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Vapor Trail is preparing to marry her coltfriend, but something seems to be off.

Will all be OK, or will disaster strike?

First story of not only the new year, but also the new decade for me. :yay:

Companion story to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/436495/reach-for-the-skies

Note: Story is given the Teen Rating from in Chapter 6 given my usual thing you see in my stories. :ajsmug:

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We'll see where this goes.

I do love Vapo(u)r Trail.

Heh, she's my 100th favorite character and she's also my favorite from her debut episode X3

First story of not only the new year, but also the new decade for me. :yay:

well, lyk, yea. yea, it's january 1st 2020. u'd have to have posted another story earlier 2day 4 this 1 not 2 b ur 1st of the new decade.

i'm not rly getting what ur trying 2 achieve with that statement?

Uh.... I have no idea what you just said... ^^;

My thoughts exactly. :P

10014113 just, lyk, what's the point?

y bother stating something that obvious? what does it say about the rest of ur story, if that's what u put on the front cover?

Aka: I'm just as confused as you are ^^;

Hey this is a new decade. And what I say in the Long Summaries of my stories goes. :ajbemused:

What Jimmy puts in the description is none of yoir business.

But are you delayed?

Noice use of that on purpose typo. :rainbowlaugh:



hey, what jimmy puts in the contents of his stories is none of my business. just that usually the whole point of a cover, a description, all that stuff, is to make people want to read your stories. and that bit of yours is doing, you know, the opposite.

so please, do what you want. just know that that's the first impression it's sending.

Let'ss see if they spotted it.

10014133 it's like a hierarchy of information?

the least important bit goes in the author's note, or the follow-up blog.

the main bit goes in the story itself

the most important details are repeated on the cover, so readers know what it's about, and want to read it.

and this story cover has four sentences on it, one of which states something so obvious it's pointless. that's what it's saying is one of the most important statements of the story. so if the cover is 1/4 wasting everyone's time, what do you think that suggests the main text of the story is like?

""My usual, please," Vapor answered as well.

To quote a certain waitress, "Oh, what a surprise."

>> 'Stratsburg's best sneeze'

Must be from all that vaping softening up her voice

>> Vapor wasted no time in leaping over the table and taking Sky into a tackle hug

CAREFUL, you almost knocked out the candles and almost burned the entire place down!

>> Vapor replied, looking at the ground. "Just randomly the word 'ma' flashed through my head---"

(Sarcasm) Great, more in-law outlaw drama to come!

Heh, you know there is a quote button system. Surely you know that somewhat, right Calvin? ^^

Don't forget to comment on the rest of my stories of course ;3

>> (although she had once used the word 'child'. What is a child? I've never seen one)

In Ireland, the word 'child' is often used to refer to a very young girl

>> (although she did make a slipup of making reference to 'kids' and 'only child', which somehow neither Twilight nor Rainbow noticed)

Good thing they didn't question anything about baby goats (or 'kids')

I didn't know she vaped.

Okay who thumbed down your comment? :/

Some anonymous user thumbed down your comment aka your reply to my comment. Same thing also happened via over on your POV when you replied to Chrome's comment in the Sky Stinger portion of your story. :/

You mean Sky's first person POV.

That too. :derpytongue2:

But as stated, someone thumbed it down for no reason. :ajbemused:

Yeah. I mean.... forgive me if that sounds weird... but I just think the thumb up/thumb down system on this website is so out of whack though. I mean, I'm fine with thumb ups that people receive as a gratitude of my comments, like our friends of course ^^

But when those thumb down for no reason..... -sigh- it's just so wrong that they don't explain why though. :/

It's an expression of opinion.

True. And I'm STILL trying though to get used to it, but it can be so challenging to ignore the downvoters. :twilightsheepish:

I admit I often look at the upvote/downvote bar.

Yeah. But I know that those that upvote my stories, are the ones that are my friends. X3

What a positive sentiment.

Sorry, didn't get the memo.

The doors were opened, the birds began to sing, and Vapor looked about as she proceeded up the aisle. It seemed as if the entire town had turned out. The mayor was there, the Elements were in the congregation, her parents were there as well, the Apples were trying (and failing) to keep the catering under control (they had a lot of hungry mouths to feed!), Fluttershy was coordinating the chorus, and of course Twilight Sparkle was sitting there, having set aside her regalia to try and fit in. It was hard to imagine one of the other Princesses making a similar move, as Celestia, Luna, and Cadance were rarely if ever seen without their barding on. Then her eyes fell upon her own true love.

Cue the music! :yay:

Suddenly, Sky started to shake, and he dashed straight past her, down the aisle, and straight for the door, galloping as fast as he could and knocking a table over as he ran along, before vanishing out of sight.

Well, THAT escalated quickly ! :twilightoops:

(Hope you see this reply this time around ^^)

New chapter now up ^^

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