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Three years ago, the Cutie Mark Crusaders went their separate ways to seek their futures. Over the years, they kept in touch, but now they're all coming home to Ponyville.

Apple Bloom finds herself excited, but also strangely apprehensive for the imminent reunion.

Written as part of the 2020 Pride and Positivity event! Help support BLM, equality and LGBT+ by donating to any of the following charities:

Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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Having finally accepted the idea of shared love magic, Pharynx has transformed. Thorax's efforts to lead an excitable pack of changelings have only eased with his broodmate's help, but Pharynx's shape and status aren't the only things to have changed. Much of Pharynx's cold demeanor has begun to thaw, presenting Thorax with something he's never had, before - an interactive, albeit slightly irritating older brother.

* Featured 12/2/18!
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Bugbro fluff (not romance/shipping) based after the events of 'To Change a Changeling'.
* Cover art by the awesome SpindleSpice.
* Live reading by Quinch!

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Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends have faced endless troubles while ruling Equestria. There's never been a challenge they could not conquer.

But the end of the world has come, and nopony can stop it.

Contains narrative that jumps ahead into the future, several original characters, a despondent princess, probably some crying, and the magic of friendship.

A huge thank you goes out to Semillon, who beta read this story and provided some invaluable critiques.

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Celestia and the sun are connected, to the point where when something happens to Celestia everypony can immediately see the sun acting up as well. What few ponies know is that this connection works both ways, and those times when the sun acts up, this has... certain effects on Celestia.

Celestia wants nothing more than to keep it a secret so as few ponies as possible worry about her. But keeping a secret from her stubborn, curious and loving marefriend might prove to be more difficult than she expected.

Cover image by the wonderful Silfoe, which also inspired the story idea alongside Carapace's story She Dap.

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While visiting the Crystal Empire as part of a liaison unit from his hive, a young changeling excitedly tracks down the workshop of a local plush maker, eager to pick up his special order. When he discovers the shop maker is actually a changeling from another hive, his walk-in turns into an unexpected friendship, and a memorable experience.

* Featured 10/29/19 - 11/01/19!
* A collaboration between myself and Racingwolf!
* Calor & story are (C) to me, Scy, cover art and author's notes art are (C) to Racingwolf!

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Clover the Clever never asked for his life to get so complicated.  It was bad enough tricking a drunk Imperatrix Celestia, war goddess of the Three Tribes, out of her accidental coup against Queen Platinum.  But now the most dangerous pony in Equestria has returned to trade her claim on the sun for a chance to woo him.

On top of that, his erstwhile mentor Star Swirl the Bearded has saddled him with a mysterious magical necklace and a uniquely bleak and pointless prophecy: If he's brave enough, and if he's clever enough, he just might survive Celestia for long enough to break her heart.

First place, "Out of Time" Writeoff! (11/2015) At long last, expanded to novella size! The world-spanning, centuries-spanning romance as it was always meant to be told!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

"One of my favorite depictions of Celestia in a long time." –billymorph
"To the top of the ballot with it." –AugieDog
"There’s going to be a lot of tears shed when this one hits publish." –Georg
"You need to read Time Enough For Love. I literally swore out loud when my computer crashed when I was halfway through, and then I immediately whipped out my smartphone to finish it. And now I'm reading it again in a desperate attempt to figure out how it does its job so damn well." –Bachiavellian
"I can get behind some historical revisionism for such a brilliant story. The writing is second-to-none … I laughed, I cried, and I felt other things too." –Trick Question

Cover art by Nadnerb.

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Spike has had a lot of extra time since Twilight and Starlight have become busy with their various duties. It's understandable, but he feels rather useless at times.

After taking a trip to the local hospital, Spike starts volunteering to entertain the fillies and colts in the children's wing. Spreading laughs and smiles to children and families who need encouragement is more fulfilling then he could have ever wished.

But, when a certain blonde-maned pegasus with much less fortunate circumstances takes notice of Spike and just how caring he truly is, how will Spike react?

Editors: Note Pad, ChappedPenguinLips, and Soaring.

Cover art by Doctor Disco

What critics have to say about Blonde Moments:

"...so cute and heartwarming and wholesome that I literally think I'll end up being dumb and shoehorning SpikeXDerpy into my fics from now on." - re-Yamsmos

"I Love you for this story.... And I Hate you for it" - DocShadowVine

"Well, that was rude. Didn't ask for even more feels." - JMP

"Too real too fast. Ouch." - _SkyHorse

"... it made me cry... at work. I work at a front desk for a public building. I loved it so much!" - RainbowShyBrony

"I think this story cured my depression, it was beautiful and a work of art." - The Sandwich Guardian

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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom

Reunited after days apart, Twilight is eager to share a quiet and intimate moment with Rarity. However, in order to do so, both must be willing to unveil their scars.

Small oneshot set in the continuity of The Enchanted Kingdom.

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This story is a sequel to The Art of the Blade

Official visits to Trottingham tended to be anything but exciting for Princess Rarity. She'd spend the entire week stuck in her room, trying to somehow keep herself entertained while running away from the unwanted advances of the local nobles.

Then again, what better way to add excitement to the trip than convincing her bodyguard to join her on an illicit exploration of the city?

Part of the Bodyguard!AU Series, based on Earthsong9405's AU where Twilight is the bodyguard to a "Princess/Queen Rarity". Prior knowledge of the AU is not necessary to read the story. // Cover art by Togekissjpg!

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Rainbow Dash is the world's greatest flyer. Not only because she practices and trains so much she could wear out the Wonderbolts, but also because she has turned flying into her own personal therapy.

However, some feelings don't just go away on their own.

Some feelings, you can't outfly.

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