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This story is a sequel to Forgotten

Sunny Starscout's ongoing search for Equestria's ancient past sends her up to the northern arctic, where it is written that a city protected by love once stood.

Cover art by: Little Tigress

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Forgotten: The Frozen North

This story is a sequel to What A Long Strange Trip (Ending 2)

Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria only to discover everypony she knew is now ancient history.

Cover art: G5 Sunset by mira.veike@derpibooru.org

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: The Shadows' Revenge

Many are the slices of life stories of Twilight, her friends, and their families. Here are several that deal with their own roque's gallery.

A My Little Mages retellings of The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Wonderbolt Academy, Rarity Takes Manahattan, Leap of Faith, Rarity Investigates, The Mane Attraction, Viva Las Pegasus, Friendship University and The Washouts

Chapters (5)

The CMC is happy to be enjoying their time with their sisters without Sunset getting in their way, but despite that, they couldn't help but feel guilty about what they had done. When they see Sunset running out of the school they quietly follow and witness Sunset confronting what looks like Principal Celestia, it's not long before things start to turn sour as Celestia blames Sunset for Anon-A-Mis. Princess Twilight soon appears and also accuses Sunset of being Anon-A-Miss, and right before the CMC and a horrified Sunset, Celestia turns Sunset into stone. After leaving Sunset in a special spot, the two Princess return home but not before Twilight gives Sunset's journal to Applebloom to give to Applejack. The CMC now must live with the horrifying fact that they not only ruined Sunset's life but doomed her to an eternal prison in stone.

Chapters (3)

[Spoiler Warning!]
This story is set in the first arc of the Wings of Fire Series, I suggest reading the first 5 books as it will follow the storyline.

(It will still be fine if you don’t but I still recommend)

This story practially replaces Equestria Girls. Some details may not line up with the original story of FiM but thats because it is an AU.

With an element of harmony stolen, Twilight is tasked to retrieve it. Unfortunately it was taken to another world. To Twilight’s surprise, it isn’t the kind of world you would think a cute lovable pony can survive in. What can she do in this dangerous world? Can she recover her element of harmony before something catastrophic happens?

Chapters (7)

Twenty thousand years into Twilight Sparkle's rule, the burden of the countless trillions of ponies killed Equestria. Depleted, polluted, and dead, the planet was abandoned. The Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her alicorn compatriots led the surviving ponies to a new life among the stars.

Ponies advanced. They evolved, and grew. A golden age of peace and prosperity occurred that lasted for thousands of millennia.

But that was long ago. Before evolution turned against them, and before the deadly Mortality Virus raged through their ranks. Now, at the twilight of ponykind, their final hope is for a small crew to return to their long-dead and long-forgotten homeworld one last time.

Chapters (38)

Zenith would give anything to find her lost sister Nadir, who vanished in the depths of space long ago. And now, after decades of suspended animation, she has finally located Nadir on a strange planet haunted by alien ruins, far outside known space.

It's lonely out there, but Zenith has company – six personalities simulated by her ship's AI. And she'll need every ounce of help Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and the others can offer, for Lapis is a more mysterious, and dangerous, planet than she could ever have imagined.

Updated every-other day until Jan. 6.

An entry for Bicyclette's Science Fiction Contest.

Chapters (5)

Left or right, up or down. Every choice, every issue has at least two sides. What is an AI to do when the only way to satisfy one of her ponies values is for two contradictions to be true? An Optimalverse Story

Written for the birthday Writing Competition

Set in the Optimalverse https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1857/the-optimalverse

An experimental story in a setting I have never written for before. Let me know if it's any good.

Chapters (11)

When Twilight arrives Sunset's door the day before her Christmas Party, the girls think it’s going to be a fun-filled evening of laughter and joy. The same can’t be said of the awkward, newly-reformed Starlight. But Sunset has an idea. An idea that might help them both overcome their past mistakes.

Written as a gift for Applezombi, the man behind the curtain of the Reviewer's Mansion's Secret Santa.

Chapters (1)

Inspired by the artwork Magical Mirror
By uotapo

After another long day studying friendship, the Young Six decide to have a chat about exchanging appendages and abilities. Smolder was adamant about keeping hers and not changing anything about being a dragon. Spike, hearing their conversation, decides to show Smolder what it's like to have something over than claws.

Hints of Twilight and Sunset at the end, but I added the tags just in case.

Chapters (1)