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This story is a sequel to Putting on a Silver Robe and Wizard Hat

Gaea Shield is a proud member of the guard. Despite being a pegasus, he has the bulk of any earth pony, matching mass with Big Mac. But brawn alone may not be enough as the political minefield he's stepped in isn't kind to those without finesse.

Of course, he is but one part of an unfolding action. Can he play his part of the machine without getting caught in the gears? How will the others around him fare? Let us read and find out together.

Part of the Silver Verse.

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This story is a sequel to Clueless in Equestria

He was once a human, and still remains so in his much smaller head. After making use of Luna's sizable magical talent, he has rewound from a middle-aged human to a unicorn colt just old enough to start learning how to use their horn.

Of course, it wouldn't do to have an orphaned foal, and Luna is far too busy with royal duties to take upon this strange unicorn, so she allows him to pick a guardian. He chooses his pony self, Rough Draft, who was once his original character before his arrival, and proved to be a real pony, with his own aspirations and quirks.

Rough Draft and Trixie, who had the (mis)fortune of being present during all of this, are now acting as David's parents as he learns everything there is to know about being a unicorn.

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This story is a sequel to Putting on a Silver Robe and Wizard Hat

The former human known as Silver has attempted to throw his life away, but neither Luna nor his wife, Night Watch will tolerate this. He claims it was an impulse, but they will cure him of the deep breaks even if it means reassembling him from parts.

His life in Equestria has been full of ups and downs. He has two foals on the way, but has lost as many wives, and many more friends have moved on or away. He has been beaten, burned, and generally abused, sometimes at no fault of his own, and sometimes entirely at his discretion.

Savior of Canterlot, yet feared by many of its people, will Silver Lining find true happiness in this magic world of equines? Stripped of his diplomat status and declared a ward of Luna until such time as she proclaims him cured, he has little choice but the trust in her love, and hope it can fix the breaks within him, without destroying who he is.

Part of the Silver Verse.

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This story is a sequel to Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Silver Lining, now wielding a cutie mark and an insatiable desire to learn and codify magic, has graduated from grade school and now faces the challenges of a magic academy as a young adult. This former-human is learning his place in Equestria.

With his cutie mark earned, once David, now Silver Lining is eager to learn true magic and unlock its mysteries. Entering a new school, with most of his old friends departed for more practical jobs, Silver will have to rely on Celine(a miniature copy of Luna), and Night Watch(A bat pony/lunar pegasus) to steer him right as he enters the next phase of pony life as a young adult.

Will he survive his college years? Let's find out!

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A human in his mid thirties that makes his living off of online video games that he designed and by writing about ponies. When he gets his chance to go anywhere he wants, he opts to visit Equestria, despite more sane options being available.

Behold as our author-turned-protagonist deals with the dangers of Equestria as he attempts to make a new place for himself without looking too much like an ass. He will encounter faces he knows from before, and some that are not as they seem. Will he survive a convention traveling at the side of his new friends? Will he get his fill of Equestrian life and want to go home?

Additional Tags: Not chosen one, no super powers

Chapters (32)