• Published 26th Sep 2021
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A New Age - James Pwyll

With her adventure over, Sunny and her friends begin their new lives.

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It was understandable that, whenever ponies had to do something like this, there was an air of discomfort about it. Not that it wasn't something they wanted to do exactly, but that simply being there tended to drudge up unpleasant thoughts. Not so for Sunny Starscout, although it was a given that the mare was often out of step with other ponies, even within her own community. So, on a day when she had some free time, she was sure to go to where she'd been planning to go for some days now. A pretty, grass-covered hill, just a short distance from her home. A mighty and old oak tree shaded the spot, and it had a good view of Maretime Bay from its summit. But it wasn't the views or the tree Sunny had come here for, but what lay at the latter's base. A stone, clearly marking the presence of the one beneath. Flowers had begun to grow and sprout where once there had been dug-up earth, and upon the stone itself was etched a name. One that Sunny knew and loved well. The mare smiled, taking in a deep breath before finally breaking the long silence. "Hey there, Dad."

Of course, the stone itself could not reply, but her words were soon followed by a gentle breeze, causing a slight rustling in the branches of the aforementioned oak. Sunny, taking this as a response, smiled. "Sorry it took me longer than usual to visit, but, well, I've kinda had a lot to do since last time." She took a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing. "All that stuff you taught me as a filly? All those stories? All those things you hoped would one day be true?" A slight welling appeared in her eyes. "It all happened, Dad. Pegasi and unicorns are back, and they're back with us! The ponies of Maretime Bay aren't frightened of them anymore!" Turning, she glanced back to her home, pointing to it with an outstretched hoof. "You can probably see some of the pegasi flying in the skies over there. It's incredible." Again, she regarded the stone. "I had such an adventure before all this happened, and I made a bunch of new friends along the way." She chuckled. "Hitch had a hard time adjusting of course, as did everypony else, but...I really think things have changed for the better now, just like you always hoped they would."

Silence fell again, and Sunny, even though she didn't say it outright, wanted more than anything for her departed father to respond. To say something, anything, after his daughter had told him all this. But of course, the cold stone remained as quiet as a grave usually was. Sighing, Sunny took her hoof off the stone for the time being., "I just...I wish you had been here to see it. You, more than anypony I know, wanted this to be the world we lived in. The world I lived in. And for you to never get the chance to see it become reality, I..." The wellings in her eyes returned, fiercer than before. She did her best to try and hide it, or to hold it back, but it was for nothing, as a single tear began to fall at last. "None of this would have been possible without you and what you taught, Dad. It isn't right that you...that you left before your dream came true." Slowly, she shook her head. "I just...I want you to know I've spent my life trying to make others see what you always knew to be true about us. That friendship was possible."

"He knows," a voice whispered from behind. Sunny looked behind her, seeing the smiling face of her oldest friend, Hitch, walking up the hill to join her. Sunny's prior smile returned, and once he was alongside her, the two looked down to the stone together, with Hitch's voice one of calm softness. "Wherever he is, he knows what you've done. What you've accomplished. And there's nopony who would be more proud of what you've done than him."

Sunny chuckled, leaning to the side so her head was resting on the stallion's shoulder. "You always knew what to say to cheer me up, Hitch."

Hitch smiled back to her, wrapping his forehoof around her to hold her close. "You know I'm right. Ponies can leave a lot of things in this world when they're gone. Books, buildings, that sort of thing. But your father? He left behind something better than all of that." He looked his best friend right in the eye. "He left, you, Sunny. A mare filled with dreams and hopes of friendship and unity. His dream, carried on. And you made it real in his name. The things he taught you, the ideas he raised you on, that made you into the mare who changed the world for the better. And I can't think of a single pony who has left as remarkable a legacy as that."

Sunny's smile widened, and for a time all the two did was hug, a pleasant moment to contrast against the more melancholy feelings that had preceded it. What had been a relatively cloudy day began to give way at last, letting bright sunlight pour down on where the two were standing. It illuminated the tree, causing its leaves, which were already beginning to change with the season, to become a bright gold. The two ponies looked up to that, Sunny taking another deep breath before looking once more to her friend. "I just wish most ponies around here didn't think my Dad was crazy when he was alive."

Hitch nudged her a little. "Well, not all of us felt that way about him."

The two smiled as old friends do, and after simply staring fondly to the final resting place of Sunny's father, they turned, heading back down the hill to return to her home. And after a while, Sunny paused, glancing over her shoulder to give one last look to the one who had meant so much to her. "Thanks, Dad...for everything."

Author's Note:

And that seems like a good point to end the story on, at least for the time being. I hope everyone who read it has enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it :twilightsmile:

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This was a beautifully bittersweet chapter. Really appreciated the dialogues and characterizations. Could certainly understand Sunny mentioning all of that while visiting her dad's grave as well as Hitch comforting Sunny when she started tearing up about the fact that the friendships that both Argyle and Sunny worked so hard to build were finally coming to fruition AFTER Argyle's death. And, yeah, Hitch made some excellent points.

Yeah, I can understand where this would be a good place to end the story series for the time being, but if you do come up with more chapters, I'd certainly welcome them and I'll definitely be looking forward to more of your work in general.

Awww this is a pretty nice story and it's really sad for sunny not having her father seen this what she accomplished alongside with her friends but hitch is right her father what happened so proud of her how much she really made it possible and very nice story keep up the good work.

And this is how sunny would sing for her dad

I like this better than MYM Chapter 2. You should submit this to EQ Daily

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