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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 14 - Who is the Best? (part 01)

Pegasus was in disbelief as he saw Star Driver staggered onto the Duel Field.

Those miserable dogs. How dare they fail me!

Rainbow Dash and Star Driver then made their way to the middle of the field. As they stared down each other, Rainbow could help but scoff.

“I thought you were gonna chicken out, Star,” she huffed.

“You know me...Rainbow. I love to...make an entrance,“ Star weakly chuckled.

She looked at Star with concern.

“You sure you’ll be able to duel, Star?” asked Rainbow.

He weakly smiled.

“Don’t worry Dash, I got more than enough to beat you,” he smiled.

Same ol' Star,’ she internally chuckled.

As the finished shuffling each other's decks the two retreated from to their respective Duel Zones. As he looked upon his opponent, Star knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand for much longer.

I gotta hold on! I give up here, it'll make everything I worked for all for nothing.

At that moment, Star’s pendant began to fluctuate rapidly and a bright light then engulfed Star Driver.

Star then found himself in an archaic room filled ancient writing all over the walls.

“What going on?! Where am I?” he asked.

As Star inspected the strange room, a hooded figure emerged from the shadows.

Greetings, Star Driver...” spoke the figure.

“What the...? Who are you?”

I'm the spirit that resides in your Millennium Pendant,” spoke the figure, as he pointed to the pendant around Star’s neck.

Star looked down at his Millennium Pendant.

“You’re what? Mom never told about some spirit living in my pendant,” said Star, a little confused.

I doubt she knew about. But that’s not why I'm here,” chuckled the figure.

“Why are you here?”

I’m here to offer my assistance,” he explained.


Yes. I sense you are weak from your previous encounter, and I came to offer to assist you with your duel.

“How so?” Star asked, a little skeptical.

By combining our spirits together, I’ll be able to heal you as well as give you guidance with dueling,” answered the figure.

“And why should I trust you?” Star asked, a little hesitant.

The figure lifted his hood to reveal his face. Star couldn’t believe his eyes. The figure looked exactly like Star, just slightly older.

I’m not saying you should trust me. I'm only asking you to let me help.

“Who are you?” asked Star.

I’ve forgotten my true name, but you can call me ‘Moon’,” he said, extending his hand.

He didn’t know why, but Star felt something deep down inside told him that he could trust the spirit.

“Nice to meet you, Moon,” said Star, as he shook his hand.

So will you let me lend you my strength?” asked Moon.

“Sure, what have got to lose? shrugged Star.”

Very well...

With that, Moon transformed into a ball of light. Before he knew it, the ball of light entered into Star’s body. Immediately, he felt a rush of energy surge throughout his body.

“This is...I've never felt anything like this…”

Once again, the Millennium Pendant began to glow and oscillate rapidly.


As the light faded, Rainbow noticed that Star’s appearance had changed. His mane was a lot spikier than before with a long bang between his eyes. His eyes now had a sharp edge to them.

What the hay just happened to him?’ she thought.

Pegasus looked in awe, as he saw the once weakened pegasus now full of energy.

Inconceivable! Where is he getting this energy?!’ he seethed.

He turned his attention to the Duel Field.

“Are you two ready?” he asked.

“You know it,” Rainbow said with a smirk.

I’m always ready...” said Star, with a confident grin.

Even his voice is different...’ thought Rainbow.

“Then let the match begin!” Pegasus said as he left the stage.

I don’t mean to be rude Dash, but I’ll start things off,” Star said, as he drew his card.

As he looked at his card he proceeded with his turn.

Alright, it’s time to shine! First, I summon ‘Celestial Hero Leo’ in Attack Mode.

Celestial Hero Leo
Type: Beast-Warrior
ATK/DEF: 1700/1800

A brawny, young humanoid lion emerged on the field. His golden-brown fur glimmered in the stadium lights, as his spiky brown mane adorned his face. He wore a light brown vest with the goldenrod trim, orange sash, dark brown gauntlets, and brown pants.

Next, I play two cards facedown and end my turn,” Star said.

“Good, because it’s my go,” she said, as she drew her card.

She looked at her card.

“Awesome, first I summon ‘Blackwing - Shura of Blue Flame’ in Attack Mode,” she stated.

Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
Level: 4 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Effect
Card Text: When this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 “Blackwing” monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck. That monster’s effect(s) is negated.
ATK/DEF: 1800/1200

A fairly tall avian warrior appeared on the field. It’s large wing black wings flapped softly as it hovered in the air.

“Now, Shura. Attack the lion with Blue Flame Slash!” Rainbow ordered.

With that, the avian warrior launched a devastating aura slash at the defending lion, The impact immediately destroyed ‘Leo’, and Star Life Points were reduced to 3900.

“And due to Shura’s ability I can Special Summon a Blackwing monster from my deck.”

Not good...

“So, summon ‘Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr’ in Attack Mode.”

Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr
Level: 3 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Tuner
Card Text: If this card is added from your Deck to your hand by the effect of a Spell, Trap, or Monster Card, you can Special Summon this card. This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster, except for the Synchro Summon of a ‘Blackwing’ monster.
ATK/DEF: 1100/0300

A small, petite avian warrior appeared on the field. Her bright orange eyes glimmered under the stadium light. Her flowing orange hair is cascaded upward, as yellow feathered wings and light orange ones over her torso.

“And since you’re wide open, time for a direct attack. ‘Breeze’ take’em down with Swift Fire Shot!”

The little avian warrior then gathered fire energy in her feathers to form a small fireball. Before she could launch it, Star spoke up.

Not so fast, Rainbow. I activate my Trap card ‘Hero Call’!” said Star Driver, as he revealed his hidden trap.

Hero Call
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: You can only activate this card when there are no monsters on your side of the field. You can Special Summon 2 level 4 or lower ‘Celestial Hero’ or ‘Elemental Hero’ from your Hand, Deck, or Graveyard.

And since I have no monsters on the field, I can summon 2 level 4 or lower monsters. So, I summon ‘Celestial Hero Taurus’ and ‘Celestial Hero Airess’ in Attack Mode.”

Celestial Hero Airess
Type: Winged Beast
ATK/DEF: 1800/1500

Just then, a humanoid avian maiden emerged onto the battlefield. This young, petite maiden had soft peach skin, white wings that protruded from her back, wavy brown hair, and gentle blue eyes. She wore a pearl short skirt dress with golden yellow sash, gold armbands, silver necklace and brown sandals.

Celestial Hero Taurus
Type: Beast-Warrior
ATK/DEF: 1800/1500

A rugged humanoid bull sprung forth onto the field. This middle-aged, muscular warrior light brown fur, small white horns on either side of his brow, spiky black hair tied back into a ponytail, and sharp brown eyes. He’s dressed in a tan vest with sand color trim, a beige sash, dark brown gauntlets, and sienna pants.

Now I have a monster to defend me, and both are more than enough for to destroy your ‘Breeze’,” said Star, with a cocky grin.

“You may have stopped my attack, but my turn is far from done. Because now I tune ‘Shura the Blue Flame’ with ‘Breeze the Zephyr’,” said Rainbow.


“From the darkened gales, they become the wings which will soar to heavens!”

The two monsters are then transformed to balls of white light. They are then shot through a series of green rings.

“I Synchro Summon, Blackwing - Armor Master!”

Blackwing Armor Master
Level: 7 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Synchro/Effect
Material Monsters: 1 ‘Blackwing’ Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Card Text: Cannot be destroyed by battle, and you take no Battle Damage from battles involving this card. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card attacked a monster, you can place 1 Wedge Counter on that monster (max. 1). You can remove all Wedge Counters from your opponent's monsters; the ATK and DEF of those monsters that had Wedge Counters become 0 until the End Phase.
ATK/DEF: 2500/1500

What came forth was a large black armored avian warrior. His helmet was black with silver beak opened with a red eye in the center, his breastplate was trimmed with orange lining, and his metallic wings donned orange trim with three blue orbs at the tips.

“And next I’ll play ‘Black Whirlwind’.”

Black Whirlwind
Type: Continuous Spell Card
Card Text: When a ‘Blackwing’ monster is Normal Summoned to your side of the field. You can add 1 ‘Blackwing’ monster from your Deck to your hand with less ATK than that monster.

“Then I play one card facedown and end my turn,” Rainbow grinned. “Only eight more turns, Star.”

We'll see about that, Dashie,” said Star, with a smirk.

On the sidelines, Fluttershy told the others of the events that happened in the Moonstone Wolves Lair.

“And that’s how we made it out,” Fluttershy explained. “We definitely would have been toast if we didn’t have that crystal you gave Spike.”

“I’m just glad that you guys made it out alive,” said Twilight.

“Yeah, those Moonstone Wolves were tougher than I gave them credit for,” said Spike, still nursing his arm.

“But how in the hay is Star dueling now? From what y’all said he should be falling over by now,” asked Applejack.

“You got me, AJ. All I know that whatever it is that’s giving him the strength to duel, I’ll take two,” joked Spike.

The others merely rolled their eyes.

“But something is still troubling me,” said Twilight.

“What is it, Twily?” asked Shining Armor.

“It’s what Fluttershy said about the cloaked stallion. Why did he kidnap Star of all ponies? Why was he after him? It just doesn’t make sense,” Twilight explained.

She felt her brother’s hand pat her head.

“We’ll figure that out later, Twily. But for now, let’s focus on the awesome duel at hand," he smiled.

Though she nodded in agreement and continued to watch the duel, the question still swirled around in her mind.

All right, it’s my go,” Star said, as he drew his card.

As he saw Rainbow’s menacing ‘Armor Master’ on the field, Star knew that it was going present a problem.

I know I can’t destroy that thing in a fight. So I got to figure out a way to stall for time.

He looked at his card and proceeded with his turn.

First, I play the Spell card ‘Celestial Draw’.

Celestial Draw
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Draw 1 card. If there is a face-up ‘Celestial Hero’ on the field on the turn this card is activated, draw 3 cards instead.

Normally, I could only draw one card. But since is have a face-up ‘Celestial Hero’ monster, I can draw three cards instead.

He drew his three additional cards. As he looked at what he drew, a smile snaked across his face.


He turned his attention back to duel.

Next, I sacrifice ‘Celestial Hero Taurus’ to summon ‘Celestial Hero Valkyrie’ in Attack Mode.

Celestial Hero Valkyrie
Level: 6 stars
Type: Fairy/Effect
Card Text: By decreasing this card's ATK in half, this card can attack twice in the same Battle Phase. Once per turn, you can return 1 FIRE monster from your Graveyard and add it your hand.
ATK/DEF: 2400/2000

A humanoid maiden appeared on the field. She was a fairly tall, petite young woman. She had long auburn hair tied in a long braided ponytail, soft peach skin, and gentle cerulean eyes. She donned a light blue headband with goldenrod trim, a blue mouth covering, midnight blue leotard, light blue breastplate with yellow trim and a triangular ruby in the center of it, red arm warmers, blue gauntlets with golden yellow trim, red stockings, and dark blue and bronze yellow boots with a large ruby at the top. She wielded a large silver and blue halberd.

Then I’ll play two cards facedown and end my turn,” smiled Star.

Hmm... What’s he up to?’ thought Rainbow Dash.

She drew her card.

“Okay, first I summon ‘Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North’ in Attack Mode.”

Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North
Level: 2 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Tuner
Card Text: This card cannot be Special Summoned. When this card is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Blackwing” monster from your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position.
ATK/DEF: 1300/0000

A large bird then dove onto the field. This plump bird sported light feathers with black ones on its brow and the tips of the wings.

“And thanks to the effect of 'Black Whirlwind' I can add a 'Blackwing' to my hand.”

She searched her deck for a card and she added to her hand. Her deck is then shuffled.

“Now, due to this little guy’s effect, I can bring back ‘Shura’ from Graveyard to the field in Defense mode.”

The same fairly tall avian warrior from before appeared on the field in a crouching position.

“And now ‘Blackwing - Armor Master’ attack his ‘Airess’ with Black Hurricane!” ordered Rainbow.

The armored avian warrior then gathered dark swirling wind with his wings. After a few seconds, he launched the black tempest and the defending maiden.

“Say goodbye to your monster Star,” grinned Rainbow.

Not so fast, Dash. I activate my Trap 'Hero Evasion'!” countered Star.

Hero Evasion
Type: Continuous Trap Card.
Card Text: As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all 'Celestial Hero', 'Destiny Hero', 'Elemental Hero', 'Shadow Hero', and 'Hero Kid' monsters cannot be the target of an attack. During your Standby Phase, you may pay 500 Life Points to keep this card on the field. If you do not, destroy this card.

Thanks to this card, my monsters cannot be the targeted by your monsters.”

The angelic maiden sidesteps the attack.

“Err...fine I end my turn.”

Deep in the dark realm, Empress Ehm looked on from her mirror with great anger. Not only did Pegasus fail to prevent Star from competing in the tournament, but the foal had somehow awakened the power of his Millennium Item. Her breath hissed through her clenched teeth as she looked on.

That incompetent fool. That Star Driver should have been under my control, but instead, is dueling in this tournament. And to make matters worse he has unlocked that power of the blasted pendant!

As she was getting ready to call upon Pegasus, she noticed the energy that Star produced. It was much stronger and purer than the previous combatants.

Interesting...his power is rather unique. I wonder if it’s because of that pendant, ’ she thought.

An impish smirk formed on her face.

It seems that the colt will prove useful after all.

As she looked upon him, Ehm had yet another image of a young colt tugging on her skirt to get her attention then motioning to be picked up. Once she picked him up, the colt hugged her. These images caused her to clasp her head and stare at the floor in confusion.

Why do these images haunt my mind?’ she thought, as she turned her attention to the duel. ‘And what is their connection with this foal?

She placed her hand on the mirror who was focused on Star Driver.

'Who are you?!'

Let’s see what I can do, Dash,” said Star.

He looked at his card and proceeded with his turn.

First, due to the effect of 'Hero Evasion' I lose 500 LP.”

Star's Life Points were reduced to 3400.

Next, I equip my Valkyrie with the Spell ‘Flame Halberd’.

Flame Halberd
Type: Equip Spell Card
Card Text: This card can only be equipped to 'Celestial Hero Valkyrie'. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 700. Once per turn, you can select 1 of your opponent's face-down cards and destroy it (negate the activation of any effect).

Her blue and silver weapon is then transformed into the red and orange one.

And due to its effect she gains 700 ATK.

Celestial Hero Valkyrie’s ATK was increased to 3100.

'That’s not good,' thought Rainbow.

Then I activate the Field Spell ‘Skyscraper 3 - Hero Tower’.

Skyscraper 3 - Hero Tower
Type: Field Spell Card
Card Text: Increase that ATK and DEF of all 'Celestial Hero', 'Elemental Hero', and 'Hero Kid' monsters by 500. As long as this card remains on the field, negate the activation of your opponent's Spell and/or Trap cards that target monsters on your side of the field. At the End Phase of your turn, you can Special Summon 1 level 4 or lower 'Celestial Hero', 'Elemental Hero', and 'Hero Kid' monsters. As long as this card remains on the field, negate the activation of your opponent's Spell and/or Trap cards that target monsters on your side of the field. At the End Phase of your turn, you can Special Summon 1 level 4 or lower 'Celestial Hero', 'Elemental Hero', and 'Hero Kid' monster from your deck or Graveyard.

At that moment, the field was converted into a metropolitan city with various building scattered around the field. And the center was a massive tower then emerged in the center of the city. The massive structure displays large Hero Emblem toward the center of it.

And with this Field Spell, my heroes get a 500 ATK and DEF boost.”

Celestial Hero Valkyrie stats are changed to 3600/2500, and Celestial Hero Airess were changed to 2300/2000.

Now Valkyrie, take out her 'Blizzard' with ‘Crimson Kick’!”

She young maiden then leaped into the air. Once in the air, her left leg began to glow crimson red. The maiden the deliver a dive kick that destroyed the defending monster. The creatures destruction created a shockwave caused Rainbow Dash to stumble backward. Her Life Points were reduced to 1700.

“Bad move, Star. You triggered my Trap 'Black Thunder!'” spoke Rainbow.

Oh, buck...

Black Thunder
Type: Trap Card
Card Text: Activate only when a “Blackwing” monster you control is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. Inflict 400 damage to your opponent for each card your opponent controls.

“And since you destroy my 'Blizzard' you lose 400 LP for each card you control. And since you have five you lose 2000 LP,” explained Rainbow.

This one’s gonna hurt...

A dark cloud then hovered over Star Driver. In a flash, he’s struck by a massive bolt of black lightning. The aftermath caused Star to fall to a knee, as he Life Points were reduced to 1400. Star then made it back to his hooves.

Well played, Dash,” he grinned. “But my turn's not done. Airess take out 'Shura' with Zephyr Shot!”

The angelic maiden then gathered a ball of swirling wind to her hand. As she took aim, she launched the ball defending warrior. The impact instantly destroyed her monster.


That does it for now, but thanks to my Field Spell I can Special Summon 'Celestial Hero Bowman' in Defense Mode.

Celestial Hero Bowman
Level: 3 stars
Type: Rock
ATK/DEF: 1000/2600

A humanoid man emerged on the field. He was a fairly tall, slightly muscular young man. He had spiky light brown hair, tan skin, and maroon eyes. He wore a light orange vest with a sienna undershirt, brown sash, beige pants, ochre wristbands, and dark brown boots. He was equipped with a large light ochre bow. Due to the Field Spell, his stats were changed to 1500/3100.

On the sidelines, Twilight and the other were amazed at how the duel has progressed so far.

“Ah can’t believe how close this match is. But that’s to be expected between those two,” said Applejack.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Wait, those two have dueled before?” asked Phantom.

“Oh that’s right you’re new to the group so you don’t know,” spoke Pinkie Pie. “Well, to answer your question, these to have duel plenty of times in the past.”

“They have?”

“Oh, yes,” chimed in Fluttershy. “In fact, Star Driver is one of few ponies to ever beat her in a duel.”


“In fact, the two have a very heated rivalry,” explained Twilight. “But it always ends with one of the pulling one of their last-minute move that the other one can't counter.”

“So that’s why this is such a close match,” uttered Phantom, in awe.

“Indeed, darling. But this is the first time I’ve seen Star duel like this,” Rarity said, in amazement. “At this point, it’s anybody's duel.”

“Okay, let’s see what I can do,” Rainbow spoke, as she drew her card.

As she looked at her card, she could barely contain her excitement.

“Awesome, this is just what I needed.”

Huh? what do you mean?” asked Star Driver.

“You’ll see, Star,” chuckled Rainbow. “First, since I have my Armor Master on the field I can Special Summon 'Blackwing - Bora the Spear' in Attack mode.”

Blackwing - Bora the Spear
Level: 4 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Effect
Card Text: If you control a “Blackwing” monster other than “Blackwing - Bora the Spear”, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. During a battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.
ATK/DEF: 1700/800

With a gust of wind, an avian warrior took the field. He had a long, thick beak, red and yellow plumes on its head, dark violet feathers on its wings and torso. He wielded a large spiral spear.

“Next, I activate the Spell card 'Birds of the Black Feather'.”

Birds of the Black Feather
Type: Spell Card
Card Text: Select 1 face-up 'Blackwing' monster. Special Summon any number of 'Blackwing' monsters from your hand the equal to the selected monsters level.

“And select 'Bora the Spear'. And thanks to this card I Special Summon any number of 'Blackwing' monsters equal to Bora's level. So, I summon 'Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield' and 'Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain' in Attack Mode.

Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield
Level: 2 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Tuner
Card Text: If this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, reduce the battle damage you take from the next attack this turn to 0.
ATK/DEF: 0100/1800

A small plump bird emerged on the field. Covered in dark blue feathers, this bird donned a silver helmet with light blue trim and metal claws on its talons.

Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain
Level: 2 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Effect
Card Text: This card can attack your opponent directly. When this card attacks your opponent directly and inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, change 1 Attack Position monster your opponent controls to Defense Position.
ATK/DEF: 0500/0800

In a puff of smoke, a tall avian ninja appeared on the field. With its dark green feather tied up in a ponytail, it was dressed in a black sleeveless gi with a red belt and black mask to cover its face. He carried a brown and red pack with two long silver chains with kunai at the tips.

“But they won’t be staying for long. Because now I’m gonna tune my ‘Bora the Spear’ with 'Fane the Steel Chain' and 'Mistral the Silver Shield',” said Rainbow.

What’s it going to be this time?

“Gusting fiercely through the raging storm! Gaining the will of steel and the speed of light to sublime your true form!”

The three monsters are then transformed to balls of white light. They are then shot through a series of green rings.

“I Synchro Summon! Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant!”

Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
Level: 8 stars
Type: Winged Beast/Synchro/Effect
Material Monsters: 1 “Blackwing” Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner monsters
Card Text: When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can select and destroy up to 2 face-up monsters on the field with DEF lower than this card's ATK. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect. The next time a “Blackwing” monster you control would be destroyed by battle during your opponent's turn, it is not destroyed. This effect only happens once.
ATK/DEF: 2800/2000

A might swirl of wind filled the field. As it dissipated, a tall humanoid avian swordsman. He wore an avian headdress (which was covered in black feathers and has an open beak), golden orange shoulder guards with silver feathers, dark blue bodysuit with orange trim, white feathered gloves, and golden orange boots. He wielded a long rapier with a winged hilt.

“And due to his effect, I can destroy two monsters whose DEF is lower than my monster’s ATK. And I'm choosing your Valkyrie and Airess.”


The mighty avian swordsman drew his blade. With one swift motion, he delivered a slash that destroyed both monsters.


“Hey, Star. You know what?”

What Dash?

“Only four more turns left,” she smugly smiled.

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