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Back in business. · 5:44pm

My stories are back on track. I admit that I am a Game Master first and a story teller second so I had no intention of actually writing when I joined this site. Seeing so many of you finding the courage to present your thoughts to your fellow bronies made me realize that I should stop wasting my time on games after work and do something productive instead.

Some of you read my first story and that one is NSFW. I will admit that I am going to be working on that one for I have never found an...exploration shrinking story. One where the shrinkee goes out and tries new things instead of it being about survival or being locked away as a slave--or world domination. That is also a popular one that is not my thing.

But I have also been working on designing entire new countries and stories over the past few years that I wish to bring to life here. I am also working with TalonMach5 who is writing the several times featured "Earth King Saga".

Well, I am hoping for your support AND giving you a pleasant read.

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