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Back in business. · 5:44pm Apr 19th, 2014

My stories are back on track. I admit that I am a Game Master first and a story teller second so I had no intention of actually writing when I joined this site. Seeing so many of you finding the courage to present your thoughts to your fellow bronies made me realize that I should stop wasting my time on games after work and do something productive instead.

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No love for Science Dash? · 10:59am Sep 25th, 2013

At home, I mix my own sport drinks.

Just plain old water is never enough, for when you go jogging, the average human loses more liquids then the stomach can process in the same span of time.
Even if you drank full-time you would still lose more then can be recovered by drinking.

And the body needs to replenish it's supply of nutrients as well.

So, as a semi-professional athlete, would it not be expected of Rainbow to know a minimum about basic healthcare?

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Alliteration awesome? Appealing or agravating? · 7:08am Sep 21st, 2013

Like pony-puns and show quotes, in my head alliteration is associated with bronykind.
"Passing Pound, the pink party pony pondered puzzling places," stuff like that.

With the help of a few online dictionaries, my first chapter contains quite a few more examples like this.
And it appears forced to me.

Thoughts anyone?

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