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Through a miraculous and cruel twist of fate, Sombra has survived death yet again. However, his many defeats have left him broken and near feral, and the Princesses see no option but to lock him away. Starlight Glimmer, seeing more than the rage and hate the others see, feels pity for the fallen king, and offers to take Sombra under her care to try and reform him.

She quickly finds out Sombra's more broken than anyone believes, and it's going to be a rocky road to redemption, but even the darkest shadows can take solace in the starlight.

Cover art drawn by my sister, linked in the art itself.

Chapters (21)

With Celestia out on vacation for a week, Cadance sees a fine opportunity to spend some time with her Auntie Luna, who's now in control of Equestria for that time. She's always known Luna to be a bit... different, but she never thought she'd find herself suspecting her Auntie Luna of trying to take over Equestria again. Is she simply over-thinking things, or is something truly the matter with Auntie?

Set mid Season 2.

Featured on: 1/30/17!
Also, this is now my 5th story to have 100 likes!
Also pt2, this story was featured in SA Review #104! Check it out here!

Preread/Edited by MLPMatthew419 and Mocha Star

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She was one of the best. Loyal, powerful, unbreakable. That was until the love burst ended the invasion of Canterlot. One of queen Chrysalis' personal guards, after flying over half of Equestria tossed by the blast, lands inside enemy territory. Crippled, and defenseless, can she fool the ponies around her long enough to sink her fangs into their necks? Will that even be an option? Is she even half as good as she thinks?

Unfortunately, with her eyes wounded beyond repair, she has to rely only on her ears to escape her predicament.

Cover is a beautiful fanart by CitreneSkys / PaintedSNEK
(Just a little experiment in a purely dialogue-based story. As usual, comments, criticism, suggestions, or anything really is encouraged if it's constructive.)

Chapters (26)

After a surprise attack along her favourite patrol route, Princess Luna crashlands into the Everfree Forest, battered and broken. Outside the walls of the sanctuary of the strange pony that rescued her, the dangerous denizens of the Everfree lurk. Forced to remain in hiding while her sister secretly investigates, how will she cope under the mysterious canopy of the Everfree and without the luxury of her castle?

There is a thin line between a princess and a wild forest pony, thinner than a zap apple stem. Now it's up to Luna not to cross it.

Featured on 4/5/2019 and 7/4/2019

Edited by MV, additional editors and pre-readers are tagged under the chapters they helped with.

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Princess Celestia gets a speeding ticket

It's pretty self-explanatory.

FimFic needs a 'dumb' tag.



A wonderful piece of art made by my Steam/FimFiction friend TheBreadMaker.

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When the Royal Wedding scatters defeated changelings all over Equestria, a member of the hive winds up being captured in Ponyville, tied up, stunned, repeatedly shot by a cannon, and held against his will.

The truly frightening part is he’s starting to like it.

Thank you to my twisted editors: Tek, Seether00, GameKnut, Cerulean Blue and Peter
The picture Pinkie Pie uses Party Canon is from Atmospark at DeviantArt

This story is listed as comedy⁽*⁾ because the author has an odd sense of humor. No changelings were harmed⁽¹⁾ during the production of this story, despite what the newspapers printed or the ongoing lawsuit from the ESPCA⁽²⁾. The management would like to remind all readers to spay and neuter your pets. Unless your pet is a changeling, in which case…

(*) Dark humor, to be exact. If you are someone who finds pleasure in the misfortune of others, enjoys watching the occasional inept chainsaw juggler or cheers during a NASCAR crash, welcome home. Also, get help.

(1) Excluding blunt trauma, thermal impingement, chemical exposure, radiation, thaumaturgic infusions, and confetti ingestion. All characters represented, including changelings, are the exclusive property of Hasbro, no matter what they may shout at you from between the bars of their cell. Any violence or pain inflicted on the changeling in this story was simulated on a stunt changeling with special effects and mirrors. Except for the cannon. There is no truth to the rumor that Queen Chrysalis provided the stunt changelings from a supply of disobedient changelings in her dungeon⁽³⁾.

(2) Equestrian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Arthropods

(3) The Changeling Kingdom does not have dungeons. They have Call Centers. It explains a lot, actually.

Here is a link to some appropriate background music to listen to while reading: Piotr Tchaikovneigh’s 1812 Overture

Additional Note: This story is tagged Sex because it has the occasional reference to… well, sex. There are no explicit references, but there are things.

Chapters (21)

After the changelings' failed invasion of Canterlot, Twilight tries to soothe some of Ponyville's rampant paranoia by casting a spell to prove there are no imposters hiding in the town. But her spell leaves her in an alien body, facing a mob of angry ponies who just don't believe her when she says she is Twilight Sparkle.

Or, at least, she was Twilight Sparkle, anyway...

Featured on Equestria Daily, 2/17/13
Cover art is by the awesome and amazing Conicer

Chapters (9)

A traitorous spy who can freeze time. An amoral archaeologist with a dangerous past. A cloudheaded Wonderbolt who wants to be a hero. A secretary in way over her head. Leading them all into the depths of the changeling hive is Princess Luna. Their mission: to capture Queen Chrysalis and bring her to justice. There will be no support, and no going back. And none of them are prepared for what they'll find.

The changelings have a past deeper and darker than anypony imagined. And so does Chrysalis.

Reviewed by Seattle's Angels June 10th, 2014.

This story was created with the help of Einhander, Auramane, Benny, Cola_Bubble_Gum, and Guy_Incognito.

Credit for the lovely cover art goes, of course, to 2315D.

This story takes place between the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot and the reappearance of the Crystal Empire. It takes basically no cues from the IDW comics. If you consider those canon, this should be considered AU. (Update: for obvious reasons, the canon has moved on from where it was when this story started, so the point is moot.)

Chapters (13)

The ever-helpful Twilight Sparkle sets out to design a compound to help increase brain activity in those who have a willingness to learn, but have trouble grasping difficult concepts. After acquiring a test subject in Rainbow Dash, the results are indisputable! Rainbow grasps new ideas and theories faster and more completely than ever before! But, how smart is too smart?

Chapters (3)

When the guards find a foal crying in the city streets, they bring him to Celestia's attention. Soon after, It becomes apparent he has fallen through every crack in Equestria's society. Feeling she has failed the colt, Celestia takes him into her own home.

Special thanks to my editors: ersmiller and Rinnaul and to my comrades in crazy ideas Exelzior and BionicBrony.

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