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It was fairly simple as far as assignments for the Lord Ambassador of Equestria went. Just a border dispute over a patch of land nocreature really wanted. But then came the summons back to Canterlot, so urgent that it only had four words:

Twilight needs you

Contains G5 spoilers, inasmuch as there's anything to spoil.

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Brilliant bridging between G4 and G5! Absolutely loved it!

I'm going with parallel worldline that remembers this one in the form of a TV show until something proves otherwise. Second guess is that they stole the worldbuilding from Onward.

An excellently-executed compromise between the franchise's past and immediate future. Makes me hope Spike at the very least gets a cameo in the upcoming film.

Have a thumbs up!

P.S. Between you and me, my money's on the Pomeranian being a Diamond Dog descendant who took up aviation.

Welp, interesting little bit. (This is why you don't give into the temptation to look into the future, Twilight. ...Which Celestia apparently did regularly with her divinations... let's not worry about that.)

I, myself, am unsure if I'll be getting into G5 given the way my life is turning and where my creative energy is going. But who knows, ponies, after all, will always have a place rattling around somewhere in that head of mine.

-GM, master of Pinkie Pie won't leave, she's just hiding in my head, waiting.

Love it. I'm mildly less nervous about G5 now.

yeah we need something like that, because doom future i mean G5 really feels wrong, who moving the sun my big question

Honestly, he'd make one heck of an ambassador. He'd just have to bend over the city walls and look into the main hall without actually entering the city, and the local government would agree to whatever he said before he'd even have the chance to speak.

I now consider this how G5 show will go, and refuse to accept any other reality. No, you can't convince me otherwise.

Excellent as ever! It's depressing that poor Twi had a two-day emotional crisis, I can most certainly relate to that, but it also offers an interesting tie-in to G5.

“What are we dealing with, Gallus? Code Heliotrope?”

The griffon shook his head as he led Spike further into the castle. “Code Ultraviolet if I’m any judge, sir.”

You brilliant madman :raritystarry: Absolutely brilliant!

"Red Bull?" Are we talking Red Bull as in Last Unicorn, or did Twilight do something really dumb after taking waaay too many energy drinks?

“Yeah, I’ve gotten pretty good at pretending to be sane and rational and the kind of pony anypony should let anywhere near the crown.” Twilight brought a hoof to the headwear.

That puts you you pretty far ahead of nearly every politician

"I am immortal. That fiasco with the Red Bull proved it."

Oh my gosh you are impossible

Everypony's gaze turned to Sunny. She looked back and forth between them, and that soon gave way to just shaking her head. “Don’t look at me! I don’t know what’s going on either!”

Definitely new at being a pony protagonist. Doing stuff because someone who knows everything about you told you to while giving zero context is 80% of the actual job.

This is canon and nobody can convince me otherwise.

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Glad I could help ease the transition. :twilightsmile:

"Magic is hard, technology is easy" rings a little hollow when so much of the technology depends on magic. I'm hoping for in-universe fictionalization myself. Sunny certainly has enough merch to qualify as a brony.

Headcanon accepted. Bonus points if the Pomeranian fights the Red Baron at some point. Yes, that's usually for the beagles, but he's still a time-honored nemesis for canine aviators.

Celestia's visions just happened without her actively seeking them. Twilight's the one who dug too deep and too greedily.

And yes, once Pinkie takes up residence in your brain, she's stuck there.

"I'm a dragon" does make for quite the persuasive argument.

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I'm flattered. :twilightsmile: Let's hope the reality is at least as satisfying.

I was going for a Last Unicorn reference, but it could certainly be both.

It does come with the territory, yes.

"I am immortal. That fiasco with the Red Bull proved it."

I thought that Celestia gave her wings.

“Then what is your point? Should I embrace the transience of existence, immortality or not, and accept the inevitable loss of everything I worked for as part of entropy’s slow, inexorable consumption of all things?”

Do what I do: accept it, but then make a conscious effort to not think about it. Yes, Twilight, I know that "don't think about it" runs counter to the very core of who you are, but trust me -- it's for your own well-being.

That was a nice story showing the best possible way both G4 and G5 could exist in the same timeline without implying too many super-depressing things. Still, I'm waiting for, closer to the end of 2021, a sudden influx of stories about Twilight dealing with the existential crisis of being a fictional character.

I thought the 'red bull' might be Tirek. Her immortality was tested quite a bit there.


And my mind went to the Bomber Gap, once I figured out what kind of Gap of national importance I was thinking about.

Even without knowing about the G5 announcement, everything makes sense! Nice!

I wonder how old Spike is now...

Beautiful writing, and on such short notice! Excellent work! Absolutely brilliant.

I wish Gen Five was going to be this good.

Giant mediator plus squabbling pea brains equals WIN.

is it okay if I imagine that David Kaye is voicing him?

He leaned in close and hissed, “She’s a pony flying in the air like some kind of witch! ”

If this is really going to be Hitch, I'm hooked

Wish I could be anywhere near this optimistic about it all, but I'm glad to see that your creative urges remain thus far undaunted, FOME.

It's a dangerous business, going out your G4.

Super hopeful and optimistic stuff, FOME. I can't help but agree with the sentiment. :raritywink:

I second this as canon!

I've always felt there was a certain sense of cargo-cult to Twilight's repeating with Luster what Celestia did with her. Oh well, that's an aside, the story is great anyway. I actually think it's made me look forward to G5 some more, and of course it's got just enough references to other things I like to add a little extra spicy fun. Gold star!

Bah. Kids those days will think they'll have invented metafiction. (Shakes cane at vague point in the future.)

I was actually going for a riff on "generation gap." Just one without overt boomer/zoomer humor like several other stories regarding the transition to G5. Generation Gap was even the working title, but I felt it was too on the nose.

Go for it!

Hitch formed in my mind more or less as a total package. I made a lot of assumptions to get to this interpretation, but I'm quite happy with him.

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I didn't go into this trying for optimism. More reassurance that it doesn't have to be the worst-case scenario... which I suppose does count as optimistic. :derpytongue2: We'll see how it goes.

The key factor of cargo cults is that they don't know why the planes came, or what will bring them back. That leads to an interesting question. Given Twilight's hard-won understanding of social dynamics, how much of having Luster follow in her hoofsteps is cargo cult behavior, and how much is a scientist trying to replicate a successful process with many of the same variables?

Of course, for all we know, Ponyville has been repurposed into Twilight's friendship gulag for those who don't hew to the party line, but that's outside of this story's scope. :pinkiecrazy:

Spike smiled and tousled her mane. “Hey, you’re always my top priority. I was keeping you steady long before I started resolving interspecies incidents.”

See this is why Spike is my favourite

It’s funny, I was thinking the other day that out of all the characters to continue to G5, Spike’d probably one of the most likely. He could probably live long enough, but she’s always a character that has been in several generations.
Also while their are figures of the mane six in the background, Spike is absent. It would be a shame if he’s not a figure simply cos he’s not a pony, though that might back sense in this new divided Equestria.

But just imagine now cool it would be for them to go into a cave, looking for answers to unite the world again, and we just have a gargantuan Spike slowly come out of the shadows.

Anything, this story is really awesome, and never I like it’s stance on the whole, Twilight’s adventure was meaning less because everything went bad. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Great work as always

I told you we should’ve screened the recruits for any of the Flower Trio’s relatives.

The moment I read this line I kinda wished it wasn't there, even if I would have missed the potential joke there without it.

I do so love this take on Gallus.

It feels a bit weird to see Twilight still having this kind of breakdowns. Yes, they are innately a Twilight thing, but she's had years (potentially decades) to mature. She didn't flinch when Luster had her "I don't get friendship" moment, I'd assume she'd have had her "Maybe all my actions are ultimately pointless" reflection already. Maybe once every couple months like I do. Speaking of which:

Should I embrace the transience of existence, immortality or not, and accept the inevitable loss of everything I worked for as part of entropy’s slow, inexorable consumption of all things?

Yes, you should, because it's an immutable fact and you can do nothing about it. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing things now just because one day they won't have mattered. Because they still matter now and it's still worth making the world a better place.

I do want to hear about Flurry's birthday at some point. Unless it's a reference to something and I'm missing it.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with all the freaking out about G5 is the bit about magic being gone. Because it's information we're getting from outside the show rather than from it directly, and people are making all sorts of assumptions about what it means even when it's so very clear magic isn't actually gone. Even disregarding the supposedly missing cutie marks that we know they eventually get (which might actually just be on only one side of their bodies. I'm not kidding. It lines up with all evidence we have and hey, 2D puppets are finally dead so we no longer have to suffer hideous inconsistent mane flips so if this is the price to pay I'm okay with it) and the obvious fact that Sunny will succeed in her quest to fix stuff, magic is so deeply tied to the nature itself of this world that instead of assuming Hasbro has forgotten about it it should be a lot more natural to guess that ponies have simply lost awareness of it in some way. On a related note, not the biggest fan of the whole "G4 is a franchise inside of G5" take, it clashes heavily with what Hasbro has revealed so far about it and is also probably disproven by the leaked animatic.

“You know you can take off the tennis ball whenever you want, right?”

Tell that to the fanartists. I may hate the drama that ravages this fandom from time to time, but damn it if I don't absolutely love what people do with these characters. Here's hoping we'll get more of the latter and less of the former.

A pretty nice story, and a cute bridge between generations. Of course written with the knowledge that it'll all be rendered invalid to canon in just a few months, but then again isn't that all fanfiction? (Sort of, there's an argument to be made that maybe if you know nothing about a setting then writing about it is a questionable course of action, though that doesn't fully apply here). Thank you for it (yes I'm stealing that, sue me).

Yes Twilight, you embrace the transient nature of things, just not in a depressing way. Nothing lasts forever. You're an immortal, you'll have to face that truth more intimately than most but it's true for us all. That doesn't make it meaningless, anymore than knowing you'll die makes your life worthless or mean you can't try to leave the world a better place.

To quote another series: "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination."

Meanwhile, I love Spike being a good brother here. It's wonderful.

And yes, I'm also hoping for g4 to be in-universe fiction. Inasmuch as anything is fiction where interdimensional echoes are concerned.


In this fandom, we need to be more like Spike, and less like Twilight, when dealing with unknown futures and just a tiny bit of foreknowledge. :twilightsmile: :moustache:

Good Spike is good.

Thanks for writing this and exploring the future for us.

The combination of these sentences generates a scenario: Twilight has implemented a double-blind experiment. There are multiple ponyvilles, populated either by clones of her friends or by carefully selected facsimiles, where she sends promising young students to learn the values of friendship. Ponies and creatures who are disharmonious can also be conveniently sent to these petri dish towns, to act as antagonists and catalysts for friendship lessons. Luster Dawn is the control.

But then that makes me wonder: Twilight no doubt has access to Celestia's private papers by now. Is she simply repeating the plans of her predecessor? How many Ponyvilles are out there?

I should stop thinking about these things before I start to sound silly.


And I want to say again, because it needs to be said, I did really enjoy this fic. It's optimistic and inspiring without being schmaltzy.

If G5 started like this, it would be a great way to ease fans into the new storyline. Great work on meshing the 2 generations together!

“I don’t know," said Twilight, shaking her head. "All I know is that Equestria had forgotten Harmony and friendship. The tribes had segregated themselves again, isolated by distrust and suspicion. And magic’s absence meant there were no windigoes to urge them back together. No need to depend on one another for essential things like moving the heavens or providing good weather." She looked back, horror clear in her eyes. "It will be worse than the Three Tribes Era.”

You got the summary from the G5 leak and yeah I'm sort of kind of worried about that as well basically it's repeating the history all over again but ten times worse

“The problem is the tribes will divide and magic will be lost in the meantime." Twilight swept a foreleg across the view of Canterlot and beyond. "The problem is that this so-called golden age of mine will collapse. The problem is that everything I’ve done, everything I’ve fought for…" She slumped, head and wings both drooping. "It’s not going to matter. It’s not going to last .”

Ohhh ouch 😢 that hurts and somebody made a comment about that again I am still kind of worried about how this movie will go

"I am immortal. That fiasco with the Red Bull proved it."

The red bull as in the one from The Last Unicorn

Well, too be fair, nothing really lasts forever. Dynasties and kingdoms rise, and they all fall.

And yet from the ashes of the fallen kingdom, a new one rises, sometimes even better than the previous one. So, I'm holding out hope that G5 will be awesome.

well I hope you're right just like the show prove me wrong a long time ago maybe this movie will but who knows

This is exactly the story we need at a time like this. I feel a lot more hopeful after having read it. Thank you.

That was fast, that was quick, that was very well done!

So how long did she have to spend in the ocean

Also didn't that fiasco prove it is possible, theoretically, to eliminate an immortal by turning her into a human which I believe Twilight does quite often, sooooooooo

Twily, yes, you accept the transience of all things.

All. Things.

You know what horrible, world-shattering mistakes are?

They're things.

Even they shall pass.

I have some theories of my own about how G5 happens, and if one of them is true I'll be too busy laughing that I got it right to say much, but I boil it down to this:

Nobody really thought G4 was going to be amazing for most of the first season, if not the first two. We need to let it happen, and give the new show time and room to grow rather than expecting it to be knocked out of the park at the start.

There has always been a Spike. I do hope they use the tradition to provide a more tangible link to G4 than Sunny's brony swag.

I'd argue that writing something that I know will be invalidated come September is perfectly in the spirit of embracing what you can do now, no matter how transient.

Twilight got hit hard by this in part because she expected a thousand-year reign of utopian splendor that she could pass off to a worthy heir. Luster wasn't concern; she knew exactly how to deal with a bookish unicorn who didn't see the value of social interaction. But a glimpse of the future that shows she's been reduced to a merchandising opportunity? That blindsided her.

As for Flurry's birthday party, that is currently a noodle incident, but I'll see what I can do with the idea.

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I am quite happy with this Spike, yes. The Lord Ambassador of Equestria presents a fantastic opportunity to build on what makes him great even before the timeskip.

:rainbowlaugh: She finally got to build that exact copy of Ponyville. And a couple more for the sake of a good sample size.

Glad to hear it. Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

I saw the trend developing with more cynical takes on the generations interacting. More hopeful inspiration struck. It's great to see how well the idea's resonated with people.

Alternate ending:

(Replacing "sea" with "mirror portal" optional. For all we know, come G5, Twilight's spent the last few centuries in Seaquestria.)

A very good stance to take, both on the impermanence of all things and how G5 will turn out.

Given how much we remember about the Roman Empire from 2,000 years ago... an empire that DIDN'T have actual demigods running it... the idea that Twilight and Co would be forgotten after far less time after RULING THE WORLD is laughably ridiculous.

If this is really what they're going to go with, than the G5 writers are right up there on par with the writers of GoT Season 8.

10703973 I remember everyone saying the same thing about "Star Trek Discovery" and "Star Trek Picard"... and they ended up even MORE awful than I'd ever imagined was possible.

I have seen the trend go from plain televised crap to full-on amoebic dysentery. And when "The Mandolorian" gave just the smallest spark of hope that they might be learning, they managed to utterly tear it to pieces entirely because one stuck-up witch couldn't stand someone else succeeding.

The corporate media establishment CANNOT make anything good anymore. They either manage to wreck it immediately, or some hack gets bent out of shape and sabotages it for their own petty reasons.

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