You're more than just lucky. You're an incredible duelist to have won the tournament last year,” countered Darkshine.

Twilight then looked at him with a soft smile.
“Y-You think that about me?” inquired Twilight, with a small blush.
“Well, yeah,” he honestly spoke.
“T-Thank you,” Twilight smiled.
“Y-you're welcome, Twilight,” said Darkshine.
“D'aww,” Star grinned.
“That's is so cute,” squeed Fluttershy.

The two then shied away from each others gaze.
“Say Twilight, would you like to get some dessert?” asked Darkshine.
“Of course Darkshine,” beamed Twilight.
“I'll be right back,”he spoke, he got up from his chair.

As he passed Star Driver, Darkshine gave him a subtle fistbump.
“What was that about, Star?,” Twilight queried.
“Oh it's nothing, Twilight. It's a guy thing” chuckled Star.


“Where should we head to next, Cheese?” asked Pinkie.
“Maybe we should head to the 'Dunk Tank' next?” he answered.
“Yeah!” Pinkie beamed.
“Say, Pinkie,” Applejack called out.

The two friends then turned around to see a tired Apple Family.
“Yes, AJ?” asked Pinkie.
“We're gonna head back to the hotel. We're plum tuckered out, and I got prepare for my match tomorrow,” explained Applejack.
“Oh, well that's okay. I'll just meet up with you guys later. Me and Cheese are gonna hit up some more games,” smiled Pinkie.
“Okay then. Y'all try not to stay out too late,” Applejack said with a wink.

Cheese Sandwich blushed while Pinkie merely giggled.
“Don't worry we won't,” laughed Pinkie.

With a tip of her stetson, the Apple clan departed for the hotel. The two then head for the dunk tank to win more prizes. Unknown to them, two cloaked figures were watching them from high above the roof tops.
“Final target sighted. Preparing to capture,” spoke the slender figure.
“Remember, we are to capture the target discreetly,” mentioned the stocky figure.
“Right, let's move out.”

The two then disappeared into the night.


As Darkshine was at the dessert table, Fluttershy noticed how Twilight would subtly glance in his direction.
“So, Darkshine seems nice,” Fluttershy spoke up.

Twilight then turned to Fluttershy with a sheepish smile.
“He does doesn't he,” she said, as she gave him a sideways glance.

Star then lightly chuckled.
“Looks like Twi's got a little crush,” Star teased, while he raised his eyebrows.
“What? No I don't...I just....” Twilight stuttered, as she looked away.

She then turned back to Fluttershy and Star,
“Hmm~” they both grinned.

Twilight's face then turned a bright shade of red. This caused Fluttershy and Star to lightly chuckle.
“I'll go check on Darkshine,” Star said, as he got up from his chair.

He then walks over to the dessert table to join his unicorn friend. As Darkshine was finishing with selecting desserts, Star Driver leaned in and whispered into his ear.
“I think you really gotta shot bro,” whispered Star.
“I do?” he whispered back. “But I'm just not sure how to do.”

He then spotted a pecan pie.
“Ooh, pecans,” he said with glee.
“Twi loves simply compliments and books. Always with books. I can tell she already like you. You even get to go out on date,” whispered Star.
“I'd try, but I am a little afraid of Shining Armor,” he spoke with concerned.
“You gotta point there,” Star agreed. “But I'm sure he wouldn't be that mad.”
“Okay, I'll try to ask her out. But in exchange, you have to ask Fluttershy out.”

That comment caused Star to fumble his plate.
WHAT?! W-Why do I have to do that?” Star stuttered.
“I can tell you like her. I'll ask Twilight out. If it works, then why not ask Fluttershy out,” suggested Darkshine.
“B-But Shy and I are just friends,” Star muttered. “She'd never see me like that.”

Darkshine then sighed.
“Star, I'm gonna take a chance with Twilight. Perhaps you should take a chance yourself,” said Darkshine.
“Hmm...maybe you're right,” sighed Star. “Now, let's go get us some dates.”

After a fistbump, the two headed back to table. As Darkshine gave her a slice of chocolate, Darkshine cleared his throat.
“H-Hey, Twilight. I was wondering what you're doing after the matches tomorrow?” asked Darkshine.
“Nothing comes to mind. Why do you ask?” replied Twilight with a smile.

He then took a deep breath.
“Wouldyouliketogooutwithme?” he blurted out.
“Huh? Sorry, I didn't get that?” Twilight said, as she cutely tilted her head.

He then let out a deep sigh.
“A-After the duels tomorrow, would you like to go out with me?” he asked with a sheepish.

His words caught her completely off guard.
“I...you want...with me...” she stuttered.

After being able to process what just happened, a large smile appeared on her face.
“Yes, I would love to,” she nodded.
“Yes!” shouted Darkshine, as he leapt into the air.

He then looked around to see the ponies in the restaurant were staring at him.
“Sorry about that,” he sheepishly grinned. “Now, I think Star has something he wants to ask you Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy then stared at Star in confusion.
“Is that true, Star?” Fluttershy asked.
“Y-Yes...” he said with a sheepish smile.

He then clasped both of her hand into his own and looked deep into her eyes. As she gazed into his seafoam eyes, a faint blush snaked across her muzzle.
“Um...'Shy?” Star began.
“Hmm...what is it Star?” asked Fluttershy, tilting her head slightly.

It took every ounce of will power for Star not to faint at such an act.
“'Shy...I was...just...um..if y'know...maybe...tomorrow...you'd...” he stammered.
“Yes, Star,” Fluttershy asked, batting her eyes.

As he steeled his nerves, Star gulped,
“Wouldyouliketogooutwithmetomorrowaftertheduelsareover?” he blurted out.
“What?” replied Fluttershy, slightly tilting her head.

Star then let out a deep sigh,
“Would you do me the honor of going out with me tomorrow after the duels are over?”

As she heard those words, Fluttershy's heart began to flutter. She'd longed to hear those words, but had thought it a foolish wish. Star then noticed her eyes start to water.
“'Shy, are you oka-”

In a flash, Fluttershy wrapped Star in a tight embrace.
“Yes! I would love to, Star,” cried Fluttershy.
“'Shy...” Star said in awe.

Star then looked over at Darkshine who gave him a thumbs up.
“Way to go Star,” grinned Darkshine.
“Thanks Darkshine,” smiled Star.

They all shared in a laugh as they discussed their plans for tomorrow. After they finished their meals the group then depart for the hotel.


“I wonder where Cheese is? He's been gone a while now,” wondered Pinkie.

Cheese had left to get them both some cotton candy, but he hadn't come back yet. She looked at her watch to see that he's been gone for 20 minutes.
“I hope nothing happened to him,” she said, a little worried.

After a few moments, she decided to go look for him. When she came to the cotton candy stand, she found the salesmare, a cobalt unicorn mare, closing up for the night.
“Excuse me, miss?” asked Pinkie.

She then turned to Pinkie.
“Has a stallion been around here? About a head taller than me, curly brown mane, playful green eyes.”

Then mare then scratched her scarlet mane to try and remember.
“Oh, yeah. I remember that fellow. He was an energetic young stallion,” she laughed. “But left a while ago.”
“Really? Which way did he go?”

She pointed toward a nearby alleyway.
“He went in there with a mare and that was the last I saw of him,” she explained. “Come to think of it, it was you that he walked in there with.”
“Yeah, I remember you took him there saying you want to show him something fun and dragged him along. I thought it was rather cute.”
“But...I...he...it... But that wasn't me,” Pinkie stammered.
“Beg your pardon?”
“I've been waiting for him over by the 'Ring Toss' game.”
“Oh, but I was sure that it was- Hey, kid wait!”

Pinkie then ran for the alleyway. When she looked down it all she could see was darkness.

Without hesitation, she then ran into the alley to search for her coltfriend. As she walked among the various trash bin, she called out for her colt.
“Cheese...Cheese! Where are you?”

She then heard a voice coming from the end of the alley.
“Pinkie...help...me...” the voice faintly spoke.
“Cheese! Hold on, I'm coming!” shouted Pinkie, as she ran toward the voice.

When she had arrived, she saw Cheese Sandwich on the ground being held hostage by two hooded figures with a group of changelings behind them.
“Cheese! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” she asked.
“I'm fine...” he weakly replied.
“What did you do to him?” demanded Pinkie.
“Nothing, my dear. He just been keeping us company while we waited for you,” spoke the slender figure.
“Me? What do you want with me?” asked Pinkie.
“Our queen, humbly request your presence,” spoke the stocky figure.
“So what?” Pinkie flatly spoke.
“So, we're here to escort you, my dear,” explained the slender figure.
“As if I would go with a bunch a meanies like you,” scoffed Pinkie.
“We were instructed not to take 'no' for an answer,” spoke the stocky figure, as he lifted Cheese Sandwich.
“You put him down!” shouted Pinkie.

The slender figure then removes her hood to reveal the brown hair bespectacled member of the Moonstone Wolves, Palpa. Like Mere Ka her eyes were no longer the cerulean, but the same red pupils with light green irises and has strange markings on the edges of her eyes.
“We will, if you come with us,” spoke Palpa, after she adjusted her glasses.
“Never!” Pinkie spoke.
“Very well,” smirked Palpa.

Snapping her paws, the stocky cloaked figure wrapped Cheese Sandwich into a tight bearhug. As the he tightened his grip, Cheese let out a pained groan.
“Please stop,” Pinkie pleaded.
“Come with us and we'll release him,” explained Mere Ka.
“Pinkie...don't...do...it...” groaned Cheese. “Go...get...help...”

The figure continued to tighten it's grip on the defenseless stallion. Soon she heard the sounds of his bones starting to crack.
“Okay...okay... I'll come with you. Just please let him go,” Pinkie begged.
“A wise choice,” smirked Palpa.

With a snap of her paws, the figure released Cheese from his grip. As he fell to the ground, Cheese began to gasp for air. Running past the two figures, Pinkie knelt down to comfort her stallion.
“Cheese, are you gonna be okay?” spoke a worried Pinkie.
“Yeah...I should be fine,” he said, as he tried to get to his hooves.

Before he could, he was blasted by one of the changelings.
“CHEESE!” she screamed.

She then rose to her hooves up and glared at Palpa.
“What did you do to him?!” Pinkie barked.
“We just made it so your little friend there won't remember what happened here,” she stated.
“Why you-”

Pinkie's comment was cut off by a strike to the back of her head. Before reached the ground, the cloaked figure caught.
“Final target acquired,” spoke Palpa.

She then summoned a dark violet portal. She motioned for the changelings and the cloaked figure to follow her into the portal. Once through it, the portal sealed itself.


As they said their final goodbyes to Darkshine, the trio of friends headed into the Crystal Imperial Hotel. Twilight and Fluttershy walked to the front desk to acquire their room keys. Much to their surprise, their rooms were relatively close to each other.
“Tomorrow's gonna be a big day,” said Twilight.
“Yeah, I can't wait to see you and 'Shy tear it up,” grinned Star.
“Well it will certainly be interesting to see who I will be facing tomorrow,” replied Twilight. “I should probably head to my room and start planning out my strategies for tomorrow.”
“I should too. Who knows what opponents we may face tomorrow,” said Fluttershy.
“Well goodnight you guys,” Twilight smiled, as she went into her room.
“'Night, Twilight,” waved Fluttershy.

As she closed her door an awkward silence fell between the two friends.
“Umm, I guess I should head to bed too,” muttered Fluttershy.
“Yeah...me too. I had a rough couple of hours,” joked Star. “Well, good night 'Shy.”

While they head off to their separate rooms, Fluttershy calls out to Star.
“Umm, Star?”

He then turned to her.
“Yes, 'Shy?”

Before he could react, Fluttershy had flown over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Star's brain had officially shut down for a moment.
“I can't wait for tomorrow,” she smiled, with a blush. “G-Goodnight, Star.”
“'Night, 'Shy...” was all he manage to get out.

With a final smile she entered into her room. As he stood in the hallway, Star felt as he was in a dream. He then placed his hand on his cheek.
'Shy just...kissed me, he thought.

He then leapt on the air with joy.
YAHOO! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! he internally rejoice.

With that, he entered into his room to plan for tomorrow's date with his dream mare.


Deep in cavern, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, Pinkie Pie was slowly coming to.
“Ow, my head,” she said as she shook her head.

When she tried to move her arms, she found that the were bound to a wall.
“What the hay?”
“Ah, it's seems she's finally awake,” spoke a voice.

Pinkie then looked forward to see Palpa and the group of changelings from before.
“Where am I?” Pinkie asked.
“Your in the lair of the Abyssal Knights, my dear,” answered Palpa.
“What to you want with me?”
“Oh, it's not just you, dear Pinkie Pie,” Palpa replied, as she motion to the wall next to Pinkie.

Pinkie looked to see both Rarity and Rainbow Dash chained to the wall.
“Dash! Rarity! What did you do to them?”
“Nothing yet, but that will change soon,” spoke a sultry voice, entering the room.

Pinkie then turned to see Queen Chrysalis, who wore a teal single strap tube top shirt, tattered green arm gloves, and long dark green tied off skirt.
“Chrysalis?! Why are you here?”
“All in good time my dear. But first,” she spoke, as turned to Rainbow and Rarity. “It should be time for the other two to wake up.”

Not a second later, the two mares came to.
“Huh? What happened?” groaned Rainbow.
“Uh, where are we?” asked Rarity.
“At last three of the Elements have been captured,” grinned Chrysalis.
“Chrysalis? Haven't seen you since Shining Armor and Cadence sent you flying out of Canterlot,” quipped Rainbow.

This was met with an evil glare.
“While it's true that our invasion of Canterlot did not go as planned, it was not without it's benefits,” she scoffed.
“Oh, yes I can totally see the benefit of getting your flank handed to you,” mocked Rainbow.
“Oh but it did, my dear child,” rebutted Chrysalis. “For you see after my defeat, me and minions were forced back to our home in shame. It was then that we met her.”
“Her?” asked a baffled Rarity.
“Yes, our ancient matriarch. Empress Ehm.”
“Ehm?!” the three Elements gasped.

Chrysalis then raised an eyebrow.
“By your reactions, I'm guessing you know of our mother?”
“Only that she tried to take over a kingdom and was will to do anything to make it happen,” replied Rarity.
“That's her,” Chrysalis spoke with pride. “She told me of away to atone for failing my children.”
“And how's that?” inquired Pinkie Pie.
“By freeing her of course,” Chrysalis darkly grinned.
“What?! You can't possibly be considering releasing her can you?” questioned Rarity.
“But of course, my dear,” responded Chrysalis.
“If that's true, what do you want with us?” asked Pinkie.

The three of them felt a cold shiver run down their spines when they saw the sinister smile that appeared on her face.
“It's simple, really. You and the other elements are going to help me free her.”
“Yeah right. Why would we ever do that?” spat Rainbow.
“Before I answer, let me ask you something. Do you why we targeted you three first?”
“N-No...” Pinkie replied nervously.
“Because, we have already gather enough energy from you from your earlier duels and with your defeats we can now perform the spell,” Chrysalis grinned.
“W-What spell?” asked Rainbow.
“This one,” she coldly spoke.

Without out hesitation, Chrysalis lifted hand that wield the Millennium Ring. Her horn then glowed in a brilliant green aura as she shot three beams of energy into the three chained ponies bodies. As the the energy circulated in their bodies, they soon began to glow in a light blue aura. As they wailed in pain, Chrysalis could help laugh.
“Don't worry, it's almost over,”she menacingly chuckled.

After a few moments of torture, orbs of light left each one of their bodies (Rainbow's was red, Pinkie's was blue, and Rarity's was purple). As the spell ended, the three orbs hovered in front of each mare as their bodies fell limp. Chrysalis then gathered the orbs and place them into a magic container.
“Now that that's taken care of, mother's return is ever closer,” beamed Chrysalis.
“What shall we do with them, your majesty?” asked one of the changelings.

Chrysalis then used her magic to open a portal.
“Take them to Ehm's Palace. Mother will know what to do with them.”
“Yes, your majesty,” he bowed.

He then used his magic to free the mares from their shackles and levitated them through the portal. As the portal closed, she then motioned for three of her changelings to appear before her. She then used the power of her Millennium Ring, to disguise the three of the as Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash.
“Now go my children. This spell I placed on you shall prevent any magic from detecting your true forms. Return to the hotel and keep informed about that whelp Star Driver.”
“Yes, ma'am!” they responded.

They then disappear from her sight. Once they were gone she turned to Palpa and the others.
“Well done. I can see why you have such a fabled reputation,” spoke Chrysalis.
“Thank you, your majesty,” Palpa said, as she bowed.
“Now, go report our progress to your master.”
“Yes, majesty,” Palpa replied.

They then disappeared in a flash. Chrysalis then walked deeper into the cavern. After she walked for a few moments, she came to ancient podium with six crevasses within it. She then opened the container and placed each light in the crevasse that represented the appropriate Element of Harmony. As the orbs were placed inside the podium began to lightly illuminate.
“Soon, mother. Soon...”

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