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Three years ago, the Cutie Mark Crusaders went their separate ways to seek their futures. Over the years, they kept in touch, but now they're all coming home to Ponyville.

Apple Bloom finds herself excited, but also strangely apprehensive for the imminent reunion.

Written as part of the 2020 Pride and Positivity event! Help support BLM, equality and LGBT+ by donating to any of the following charities:

Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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Giant monster invasions and national emergencies is little excuse to exclude the cutesier moments that result when denizens of two realms bump into each other. Sometimes it takes literally meeting someone from a completely different world to find who you mesh with.

Cover art by Emkay-MLP

Warning contains fluff and lots of it. Shameless, shameless fluff that Cadance approves of. As well as massive spoilers for "The Bridge: A Godzilla - MLP Crossover".

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Effective communication is important in any friendship.

Unfortunately for Twilight, Tempest Shadow and Pharynx communicate almost exclusively in overwhelming force.

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Twilight is desperate for love—and that desperation dooms her chances for it.

Hence The Love Protocols. Rules set in place to stop her feelings from making a mistake. Desperate enough to nearly date anyone, she needs the rules in place from getting with the wrong pony—or messing things up with the right one. 

Spike assures Twilight she's not so shallow and that, given dating experience, her tastes would narrow. Yet she requests his aid in finding love at a bar. 

How will our wingman fare in helping Twilight find somepony to love?

[Cover by Maren]

Commission for Barbarity!

Want a story for yourself? Then check out my commissions page!

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The day after the Friendship Festival, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, preferably known as Commander Tempest Shadow and previously Second-In-Command to the dreaded Storm King, awakens to realize she has three problems:

1) She has a wicked hangover
2) Somepony else is in bed with her
3) Said pony just happens to be a certain princess.

"Oh, horseapples..."

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This story is a sequel to Love in Sickness

After the confession of both Smolder and Ocellus's feelings for each other, they both secretly took jobs on the side to earn bits for their very first date.

With both of them acquiring the bits they need for a proper simple date, both Ocellus, and Smolder takes the next step in breaking the news with their respective leaders about their plans of dating with each other.

Will their first romantic date be successful, or will it be a failure and thus breaking any hope of pushing the relationship further?

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Every night, as the land slips beneath the gloaming, Smolder tries to steal a treasure she knows she cannot hold.

Every night, she invites Ocellus to witness the attempt.

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Life has pushed Smolder and Ocellus into close proximity; hundreds of reasons now exist for them to be in physical contact with one another, and hundreds of ways now exist for them to make it happen. Good or bad, neither Smolder nor Ocellus would change such moments for the world.

These are a just few of them.

A collection of micro-fiction that originated from a weekly blog of mine.

This story is part of the Serial Novel Society.

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On a night that's both clear and opaque, the students of the School of Friendship head out to watch the stars.

Surrounded by the weight of silence, Smolder and Ocellus hope to find a new constellation.

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Smolder and Ocellus struggle with their relationship. Smolder isn't too fond of labels.

She constantly has problems with what they are, versus what they're not. Are they girlfriends, or are they not?

Note: There was only very minor implied sex in the beginning, if you're wondering why the sex tag is there.

Now with a fanfic reading!

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