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Captain Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts.
Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
Certainly her dream job.
Well, dreams and reality are two very different things.

Especially when our newly minted captain has to deal with an empty roster, budget cuts, the first non-pegasi cadets, and the pressure of finding out your best friend is now your boss, let alone a princess.

If that weren’t enough to make her quit, her three wing commanders might. Cloud Kicker is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen; Surprise makes no sense; and Lightning Dust is, well, Lightning Dust.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo arrives at the academy, ready and raring to prove she’s got what it takes to be an elite flyer. Pressure mounts as Scootaloo aims to make her hero proud.

Now on Equestria Daily
Editors: ping111

Thanks for pre-reading go to:
John Perry
Distaff Pope

Cover art used with permission by GSphere

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I consider myself a lucky guy. Good job, good family, and best of all, really, really good friends. We call ourselves MMPD, and together we've had tons of crazy adventures, helped one another discover ourselves, and always have had a good time. It's a shame we've drifted apart since high school, but at least we get to see each other once a year on our shared birthdays.

That tradition turned out to be a lifesaver, because as my friends and I just found out… well, let’s just say we’ve known each other a lot longer than we thought. Now we’ve gotta find a way back home, and hopefully we won't drive each other nuts along the way. We know we’re not the big heroes, and we’re all in WAY over our heads, but hopefully we can do enough to make a difference in the end. If we can do that, then I know we’ll have made our families proud.

I just wish we still had our capes.

Side fic to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum.The reading of that story is NOT required in order to understand what is going on in this one.

Now with a Chinese translation!

The Last Crusade Tv Tropes Page
Five Score Divided by Four Group

Cover art by Sonson-Sensei.

Chapters (18)

Naturally, most would think that having a destiny of good luck would be something wonderful. Who wouldn't love winning every competition? Who wouldn't love never having to worry about finding a job? Who wouldn't love to have everything handed to them without having to work at it?

One pony would beg to differ with this sentiment. Lucky Clover is a colt that has lived such a life, a life that has become more of a curse than a blessing. What once seemed to be great has turned into a nightmare, for being lucky all of the time does not necessarily mean life will be a simple trot in the park. On the contrary, it can present challenges that most would never face.

[A/N] I think I might have seen a story like this before, centered on a pony with perpetual luck, but I've decided to roll with this idea and give a story (with some background) to one of the most under-represented background ponies in this fandom.

With that said, I hope you enjoy. :)

Edited by: Twi-Guy

Story Slightly Inspired by: Every Thorn Has its Rose

Chapters (1)

Big Macintosh isn't much for games. Work and family have always been his top priorities. Still, there are times when even the industrious, grounded farm stallion likes to relax, and in those times, he finds his mind wandering back to his youth.

A Father's Day one-shot focusing on Big Mac and his dad.

Edited by the awesome Featherprop.

Chapters (1)

After an irritating encounter with Penny, Sheldon retires to his home-away-from-home, his Batcave, his Fortress of Solitude: his office. But the physicist gets more than he bargained for when a strange interdimensional worm hole appears in the Biology department.

Trapped in an unfamiliar, scientifically impossible world. Sheldon has the perfect opportunity to flex his astonishing social skills, or lack thereof. Completely oblivious that the fate of Equestria rests in his hands, Sheldon embarks on a journey of self discovery and love and tolerance... except he doesn't discover anything, and love and tolerance is a waste of time.

Well, maybe he'll learn the value of friendship along the way. But that isn't likely

Chapters (12)

Pinkie Pie gets a new set of wheels and causes problems for her friends and the entire town.

Random idea that was inspired by the following images by: pinkiepiemike (cover image) and Larsurus

Edited by Alaborn

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After a series of amazing detective work by the Royal Guard, Count Chocolate was caught. Being one of the ring leaders in an attempted coup to assassinate the Royal princesses, his sentence was obvious from the start. Even faced with his impending death, the others in his coup are still at large.

Still, the princesses with their kindness and forgiveness (ahem) have given the despicable Count a choice. If he names his accomplices, his life will be spared. Sadly the Count is renowned for his fierce loyalty, one that could rival that of the Element of Loyalty herself. How will the princesses convince the stubborn Count to tell them what they want to know, or will he willfully face the axe.

Chapters (1)

With the recent premiere of the Equestria Girls movie in Equestria, everyone is overjoyed at its success. Except for Spike, who doesn't like that fact he was the only character to be a dog instead of a human in the movie. Which leads to him calling upon a revolution for change on Equestria. Yeah... things blow out of proportion really fast.

Thanks to Bass21, Linkerman, and LDSocrates for pre-reading it! And thanks to jlm123hi for making the cover image!

Chapters (1)

This story is set one year after the failed invasion of the changeling army.

A royal guard must put duty and country above all else, even if it means personal sacrifice. For one such guard, that sacrifice turns out to be her freedom, her honor, and possibly her life.

Still, there are those who wish to speak with her, to try and understand why she did what she did.

Edited by the awesome Featherprop
Rated Teen for language and violence

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle has been convinced that kidnapping YOU is the solution to saving Equestria! While this should be a dream come true (going to Ponyville, meeting Twilight Sparkle, etc..) There's just one catch...

You don't want to be a pony... At least not like this!

Chapters (23)