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With Hearts and Hooves Day just around the corner, couples everywhere are making all sorts of plans.
But Rarity doesn't have a Special Somepony to share the day with, so she thinks she'll be all alone, but then she thinks about her wonderful "Date" on New Year's Eve with a certain dragon.

Maybe she should take matters into her own hooves...

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That was a sweet story. Keep up the good work

Cute. Nice ending I'm glad it didn t suddenly jump to rarity being head over heels for spike, those stories always seem a little bit rushed. Keep up the good work

:duck: It's Opals fault!
:twilightoops: Wut?
:raritydespair: She talked me into it!
:moustache: I'm not complaining


You may want to fix your formatting issues, sentences made into new lines halfway through, double spacing between paragraphs, kinda looks like it's been written in notepad to keep the lines all on screen...

Who was spying on Twilight? I must know.

It could be an OC too.

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