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Po-Ni-Oh!: Rise of the Heroes - flawlessvictory20

Follow the exploits of young pegasus named Star Driver as he sets out to become the next King of Games.

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Chapter 31 - A Night on the Town (part 01)

WHAT?!” replied the group.
“Yeah, so that thing that happened to Trixie just now wasn’t fatigue,” Star explained.
“The same thing happened with Bolt too,” Applejack agreed. “It was like his very life was drained out of him.”
“It can’t believe it,” Twilight incredulously. “So, now we have Sombra and Ehm to deal with?”
“Yeah, and with his powers, he can take over someone without not even be in the area to do so,” replied Star.
“This completely loco in the coco,” Pinkie chimed in.
“Well, we’ll have to increase security around the city and begin a search for him,” spoke Shining Armor.
“Indeed, and I’ll inform the princesses of this as well,” said Cadence.

As they all leave the field, Star called out to Phantom and Cadence.

“Hey Phantom, Princess Cadence, can I talk to you two for a second?” he spoke as he gestured for them to come closer.
“Um, sure,” spoke Phantom. “What is it, Star?”
“Yes, what is it?” said Cadence.
“Well, it’s just that…um could you to meet me in my room later tonight?” Star explained. “There’s something important I need to discuss with you.”
“Oh, is it something s?” they both asked.
“No, but I feel it’s best to say behind closed doors,” Star answered.

They both shared a look of confusion, but given what’s happened, they understand his need for secrecy.

“Sure thing, Star,” said Phantom.
“Around what time?” asked Cadence.
“Let’s say around 10 o’clock tonight,” he spoke.
“Very well, I’ll be by around that time,” Cadence smiled.
“Same for me,” said Phantom.
“Thanks, ladies.”
They all headed back to the hotel.

A few moments later, back in his suite, Pegasus was at his wits end after what had transpired.
What in Equestria’s name are those idiots doing?! Now, the whole kingdom will be on alert!’ he internally fumed.

As he paced about in his room, there was a knock at his door. He quickly composed himself and opened it. Much to his dismay, it was Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, and Cadence.

Oh find me in the Alps!’ he internally cursed. “Why hello there royals of Equestria? How can help you?”
“We need to speak with you,” Celestia spoke in an authoritative tone.
“Yes, please come in,” Pegasus spoke as he ushered them in.
He sat at the table with Luna and Celestia, while Cadence and Shining Armor remained standing.
“How can I help you?” Pegasus asked.
“It’s about what happened during the last match of the preliminaries this afternoon,” Celestia began. “We have reason to believe that it was the work of King Sombra.”
“King Sombra?!” Pegasus gasped in shock. “But he wasn’t killed years ago?”
“True he was defeated, but he has returned through the power of an ancient foe,” Luna explained.
“I see. This will prove problematic for the tournament,” noted Pegasus.
“That’s what we’re here to discuss,” spoke Celestia. “We were thinking of canceling the tournament.”
“Until he’s caught ponies are in too much danger,” reasoned Luna. “We do not wish for anyone else to fall victim to his magic.”
“As much as it pains me to agree, the civilians’ safety comes first,” said Shining Armor.
Pegasus began to internally sweat, as he saw the plans he’s laid out for the tournament were in jeopardy.
No! I’ve put too much time in this to let it go to waste. Think you fool think!’ he thought.
His gaze shifted to the crystal princess, and he was struck with an idea.
“I understand your concerns but think of the Crystal Empire’s economy. This event brings them much needed revenue to help feed their subjects, fund their military, and so much more,” Pegasus countered. “To just stop this worldwide event would cost the kingdom greatly. Not to mention the hours spent to organize this event would be wasted.”

This made the crystal royalty rethink things.

“He is quite right,” Cadence admitted. “And our kingdom needs the revenue.”
“But this threat is greater than this tournament,” Luna argued.
“How about this? I’ll work with Prince Shining Armor to help put up checkpoint through the city,” offered Pegasus. “If Sombra so much sneezes, we’ll be on him immediately.”

The royal sisters were less than enthused with the plan but knew ultimately that the Crystal Empire needs outweighed their concerns.

“Very well, but keep us posted about any developments,” spoke Celestia.
“Of course, your majesty,” bowed Pegasus.

Luna still wasn’t happy about the situation but knew this would best be left to Shining Armor and his Crystal Guard. Celestia rose to her hooves and headed for the door. As she did, she caught a glimpse of a subtle shadowy aura coming from Pegasus bedroom.

What is that?’ she questioned.
Luna noticed her gaze fall toward the bedroom.
“Sister? Is there something wrong?”
“It’s nothing, Luna,” she answered when the aura faded. ‘I’ll have to keep close watch him now.

To that, she gave him a polite nod and departed for the evening with the others following behind her. As they left, Pegasus breathed a sigh of relief.

“That was a bit too close,” he breathed.
“Indeed, Celestia may becoming aware of your involvement with us,” spoke
Sombra as he walked out of Pegasus’ bedroom.
“What are you doing here?!” hissed Pegasus.
“The events of the day made me tired, so I rested here,” Sombra simply answered.
“And because for you actions our plans are now in jeopardy!” Pegasus growled.

Sombra walked up to Pegasus and towered over him. Though his piercing gaze shook Pegasus to his core, he didn’t show any signs of intimidation.

“I would mind my tone when speaking to your superior, boy!” Sombra coldly spoke.”
“Not when it comes to ruining plan that I’ve made for years!” spat Pegasus.
Sombra couldn’t help but chuckle at him. He grew to respect the determination Pegasus had to bring back his empress.

“While I respect your conviction, you clearly don’t understand battle tactics,” mocked Sombra.
“Yes, do tell me how letting your existence being known is a good thing?”
“Simple, with their attention focused on finding me Chrysalis can move more freely and slowly infiltrate the city with her soldiers,” Sombra explained.
“I see…”
“Now, follow me. Empress wishes to speak with you.”
Sombra headed back to the master bedroom. Pegasus followed but silently cursed to himself for letting this so out of hand.

Later that night, Star Driver was getting ready for his date with Fluttershy. Though he’s hung out with her many times before (some of them would even be considered as “dates”), this time it was an actual date. Their first official date ever. Needless to say, Star was genuinely nervous.

I can’t mess this up!’ he said, trying to pump himself up. ‘You only get one shot at this! Don’t blow it, Star!

After he decided on his attire, a white collar shirt and black pants with a matching belt, Star grabbed his bag and headed downstairs to the lobby to wait for Fluttershy. Much to his surprise, Twilight and Fluttershy were waiting for him. As he approached them, Star took a look at the lovely mares who’d be going with him and Darkshine Swirl. While Twilight chose a conservative route, namely a red turtleneck shirt and black skirt with matching leggings, Star felt his heart skip a beat when his eyes fell upon his date. Fluttershy was simply dressed in a light shoulderless shirt with a black camisole, a belted green skirt, and black stockings. She’d even tied back her mane in a ponytail leaving her long bang that cascaded down the left side of her face.

Crap, I didn’t mentally prepare enough for this,’ Star panicked.
“Oh, there he is!” spoke Twilight. “Over here, Star!”
She waved him over, and with each step, his heart began to race faster.
’Shy looks so beautiful tonight,’ he blushed.
When he reached the two, he tried to compose himself as best he could.
“The two of you are looking quite lovely tonight,” he complimented.
To with the two shared a blushed smile.
“Thank you, Star,” they both replied.
“So where’s Darkshine?” asked Star.
“He’s on his way,” Twilight answered. “Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.”
“Well, hope you two have fun,” he winked before he offered his arm to Fluttershy. “Shall we be off, my dear?”

With a nod, she took hold of his arm and nestled close. With his nerves on the fritz, he somehow managed to lead them outside.

Back at Pegasus’ room, Sombra and the others were gathered around the vanity. Ehm displayed a look of annoyance as Pegasus explained what happened earlier.

“I see, I didn’t think they go so far to want to cancel the tournament,” spoke Ehm.
“Yes, and now I have to figure out a way to stall their efforts to find Sombra,” explained Pegasus. “On top of that, I still keep Celestia from uncovering our plans.”
Ehm let out a deep sigh as she calmly explained the plan to Pegasus.
“I understand your frustrations, but Sombra did what was necessary. By focusing on him, Chrysalis forces and slowly capture and replace the various eventgoers,” Ehm began. “By the tournament's end, the Crystal Empire will be changeling central. And with the power of the Millennium Ring, even the most sophisticated spell will not be able to detect them.”
“Still-” Pegasus tried to argue.
“Have faith in your empress. Now, Sombra what were you able to find out about this Star Driver?”
“He’s a bit more skilled than I thought,” admitted Sombra. “But nothing that we need be afraid of.”
“How sure are you of that?” asked Ehm.
“We’ll see soon enough. Chrysalis is on the hunt as we speak,” he chuckled. “She going to test the boy some more.”
“Why are we trusting that bug?” Pegasus spoke. “She is known for deception. I wouldn’t doubt that she’d turn on us if given a chance.”

As the words left his lips, Pegasus felt a tightness around his throat. He soon felt an aura collar tighten around his neck. In a panic he tried to pry it off, only to witness the icy glare of Sombra bare down on him from across the room.

“You dare question Chrysalis’ integrity!” Sombra his as he clenched his fist.
As Pegasus gasped for air Ehm stepped in.
SOMBRA! That is quite enough!” Ehm firmly spoke. “Release him!”

With a nod, Sombra removed his magical grip on Pegasus’ throat. Pegasus collapse to the ground gasping for air. Sombra walked over to him and glared down at the weakened stallion.

“It would be wise for you never to speak ill of her again, boy,” he threatened in a venomous tone.
“Y-Yes, I’m sorry I spoke out of turn, Sombra-”
“That’s King Sombra to you!”
“Yes, King Sombra.”
“Be easier on him Sombra,” ordered Ehm. “I still have use of him,”
Sombra bowed in obedience.
“As you wish, my empress.”
She turned to Pegasus.
“Now, there’s the matter of the royal sisters…”

Elsewhere, a couple was walking through the city. The sky blue unicorn mare, dressed in a blouse and a long skirt, clung close to orange pegasus stallion with a polo shirt and slacks. The two were enjoying their date as they were taking in the beautiful city light.

“You pick a great place for our second honeymoon, Flame~?” cooed Shy Heart.
“I figured you’d like dear,” Flamestomper said with a nuzzle to her cheek. “We both needed it.”

She giggled at his display of affection and nestled closer. As they continued to through the crowd, Shy Heart eyes caught a mystic looking tent.

“Ooh Flame look~,” she spoke with excitement. “That looks really interesting. Why don’t we go check it out?”
“Sure thing, dear.”

The two quickly made their way over to it. As they entered, they saw the various mystic babble and trinkets that were on display. In the center, was a mare dressed in midnight blue cloak which hood covered all but the mare’s dark gray muzzle. She sat at a table with a crystal ball a few inches in front of her and two chairs placed across the table from her.

“Welcome, to the home of Mysteria. Mistress of Clairvoyance, and the Maiden of the Omniscience,” the cloaked mare spoke theatrically. “What brings to my booth, Flamestomper and Shy Heart?”
They both looked to her with wide eyes.
“H-How did you know our names?” Shy spoke incredulously.
“Did I not tell you, child?” the cloaked mare smirked. “I’m the Maiden of Omniscience.”
“So you knew we’d be coming to your tent at this moment?” questioned Flamestomper.
The cloaked mare nodded.
“I know all and see all,” she spoke. “You wish to know your future, yes?”
They look at each other with an unsure gaze before nodding in agreement.
“Please, sit down and let us look into…the beyond!” she began again with the theatrics.

The couple shared in an excited smile as they gazed into the crystal ball. A blurred image appeared with into.

“Now this is interesting,” Mysteria spoke.
“What? What do you see?” asked Flamestomper.
“Your destinies,” she spoke in awe. “It seems you two are destined for greatness.”
“We are?” Shy Heart exclaimed with glee.
“Yes, it’s a bit hazy,” she spoke as gazed more in-depth into the orb. “I think it’s coming to view now.”
The two ponies leaned closer to the ball. Mysteria grinned, as an image began to come clearer.
“Yes, you two will be servants to the great Empress Ehm,” Mysteria spoke.
“What? Who is that?” Flamestomper said, taking his eyes off the orb.

Before Shy Heart could look up, she saw a weird an illuminated eye symbol appear. As she gazed in the emblem, Shy Heart felt her consciousness start to slip away.

“Flame…I…I…don’t…feel...so-,” she spoke.
“Shy? Shy! What’s wrong?”
He turned to his love to see the lifelessness in her eyes.
“Shy?! What did you do to her?!” Flame growled.
“Helped her achieve her destiny,” Mysteria chuckled.
“I don't know what you’ve done to her, you better undo it! Right now!” he threatened.
“Oh? And just what are you gonna do, boy?” she mocked.

With gritted teeth, he leaped over the table to tackle her but was met with an empty chair. He looked around for her. He soon heard a whistle and turned to see the cloaked mare was now standing next to his beloved.

“Get away from her!” he shouted.

Before he could act, Mysteria lifted her cloak to reveal the Millennium Ring. In an instant, he was hit with a bright flash that put him under a spell as well. Mysteria dropped her illusion to reveal that it was Chrysalis in disguised.

“My goodness, these ponies are so gullible,” she laughed. “Welcome to the Abyssal Armada.”
They both take a knee and bow to her.
“Rise, my children.”
They did as they were told.
“I have a special task for you both,” Chrysalis explained.
“What will you have us do, master?” asked Flamestomper.
“There’s a certain stallion I wish for you two to take care of for me.”
“Who is it that we must face?” Shy Heart inquired.
Chrysalis merely gave a sinister grin.
“Star Driver.”

After dinner, Star and ‘Shy took to the town explore the various sights the city had to offer. They visited the palace, took a stroll through the Crystal Garden Plaza, and stopped the Coliseum to enjoy the Crystal Fountain water show. All in all, the date was going very well much to the delight of Star Driver. Fluttershy, for her part, was just happy to spend time with him. Nestled arm in arm, the two enjoyed a moonlit stroll through the park.

“I’m really having a fun time, Star,” Fluttershy admitted.
“Me too ‘Shy,” spoke Star. “I’ll admit I was super nervous at first.”
“I could tell,” she lightly giggled. “Especially at dinner. You were shaking so much; I’m surprised you were able to get food in your mouth.”
“Hey, it’s not my fault you were looking extra beautiful tonight,” he defended. “My nerves were sent into overdrive.”
A blush snaked across her muzzle.
“But, I guess it took me making a fool of myself for me to finally relax.”
“I guess, but it was kinda funny when you fell back in your chair.”
“Yeah, everyone in the restaurant sure thought so too.”
She nuzzled his neck, which caused his wings to flutter slightly.
“But it helped you relax, and that’s all that matters,” she smiled.
“Guess you’re right, ‘Shy,” he conceded.

He looked down to her with loving eyes to which she returned. They leaned closer and gently kissed. Time seemed to slow down as the relished the tender contact. After a brief moment, the two parted lips and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Star…Star…hello? You still with me?” asked Fluttershy.
He blinked out of his daydream to see confused mare holding him close.
“You okay, Star?” she queried. “You were spacing out for a bit.”
“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, ‘Shy,” he waved it off. ‘I can’t believe I daydreamed something like that.’
Before Fluttershy could say something, a voice calls out to them from the crowd.
“Flutters, Star, is that you?” shouted the voice.

They both turn to the source of the voice. It was a light ochre pegasus mare with a long, spiky brown. Her long bang draped over her left eye, she grinned at the two ponies. She wore a white tube top shirt white, black jacket, dark blue skirt with black leggings and belt. When Star saw who it was, he felt his body freeze up.

Oh no, not now. Anyone but her right now,’ Star groaned.
“Cosmic Jet! What are you doing here?” Fluttershy happily exclaimed.
“Just came to cheer on my favorite little bro,” she beamed.
She quickly noticed how close Fluttershy was nestled to her brother. A knowing smirk graced her demeanor.
“Oh. What’s this~?” Cosmic Jet teased. “Has little Starry finally gotten the mare of his dreams~?”
“Jet!” Star blushed.
She pulled him into a headlock and ruffled his mane.
“I’m proud of ya little bro,” she praised. “So, how far have you gotten with her?”
“That’s none of your business!” he stammered.
This got a pout from his older sister.
“That’s a bummer. You're still in the beginning stage, I see.”
Jet turned to Fluttershy.
“Thanks for being patient with this knucklehead, Flutters.”
“He’s not a knucklehead,” Fluttershy defended. “He’s a sweetie.”
“See, that’s what I love about you Flutters,” Jet grinned. “You take the time to see the best in ponies.”
Fluttershy blushed at her compliment. After a few seconds, Jet let go of her little brother and patted him on the back.
“I’m proud of ya, Star. You finally mustered the courage to ask out the mare of your dreams,” she laughed.

Star couldn’t do anything but blush deeply as he knew his sister wasn’t one for subtly. Jet looked down and noticed that Star was wearing the Millennium Pendant.

“So, you’re finally wearing mom’s gift, eh?” Jet noted.
“Yeah, I figured it could be my good luck charm.”
Jet ruffled his mane.
“I’m sure it will, little bro,” she said with another swat to his back. “I’ll let you two get back to your date.”
With that, she walked off into the crowd.
“It was nice seeing you again, Jet!” Fluttershy waved.
Jet turned to wave back and headed into the city.
“Ugh, my sister never changes,” groaned Star.
“Yeah, but that’s what I love about her,” Fluttershy spoke. “She’s always open with her feelings.”
“Yeah, but try living with her. It was a nightmare,” Star countered.
“Oh, come on, she couldn’t have been that bad.”
“If you only knew ‘Shy,” he shuddered remembering the years of endless teasing. “If you only knew.”
“Well, we should get going?”
“Yeah, there’s a spot in the park I wanna show ya.”
“Ooh~, let’s hurry then!”
Fluttershy nestled close again, and the two headed for the park.

As they arrived at the park, there were many couples gathered around the Shimmer Fountain.
“Ooh~, it’s so beautiful!” Fluttershy exclaimed.
“I figured you’d like it ‘Shy,” Star spoke.
She pulled him closer as they watched the moonlight reflect off the water to make a beautiful sparkling effect.
“I’m glad I can share this with you ‘Shy,” smiled Star.
“Me too, Star,” hummed Fluttershy.

The two gazed into each other’s eyes they night air lightly billowed their manes. Slowly, they leaned closer to each other ready to share their first kiss. Just before they could, a voice called out to them.

“Excuse me, are you Star Driver?” called out the voice.
They both turned to see it was Flamestomper standing with Shy Heart a few feet from them.
“Yes, can I help you?” Star asked.
“Sorry if I’m interrupting,” Flamestomper started. “My marefriend and I a big fans of yours. We were wondering if you be willing to sign our duel discs?”
“Well, I’m kinda in the middle of a date,” admitted Star. “Maybe at a later time?”
“Oh, I see,” Flamestomper said a bit saddened. “Sorry to bother you.”
As the sad couple began to walk away, Star felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked to see Fluttershy give him a sympathetic look.
“I don’t mind, Star,” she spoke.
“You sure, ‘Shy?”
She responded with a nod. Star turned to call out to the couple.
“Hey, wait up, you two!”
They stopped and turned back to Star. With Fluttershy right behind him, Star quickly walked up two the pair.
“I got the okay to go ahead and sign your Duel Discs,” he grinned.

Elated, the two ponies quickly retrieved their disc. Fluttershy thought it was rather cute how the two fans were eager for his autograph. As he signed their discs, Fluttershy noticed that the crowd noise seemed to silence. She quickly looked around and noticed that many couples that were gathered together around the fountain were no longer there.

Wait, where did everyone go?’ thought Fluttershy. ‘This place was crowded just a second ago.’
As he gave back the discs, the couple was thrilled to receive his autograph.
“Thank you so much,” beamed Shy Heart.
“It was nothing. Hey, at least you can say you got an autograph from the future King of Games before anyone else did,” Star boasted.
“Say, if it’s not too much trouble, how about a friendly match?” asked Shy Heart.
“As much as I would love to, I can’t neglect my date,” Star spoke. “But maybe some other time.”
As he spoke, Fluttershy noticed the sky had become darker and had a dark violet tint to it.
“Um, Star,” she spoke a bit worried.
When Star turned to her, he noticed the color of the sky and the absence of the earlier crowd.
“Hey, what’s going on here?” Star said a bit confused.
“Simple, we are here to duel you,” the couple spoke in a monotone voice.
“What?” Star replied.
When he turned back to looked at them, he saw the eerie glow that emitted within their eyes.
“We are going to defeat you in the name of our glorious mistress, Empress Ehm!” declared Flamestomper.
“Mistress?” Fluttershy gasped.
The couple merely chuckled and activated their Duel Discs. Soon the ponies were covered in a deep violet aura. Star and Fluttershy soon heard a burst of booming laughter.
“Welcome to my Shadow Game, young ponies,” spoke the voice, which Chrysalis had cleverly changed to mimic Sombra’s.
SOMBRA! I knew it was you!” Star growled. “Didn’t you learn the last time to you tried to beat me?”
“Well, this will be quite different for you, boy!” Chrysalis spoke through Flamestomper. “You were able to can handle a one-on-one duel, but how well can you manage in a tag duel?”
“But why us?” asked Fluttershy.
“We don’t question our mistress,” Chrysalis explained. “We only carry out her orders.”
“Is that so?” growled Star.
“And don’t worry about interference,” noted Shy Heart. “In this Shadow Game, we’re completely invisible to the outside world.”
The glow in their eyes shined brighter than before. Chrysalis allowed them to move on their own.
“Now, prepare to duel!” they both shouted.
As the two mind-controlled duelists prepared for battle, Star turned to Fluttershy.
“Looks like we got no choice, ‘Shy,” Star said as he reached in his bag and tossed her a spare Duel Disc. “You have your deck?”
“Yes,” she replied, pulling her cards out of deck box she’d had attached to her belt.
“Ever prepared I see,” Star grinned and pulled out his cards from his deck box the was clipped to his belt.
As the two friends activated there Duel Disc as well, Star’s pendant to illuminate and shine brightly.
Once again, Star’s visage change to that of an older stallion.
Let’s duel,” Star spoke.

Elsewhere, in the safety of her tent, Chrysalis looked on from her crystal ball in delight. Her newest pawns had caught not only their target but also a key to Ehm’s plans, Fluttershy the element of kindness.

“What are the odds of trapping one of the elements with that nuisance as well,” she snickered. “I guess fortune smiles on me today.”
As she looked on, she felt Ehm contact her telepathically.
Chrysalis, what news do you have to report?’ Ehm spoke.
“My trap bore fruit, my Empress. I've trapped two ponies, and they are currently dueling that nuisance Star Driver, Chrysalis explained. "and even better the element of kindness,’ Chrysalis stated.
Excellent work, my commander,’ Ehm praised.
“I thank you, my empress.’
And how goes the duel?
“It’s just about to start.’
Chrysalis turned her attention back to the pending duel.

With a smirk, Flamestomper drew his card.
“First, I set one monster in defense mode, and 2 cards face down,” he spoke. “That’ll end my turn.”
Okay, I’ll start things off,” spoke Star as drew his card. “First, I summon ‘Celestial Hero Yin’ in attack mode.”

Celestial Hero Yin
Level: 4 stars
Type: Spellcaster
ATK/DEF: 1900/1500

In a flash of light, a humanoid maiden appeared on the field. She's a tall, slender young woman. She has light tan skin, long raven hair, and captivating magenta eyes. Her long, flowing sleeveless white dress with golden waistband, a see-through facial veil, a golden headband, golden wristbands, and light brown sandals.

Next, I’ll place two cards facedown and end my turn.”
“I’m up next,” stated Shy Heart while she drew her card. “I summon ‘Chain Dog’ in Attack mode.

Chain Dog
Level: 4 stars
Type: Beast / Effect
Card Text: Cannot be used as a Synchro Material, except for the Synchro Summon of a Beast-Type monster. If this card is in the Graveyard: You can Special Summon this card, and if you do, banish it when it leaves the field. You must control exactly 2 Beast-Type monsters to activate and to resolve this effect.
ATK/DEF: 1600/1100

The void opens to call forth a new beast from beyond imagination, and the newcomer is indeed unexpected. A small canine who just might be the friendliest dog in the world bounds through. The animal seems almost casually wearing a complex assembly of golden chains like a sweater and a lock as if a tag or collar. Or perhaps it is a deadly warrior with a genuine opinion on what Chainmail ought to be.

“I’ll end my turn,” Shy Heart stated.
“Please, you have to fight his control!” pleaded Fluttershy as she drew her card.
“We gladly serve our master!” barked Flamestomper. “Now, make your move.”
With a defeated sigh, Fluttershy proceeded with her turn.
“I summon ‘Gene-Warped Warwolf’ in Attack Mode.”

Gene-Warped Warwolf
Level: 4 stars
Type: Beast-Warrior
ATK/DEF: 2000/0100

A howl could be heard in the distance as the moon hung in the sky. From the surrounding darkness emerged a muscular werewolf. His white skin shined in the moonlight which accented the various black markings on his body. His paws were slate gray with crimson claws, and his black mane flowed down his back.

“I’ll end by placing three cards facedown and end my turn,” spoke Fluttershy.
Hmm, that one is up to something,’ thought Flamestomper. ‘I better deal with her first.’
He drew his card, and a grin snaked across his muzzle.
“Looks like it’s time to heat things up,” he declared.

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