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Sunny never expected to have an adventure, but that's exactly what recent days have thrown at her. And with that turbulent time now over, she and all the ponies she has come to know look ahead to a bright future of fun and friendship.

Will contain Spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation.

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Sunny, who had returned to where she'd set her book, nodded to that. "Just as it's supposed to be." Then, while all her friends were looking elsewhere, she turned, gazing into a mirror that was hanging close beside her, and seeing her reflection. Though to be fair, with her newly and magically-created horn and wings, it was definitely a reflection that was going to take some getting used to. "And there were certainly a few more surprises than I was expecting from it."

Although I felt like her horn and the wings are like temporarily because they're still glowing when we saw them in the end of the movie like she can activate them

Sunny flipped over a few pages before answering. "Well, did you know that Princess Twilight once walked through a magic mirror that took her to a world of strange, ape-people? And that she even got a crush on one of them for a brief time?"

Wow I'm surprised she knows about the human world or at least her father told her about it and I still ship Twilight and Flash 😊

So it looks like this is the aftermath of the movie she invited izzy and the others for a tea and having conversation with each other and yeah what Sunny said it's kind of sad that things kind of went South when Twilight and the others are gone but izzy wants to reassure her things will get better maybe not fast but soon and she's not alone this time she got her friends this time and this is a good start it's going to take a long healing process but sooner or later Harmony will come back eventually this is a very interesting start of a story I wonder how this will work out guess we'll find out next time

I love how this has a MLP:FIM tag but it isnt FIM ...i know the G5 tag is gonna come at some point but still its funny

Well, FiM wound up a plot device, so I guess the tag works.

Excellent work on this first chapter in this series. Definitely enjoyed the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Could certainly understand the reflections on how far they've come in a short amount of time, even if they still had a long way to go. Of course, I could also understand Sunny looking back sadly at how the utopia Twilight and her friends worked so hard to build could fall apart that badly after they all passed away. Did appreciate her friends reassuring her though.

Certainly looking forward to more of this series.

10991400 Don't worry. As soon as the G5 tag comes along, I'll be swapping it out :twilightsmile:

This is great! Right off the bat, it has some solid writing and characterization, and I love Izzy's fourth wall joke. Can't wait to see where you take this! :twilightsmile:

I like this one. Nicely done!

Well after that event of the movie Hitch did punish Sprout for all the damages he made and all the words that he said it almost tried to kill all the ponies although it would have been more efficient punishment but whatever anyway it looks like Phyllis trying to come up with some ideas to help on the ponies and of course business is business but she's also wants to apologize to sunny so that's nice so I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

LOL! Enjoyed the humor in this chapter quite a bit. :-D Yeah, that "100 sentences A DAY" seems like an ironically appropriate punishment (at least the start of said punishment) for one so childish while still giving him a chance to work toward redemption (and, yeah, getting Hitch started on his law and order speech was another decent addition to the punishment). Also liked the part with Phyllis not only realizing her mistakes, but also unintentionally giving Hitch some delicious (unintended pun apologized for) blackmail material.

Certainly looking forward to more of this.

ah a good ol Bart Simpson Reference LOL

Sprout took a break from his writing to look to the wall in question, where those they'd arrest would be lined-up for photos. The wall, as it had always done, before the shadowy caricatures of a pegasus and unicorn, looking as scary as they'd usually depicted them. Sighing, the now-again deputy nodded. "Ugh, fine." After writing that apologetic sentence on the whiteboard a couple more times, he looked over his shoulder to his superior. "You know, now that earth ponies are supposed to be friends with unicorns and pegasi again, what's even the point of the two of us? I mean, Maretime bay doesn't really have much use for us anymore."

I might be tired (it's 2:30 AM for me) but that don't quite look right.

Other than that, good chapter. Wasn't expecting to see this updated-- guess I just didn't look at the yellow "incomplete" sign before.

Hitch Trailblazer is a wonderful pony. I love how he can be such a hammy dork but never gets arrogant or fails to be empathetic. I hope the canonical series maintains that going forward.

Not bad. Actually, pretty good! I liked it.

VERY good work on the exchange and characterizations in this chapter. Definitely understood Zipp's inexperience and awkwardness in sharing the stage with her sister here as well as the two of them sharing some of the very recent news - including the stuff about renovating the old railway station, the upcoming tourist trade between the three tribes AND Pipp sharing the stage with new friends.

A couple of possible ideas for other future chapters:

1. A few of the Earth ponies getting used to their strength and stamina at least tripling since the return of magic.

2. Izzy and Sunny doing a "Pony Talks" type show where they help out guests from all three tribes in talking out their issues and then working to try to, if not fix them, at least give the guests the tools to have a fair chance of making things better (I admit I was inspired a bit from the "talk show set" during the "Fit Right In" number).

and 3. An older and wiser Spike dropping in to pay Sunny and her friends a visit and show his appreciation for the fact that at least a few ponies still remember the stuff his big sister tried to teach.

Of course, I can completely understand if you already have other/better ideas and I won't press the issue if that's the case.

Ok so it looks like pipp is back making live streaming to her viewers and tell them some special announcements alongside with her sister Zipp telling them about the Earth ponies and unicorns can travel through here and also open up the train station and even the blimp as well and they made an official apology for lying to them over the past year about them flying so this was a pretty good one I wonder what else could happen next

Wow it's really nice to see how everything is going in Bridlewood where the unicorns live of course things are slowly recovering and they even have a special guest Queen Haven paid a visit to Alphabittle which that is pretty cool well things are looking brighter in the future I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

Very good job on the exchanges, characterization, general chapter wrap-up and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Definitely enjoyed the stuff about Alphabittle having Izzy's usual preferred beverage prepared (Izzy is ALMOST DEFINITELY descended from Pinkie Pie) before the dialogue with Queen Haven concerning how things have changed for the better in such a short amount of time.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

Well... Now that the other girls know Hitch is on the market... :trollestia:

Looking forward, both of the guests saw that it was, of all things, a calendar. And, to be more specific, it was one utterly dominated by pictures of Hitch in various costumes. Izzy, upon seeing that, whistled briefly. "Wow. that photographer really likes Hitch."

Lol the calendar I kind of forgot about that and I will admit he is a cool guy

Wow that is a very interesting conversation between just girls only I'm sure any of these girls could be lucky enough for the dude but anyway nice to see the girls hanging out wonder what else could happen guess we'll find out next time

Again, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Definitely liked the girls sitting down for a tea party with Pipp admitting these ARE more fun with a couple more guests. And, yeah, I can see where the other girls could be asking Sunny if there was anything romantic between her and Hitch and Sunny's reasoning for why there isn't (of course one has to wonder how often Starlight Glimmer has used that excuse when asked about Sunburst). Also liked the origin of the calendar pics. Of course, Sunny isn't oblivious to all those other mares she would have to compete with IF she actually DID have romantic feelings for Hitch (which she doesn't)

Anyway, certainly looking forward to more of this.

Pipp fluffed up her own wings, admiring them for a moment as she enthusiastically flapped a few times. "Maybe Sunny can dig up one of those old books of hers to see of all those old-timey pegasi had any flying tips. Should make for some pretty popular content."

Don’t you mean, “if?”

Well after that very long unable to fly it will take a while until a new wonder bolt like a team will appear in the sky.

Poor Pipp her shipping of Sunny and Hitch not works.
To be honest I don't see them as a pair either.

Since this fanfic is a slice of life one, I can't help but to be curious about how a day at the beach of Maretime Bay would go? What would they do?

I think if anypony then Hitch and/or Sunny is/are the pony(ies) who can swim from the group.

REALLY good work on this latest chapter. Definitely appreciated the work that went into the characterizations, exchange and general wrap-up. I have to appreciate the dialogue Hitch had with the florist concerning the former's almost supernatural knack with animals (almost definitely descended from Fluttershy as well as Applejack [though both from different branches of the family, quite obviously]) as well as Hitch's reflection on how much better and more important friendship is than fear and mistrust (though it IS only a matter of time before he and the others end up encountering a really major villain) before the seagull helped pick up the litter.

Really looking forward to more of this.


Sadly for them, Hitch is already married...to the job.

Well then it looks like hitch have the animals really following him again the theory is really strong about him being related to Fluttershy and it looks like he's starting to embrace it well a little bit but hey at least they can help this is pretty good so far I wonder what's going to happen next


Think of it this way, Hitch. You can have your animal underlings spread out across the town, watching everything and everyone and report to you the instant any law is broken!

Totally not a police state.

Comment posted by Zilverfoss deleted Oct 13th, 2021

Again, great job on the exchange, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Could definitely understand why Pipp would be so reluctant to fly out that high when she wasn't used to doing stuff like that without special effects yet. And, yeah, also really enjoyed Izzy practicing her self-levitation (she was able to levitate a tram car after magic returned, and she is A LOT lighter than a tram car), though I have to wonder if Izzy pulled that on purpose just to motivate Pipp into overcoming her nerves (with Izzy it's about 50/50), though I DID appreciate that Pipp made her promise to never pull that stunt again AND Izzy offered to treat Pipp to ice cream. One has to imagine how hard it might be for Sunny to learn to handle Pegasus flight, unicorn telekinesis AND earth pony strength but that's for another time.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

Oh wow this one was actually pretty nerve-wracking so it looks like pipp just trying to learn how to fly sense the magic came back and it looks like Izzy is trying to support her when they are over the edge of the cliff and pipp is still scared but it looks like Izzy has an idea to motivate her to fly to use her levitation which that's pretty impressive that you can hold herself and then she went over the edge and pipp told her not to do that but somehow is he hovers over pretty well but unfortunately she's stuck and pipp had to rescue her before she falls and with that they decide to call for a day I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

Just the Earth Pony strenght alone... poor Hitch. :derpyderp2:

In my head-canon that 'transluscent' Alicorn thing Sunny got - is situational, either triggerable like the Elements were for Twilight or 'plot point triggered'.

Boy that must be pretty hard for Zipp because she still doesn't want to do this but even if she likes it or not she has to and queen Haven knows about how she felt about this and they have a pretty good conversation between them this was a good one I wonder what's going to happen next

Definitely appreciated the work that went into the exchange, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up. Liked how Haven DID sympathize with Zipp about the frustrations of the crown, even if also acknowledging how important the job actually is. I also liked Haven admitting that Zipp did a VERY good thing already starting to work on re-unifying ponykind. Of course, the upside to the job is that it also includes the power to help a lot more ponies that really need it as well as the responsibility. That might not make the boring parts more tolerable, admittedly, but there you go.

Anyway, quite certainly looking forward to more of this.

That was really sweet moment

This was a beautifully bittersweet chapter. Really appreciated the dialogues and characterizations. Could certainly understand Sunny mentioning all of that while visiting her dad's grave as well as Hitch comforting Sunny when she started tearing up about the fact that the friendships that both Argyle and Sunny worked so hard to build were finally coming to fruition AFTER Argyle's death. And, yeah, Hitch made some excellent points.

Yeah, I can understand where this would be a good place to end the story series for the time being, but if you do come up with more chapters, I'd certainly welcome them and I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your work in general.

Awww this is a pretty nice story and it's really sad for sunny not having her father seen this what she accomplished alongside with her friends but hitch is right her father what happened so proud of her how much she really made it possible and very nice story keep up the good work.

And this is how sunny would sing for her dad

I wonder if Haven has ever considered naming Pipp her heir instead. It does seem like Pipp would be better at it, and certainly she'd enjoy being Queen more.

Yeah, that's about where I'm at with G5. I definitely enjoyed the movie and I'm looking forward to the first season.

As for the fic, good start. I'll be reading the rest of it.

Zipp snorted. "Well, that's one way to make a memorable first impression at a job interview, I guess." Then, curiosity began to take hold of her too, and she craned her neck over as if to get a better look at the book. "Any other weird stuff in there?"

izzy makes a good point about twi's first impression of starlight

Here, Mrs Cloverleaf smiled. "Ah, and that brings me to the second reason I'm here, aside from visiting my little Sprouty-wouty," she explained, giving her son's cheek a quick pinch, much to the latter's chagrin. Then, after clearing her throat, she spoke aloud in that usual presentation voice she'd become known for. "As of today, Canterlotgic will no longer be creating anti-unicorn or pegasi appliances. Instead, we will be focusing on devices for those good folk!"

it's nice to see canterlogic getting it's act together after 20 moons of bigotry

Phyllis looked to him. "But of course! You may have noticed, but I haven't exactly been the nicest of mares to her over the years. Always thinking of her as an odd duck because of how her...well...how she was raised."

i also like phyllis acknowledging the beef sunny has with her for those bigoted inventions she sold

Looking her daughter in the eye, Haven smirked. "Zipp, sweetheart, I'd honestly be more worried about you if you did enjoy boring meetings like this."

good point

I like this better than MYM Chapter 2. You should submit this to EQ Daily

She'd have wanted to speak to him further of course, but it was around now when her kettle finished squealing in its usual way,

Shouldn’t that be, “started squealing”? When a kettle squeals, that means the tea is ready, right? Also, I think there should be a comma before “of course”.

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