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Subtle as a brick, and twice as entertaining.


Big Macintosh isn't much for games. Work and family have always been his top priorities. Still, there are times when even the industrious, grounded farm stallion likes to relax, and in those times, he finds his mind wandering back to his youth.

A Father's Day one-shot focusing on Big Mac and his dad.

Edited by the awesome Featherprop.

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That was a really good read :twilightsmile:

Nice one :3

What a good read. Sweet Celestia the feels in this were off the charts. I can actually relate to AJ getting crossed at Mac for smoking. My Dad always gives me grief when I have a cigar. This was a seriously good fic though and it deserves more views. Perhaps approving it for Twilight's Library will help :eeyup:

2780431Thank you for your kind words! It definitely not the style of writing I'm accustomed to, so I'm glad that it came out alright. Cheers! :moustache:


Heya, and thank you! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I'm a smoker myself, so I know what you mean. I've never done a slice of life fic before, and I tend to shy away from canon characters, so I'm glad that this turned out to be a decent story. Honestly, though, all credit for that should go to Featherprop, who kicked me in my ass several times when I needed it. If it's good, it's because of him.

Thanks again, Mayhem, and thank you for approving it!

Cheers! :moustache:

2786159 You're welcome :3

And for not being accustomed to writing like that, you're good. Write more things in ways you're not accustomed to xD

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