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Spike and Celestia learn they don't have to live eternity alone. Can they soothe each other mortal wounds? Can they make it across the Badlands to see the Dragon King alive? Will they trust love in a heart that will beat on until forever?

Edited by FanficReader920.

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Rainbow couldn't be any happier with the last few months - her newfound relationship with a certain yellow pegasus has soared to fantastic heights. The pair of pegasi are deeply in love, spending considerable amounts of time together while basking in each others' company; everything is perfect.

Well... according to everyone except for Rainbow's younger adopted sister.

Seeming to despise the newcomer interrupting their once solely sisterly dynamic, Scootaloo hasn't been afraid of voicing her displeasure; Meanwhile, Rainbow wants nothing more than to see two of the most important ponies in her life get along.

However one fateful day, an unexpected Wonderbolt Emergency forces Rainbow to leave Scootaloo in the care of Fluttershy - surely this will work out, right?

Can these pegasi ever be a family of 3? And what exactly is Scootaloo hiding to prevent herself from bonding with Fluttershy?

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Apple Bloom wants to grow up. She's sure she does. Surrounded by the family that founded a town, shaped it, and made it what it is today, she finds herself all the more invested in becoming a part of this legacy.

Yet as Apple Bloom's interest in the legacy grows, so does her interest in a pony who never had one.

After all, sometimes there's a good reason to step outside. To fly on your own. To look beyond the herd.

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Somewhere, high in the skies of Equestria, a derelict airship drifts. Alone.

It should remain that way.

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After her friends come to her aid during a time of need, Ocellus undergoes a dramatic transformation. This results in a flurry of new emotions and worries that cause the Student Six to fear that their friendship is in jeopardy.

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Smolder is not a changeling. But sometimes she feels like one.

Being a dragon can be downright exhausting.

Cover Art by Dashy21
Thank you to Ice Star, Meridian Prime and Pascoite for their help putting this together.

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Ocellus should have expected this question to come up someday. She really should have...

Just a silly little thing I thought of and had to write down.

Korean Translation by Ad Hoc
Audio Reading by ajvasquezbrony28

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When Scootaloo crashes into twilight during a magic experiment they get teleported to an unknown city that's burning and has weird creatures scattered in the streets. As the two separated stranded ponies roam around the city separately trying to figure out where they ended up, will they try to make it home as fast as possible or will they stay to help a species that's being systematically eradicated?

I'll try to upload chapters whenever I finish them. :twilightsmile:

Cover art by myself

23-12-18: I got featured!:rainbowderp:
2 - 1 - 19: Again :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: This entire thing is going to be edited and partially re-written somewhere in the future.

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Anon has been forced into Canterlot's throne room. Even worse, Princess Celestia is inside of it. Crying silently.

Welp, there's only one real solution here.


Now's the time to hope this isn't a crime of any sort, and that he isn't sent to the sun anytime soon.

First publicized story- would definitely appreciate criticism.

And being completely honest- this was made in under an hour. A product of sudden inspiration.

Edit 5/17/19: Christ, featured less than an hour after it was posted and generally liked- i'm honoured. Glad you all enjoyed my silly little story!

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They were actually making progress in the conversation department. “Hey, sunshine, you’re a genius, aren’t you? Leading an army and all that. Help me with this crossword.”

Note: I did not make up the name S.M.I.L.E. It is the actual name of the secret agency Sweetie Drops (Bon-Bon) mentioned being a part of in Season 5 Episode 9.


I refer to 'Bon-Bon' as 'Sweetie Drops' in this story because it felt right. Instead of 'Bon-Bon', the pony who works in Sweetie Drops Candies selling candies, she is 'Sweetie Drops', the special agent who works for the "super-secret anti-monster agency" as she refers it in Slice of Life.

Cover art by some guy called FanaticPanda on DeviantArt.

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