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All things face mortality. Princesses just do it more than once.

It is a cycle that Celestia has learned to accept, and then to appreciate, and finally to love. Not for what it was, but for who.

Editors: IrRespective, Pascoite

Cover art A Namby-Pamby Pony Princess by Harwicks Art

Chapters (3)
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First comment for the author. I'm so glad I got Pascoite to look this over before publishing. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing.

Inspired in part by:
The First Death of Twilight Sparkle by NaturalbornDerpy
Celestia's Latest Death by Lise Eclaire
The Immortal's Burden by DuskPhoenix
Delayed Reaction by Masterweaver, the inventor of LUMPS, or Longevity Unilateral Mental Projection Syndrome

As well as a number of other stories in which alicorns die and then come back. I'm just glad the body goes with them when they respawn or there'd be a nasty bit of cleanup to do in the morning.

And, of course, the final chapter my readers expect.

I only have one question: if she was reborn how did she become pregnant?
I know the mechanics behind pregnancy but the aspects of differing realms and rebirth leave me scratching my head a little.
Magic is probably the only reasonable answer.

And this is the kind of thing I hope I can create someday.
Perfectly balanced, conveys a deep emotion without an overload of words.

I bow to your magnificence. :twilightsmile:

9227562 Hey, six years of daily practice and a lucky shot. If I could do this routinely, I'd write for money.

9227557 Well, when a mommy being of near-infinite power and a daddy being of near-infinite power love each other very much, and have a few hours to themselves away from the rest of the troublesome world...

Kinda makes sense Mortius would romance the Alicorns, his dating poop is awful shallow. Only immortals and only one night every couple decades? Dude must be thirsty!

This is a lovely story. And happy giddy Celestia is adorable. :twilightsmile:

Hopefully Dawn is an Alicorn so he'll get to meet her more than once.

Cadence's, Twilight's and Flurry Heart's first meetings with Mortis might be interesting as well.

I imagine a follow-up to this chapter which is just Mortis Kool-Aid Manning his way into the palace to meet his daughter.

Unlikely, sure, but it amuses me.

Oh yeah!

I kinda want a sequel where Twilight and Cadance show up. I am willing to be that Pinkie will definitely make a stop and stay for a bit once she passes as well.

That was lovely, Georg! I especially enjoyed Luna's prank at the end.

Or was it?!

Well done, my friend. Hope to see you at Everfree or BronyCon.

:trixieshiftright::unsuresweetie::twilightoops: ...They what?! That's just strange and disturbing on multiple levels.

Yay, it got posted!

It’s a delightful little story, and Celestia in the joyous effects of a far-too-rare afterglow is especially sweet and charming!

Though this type of subject always does make me feel bad for poor Shining Armor as the one mortal member of the Royal Family...

Wonderfully entertaining.

“Good evening, how are things on your world these days?”

Wait, what? Is Dawn pre- or post-banishment? Enquiring minds want to know!

(I'm also getting a Buffy vibe here)

The very first chapter says it's after Luna's return.

>dating poop
I really hope that's not what you meant.

Also, is that one line I'm seeing about expecting Luna implying that he is pursuing both? Or is it just Celestia (and him and Luna are friends/something maybe??), and there's no real subtext to that?

Honestly? Same! Twilight's initial panic when she's told, then her fretting and nervousness, and then her own looking forward to the visits.

I feel like Pinkie would come back for go-arounds? As I understood a previous chapter, non-alicorns could theoretically return to life?

I have to say, this was quite enjoyable with a touch of myth and an almost enigmatic feel to parts. Nicely done.



Colour me perplexed. What makes you think that?

Discworld's Death talking to Mortis, I presume? If so, I like your style.

Well Georg, another neat little story with so much packed into so few words.

And, of course, the final chapter my readers expect.

As usual, you are a complete failure at disappointing us. :twilightsmile:


I assume for non-alicorns it's standard reincarnation. They die, then return to earth as a new pony.

It would be very Pinkie if she retained the memories of past lives, though...

Pfffft-ahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh dear. I wonder how Celestia explained that one to the nobles? Twilight probably would assume it was parthenogenesis, while Cadance would be re-examining her shipping chart.

But the real question on your readers' minds: Was an egg involved?

Well, Celestia is clearly in a relationship with him, but he's Luna's child's father . . . unless I'm mistaken . . . ?

They share, obviously.

luna said that she was now an aunt and he was the father, implying that during celestia's last visit when they 'got busy' she became pregnent....don't ask hwo that works alicorns are magic beings

thats going to be a thing to tell the kid though
momma whos my daddy
death itself mydear is your father

scard for life much?

they do, but luna isnt the one whos pregnent.

They share . . . having it . . . with him . . . It just doesn't feel right . . .

its called a herd deary, welcome to ponydom
one stalion, multiple mares quite common, especialy when you consider equestrias gender bias...thers like 1 stalion for every 20 mares....its kinda hard to be monogamous with that sort of setup, especially when your society is female dominated.

“M’Lord Mortis,” started Luna as her smile overwhelmed her self-control, “I am now an aunt, and you are a father. Her name is Dawn.”


I guess . . . but the Princesses, really? I know that he's the only immortal stallion but . . . I see it, I understand, but I just don't like it. SImple as that, I guess.

you don't have to like it, and clearly not every pony in equestria is poligamus, cadence and shining are a stunning example of monogamy, as are the cakes...and if it makes ya feel beter remember, not cannon, in the show the rules of equestria regarding love are very much monogamous though you can count the number of confirmed pony couples one one hand...

were all diffrent we all have diffrent tastes, if it squicks you it squicks you, i wont fault you for that its your world view and your opinion and thus is your right.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

And I like your word choice of 'squicks' . . . :raritywink:

From my interpretation, Celestia and Luna are the only guests he has that ever return, hence he has a special relationship with both of them. It is not necessarily the same kind of relationship with each of them, as made clear in the second chapter:

“Oh, we talked. A little. And we danced. As well as… other things this time,” admitted Celestia with a youthful giggle. “I almost think he is looking forward to your visit as much as he enjoyed my own. In a slightly different way, of course.”

“He always makes such a mess of the sky,” admitted Luna. “By the time I have it organized and we discuss the matters which have passed in my absence, it is nearly time for me to return. Besides, I prefer my romantic dalliances to take place for more than one evening every decade or two.”

He goes out of his way to entertain both returning guests, but things are obviously more intensely romantic with Celestia... Luna has a nice picnic with him and they work on the stars... she doesn’t really look for anything more, because she takes lovers while she’s still alive.

That said, the way Celestia stressed that Cadance was married suggests that she knows Death might get ideas otherwise.

What? Did you and half the other people in here not read the story?

“Besides, I prefer my romantic dalliances to take place for more than one evening every decade or two.”

From the previous chapter, Luna pretty much states here that she's got no interest in being in a relationship with Mortis.

“M’Lord Mortis,” started Luna as her smile overwhelmed her self-control, “I am now an aunt, and you are a father. Her name is Dawn.”

How do you even misunderstand this? Luna says she's an aunt and Mortis is a father. Luna is an AUNT, not a mother, and the only logical conclusion is that Dawn is Celestia's and Mortis' child.

oh, miss read the Aunt part! :rainbowwild:

Oh Celestia, you naughty princess. From the sound of things, it seems surprising that this hasn't happened earlier. But, to be fair, if they only meet every couple of decades...

Alicorns lay eggs? Now there's a headcanon.


A Georg reference:-
Twilight Sparkle Lays an Egg

Another Georg story that did not quite work out how most players in the play expected... of course, with Twilight, a misunderstanding and magic involved, this was inevitable... :twilightsheepish:

I see. Thanks for linking that, it was a hoot!.

You're alright, georg, keep up the good work.



  1. a lazy person who stays in bed late.

i think i always increase my vocabulary by one when i read a story from you.

Huh. The birth-death cycle is only a decade or two? I'd think Cadence would've already met Mortis by this point. And if Flurry arrives in his realm during her teenage years... :twilightoops:

In any case, lovely little romance, and that stinger at the end... Well, at least no one's expecting him to pay child support.

Yeah, I die all the time. It's annoying. Usually keep buying new clothes because... well... you know what happens to yer bowels when ya die. :pinkiesick:

So she is literally dating Death? And doing other.....'things'.......

I always increase my vocabulary no matter what I read. Good thing I don't get verbose.



EDIT: Dear sweet Celestia I just realized I have read some of your previous works before........:facehoof:

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