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Spike is drunk. Twilight is high. Rainbow is sober. This sort of trio has never happened before.

And it's up to the sober to get the others home.

[Cover by Sea-Mass!]

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Having been the sober friend many a time, this felt very apt. Bravo.

I hate drunk wrangling with a passion... though if my friends were this introspective, delightful, and fun even when shit-faced whammered, I may not mind as much.

Hillbe #3 · August 9th · · 1 ·

You must of seen us drama nerds after an after theatre beach party driving a beat up Volvo wagon back home...

Except the part where Gary threw up killing the grass by the driveway and his mom complaining
"You got him drunk again?" (It was his 1st time)

Why was I always the sober one?

Well that happened I like it

I can tell you have never been high before. XD especially after way too many edibles.

Can't relate (mostly), but can still understand. Even with my limited experience, I know myself, I would be the sober one.:moustache:

Funny, wholesome, and inspirational through and through! Though these kinds of situations never occurred to me personally, this kinda felt like a little helper in preparation for such an event to come up! In any case, this whole fic is amazing! Hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this tipsy fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/KdTDTU9BnBU

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

B_25 #8 · August 9th · · 1 ·

Thanks! Glad to see you are still at it!

Oh good gracious, I loved this. Brilliant, excellent execution. Well done!

Well this was a hilariously good short. 9/10

Huk #11 · August 9th · · 1 ·

"Don't vomit."
"I promise."
"I vomited."
"I know."

Ah, this is relatable... Except instead of Dash, it's usually me talking to a white toilet-like thing :trixieshiftright:

please do a sequel would love to see the next day

Kichi #13 · August 10th · · 1 ·

Good to see how Honest, Kind and Generous are their friends leaving Rainbow to take care of them... But seriously, she is the top flier, she could have gone, ask Starlight for help and return in 10 seconds flat, or just send a S.O.S to Celestia by dragonfire.

This fic is great for many reasons.

It takes the characters from the show and removed the childish aspect from them without ruining them, which is hard to do. Spike is still Spike, but drinking. Twilight is still Twilight, but unknowingly high.

Rainbow is more mature that I couldn't even read this and simulate her voice actors voice. It didn't fit with how well she was written as being, well, an adult. She's still egotistical but not too much where it's her character trait. She is shown to be a stand up person and able to chill out when moments like these arise.

Thats why I think although if this was in the show it would've been done way differently, the fact that Rainbow took them home herself and did it alone attests to the fact of maturity. She didn't freak out at a moments notice.

Good fic.

Both their faces turned left and at the happy alicorn. Golden light from the lamp bathed Twilight as she munched down the last brownie. Wiping a crumb-covered hoof on her chest, she looked at the plate quizzically. "I don't know why Tree Hugger only said to eat two! Those things were great!"

Spike and Rainbow glanced at each other.

Then they focused on the naive princess.

"I guess pastries are known for being pretty calorie-dense," Twilight rattled off as her shoulders started to lower. "But I'm already good with my weight, and I'm not really on a diet either." Then her head leaned to the side, and her eyes took the sky. "Why am I starting to feel funny?"

Stallions and Gentlemares, I give you: the future ruler of Equestria!

In all seriousness, good little story. Was a little afraid it would lean too heavily into stoner humor (which is fine in moderation but not really my speed in excess), but it was pretty well handled. Kudos.

Also, whoever's downvoting every comment... I'm not quite sure what you're hoping to achieve, but unless the answer is "nothing but making yourself look bad", I'm afraid you failed.

Very cute :)


Rainbow Dash took a step and felt the dragon shift on her back, the sound of bile rising in her throat and exiting through her mouth. Tiny particles splashed onto the sides of her left hooves. She stopped and sighed.

Shouldn't these be "him" since it's Spike throwing up?

Genuinely touching character moment for Dash. This is Loyalty in a nutshell: Being there for your friends even, nay, especially when they can't be there for themselves. My personal headcanon is that dragon innards literally burn off alcohol within minutes of consumption, but that's a minor quibble I'll happily overlook for something this sweet.

You know, for a given value of "sweet" that includes the vomit mostly missing the designated trotter's mane. :twilightsheepish: Thank you for this.

B_25 #18 · August 10th · · 1 ·

You're a lifesaver!

Thanks! Good seeing you around these parts


Genuinely touching character moment for Dash. This is Loyalty in a nutshell: Being there for your friends even, nay, especially when they can't be there for themselves.

Yeah, I love these sorts of moments for Dash. These sorts of introspective moments where she has her impulsive, brash bravado stripped away, leaving that iron core of Loyalty behind.


My personal headcanon is that dragon innards literally burn off alcohol within minutes of consumption,

That... damn, I'm gonna find a way to work that into a story. Spike wants to go out for a night on the town with his friends, but Twilight won't let him, because he'll burn through half his monthly stipend before he catches a buzz.

This is Loyalty in a nutshell: Being there for your friends even, nay, especially when they can't be there for themselves.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm loyal, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And you;re paying my dry cleaning tomorrow!"

Having been the designated driver myself, this rings all too true. :rainbowderp:

A cute and silly story, I liked how you handled RD. Not exactly my speed, but that's just a taste thing and has nothing against you as a writer.

Looking through the comments, you seem to have a troll problem (not the commenters themselves), but someone is methodically downvoting every single comment and the story. It's not unusual to see downvotes on comments, but EVERY single one...?

B_25 #23 · August 11th · · 1 ·

Two years ago, a user demanded that I write him a story and, on my refusal, has vowed to curse me by downvoting anything that has any relation for me.

I've long since just accepted it for what it is.

I think it's just a habit for them at this point to obsess and check over this.

oh brother🙄...well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry you have to deal with this kind of thing.

B_25 #25 · August 11th · · 1 ·


I'm almost curious as to what he/she wanted you to write and why you refused.

You don't have to answer that if you don't want to but I feel like I should ask anyway.

Facesitting story with some disgusting details.

Yeah that doesn't seem like your wheelhouse to be honest.

You mostly seem to focus on "Episodes that would happen if MLP was PG-13."

B_25 #29 · August 13th · · 1 ·


Well said. Personally really dislike how most write Rainbow and am rather particular on how I like her written. So this story seem's up my ally! :twilightsheepish:

Wow! That...actually makes me feel better about all my dislikes...(and yes! It did bother me! Still does to be honest. But healthy mindset is a healthy mindset and...that comes with time and practice :twilightsmile:)

Also...kind of hilarious...just saying...

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