• Published 3rd Mar 2015
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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining - David Silver

After deciding to stay in Equestria and learn its ways as a unicorn colt, Silver Lining now faces Canterlot and learning how to be a unicorn with his former-OC and Trixie to watch over him. Will he master magic, or discover the cruel side of foals.

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3 - Uh, Hi?

Silver cautiously crept from the building into the bright light of Celestia's sun. Some of the foals spotted him right away and came bounding over to greet him. "Hi!" squeaked a little filly with a frilly bow in her curly red hair. "Are you gonna go to school here?"

A colt that was even more leg heavy than Silver bobbed his pink-furred head. "'Course he is, or he wouldn't be here, right?"

A unicorn filly gave the colt a shove. "You're the stupid one," proclaimed the peach-colored filly. "He could be visiting, or maybe his father is picking a school."

The bow wielder leaned in closer to the quiet Silver. "What's your name? I'm Lily Jump." She bobbled her head, then looked at Silver expectantly.

Silver decided playing it silent would draw the wrong kind of attention. "Uh, hi. Nice to meet you, Lily Jump. I'm really bad at names, so if I get that wrong, it's not meant to be mean." He offered a hoof. "I'm Silver Lining."

The unicorn filly accepted the hoof first. "Charmed," she said in a cultured tone. "I'm Soft Blush. Is that your butler speaking to misses Butter Scotch?"

"No way," proclaimed the colt. "That's his dad. It's so obvious!" The colt offered a hoof next. "I'm Meadow Leaper! Do you play hoofball?"

These were his classmates. Silver decided he could have had worse and tried to be friendly. With a soft smile he shook his head. "I never played it before, but I could try?"

He began to explain, but was interrupted as Rough Draft and Butter Scotch stepped out of the building. "Children," called out Butter Scotch. "Come inside. Let's resume class." The students rushed to fill the building with foalish squeals of excitement and a few moans at the end of play time.

Silver moved for Rough Draft, but the larger brown pony held up a hoof. "Not so fast, Silver. You're starting school now."

Silver's ears perked up. "What, now? Shouldn't I come in the morning?"

Butter Scotch smiled down at Silver. "Don't worry. Just try your best and we'll have you up to speed in no time at all. Do you know how to get home, Silver Lining?"

Silver looked up at Rough again before allowing his gaze to fall to Butter and shaking his head slowly. "I... wasn't paying close attention when we came today."

Butter reached and patted the top of Silver's head. "I'll walk you home today. Now let's get moving." All too quickly, Butter was nudging him along into the class.

Silver Lining was faced with rows of desks, most of which were occupied by eager looking colts and fillies. He moved for an empty one and hesitated. Glancing at the other students, he wriggled up onto the seat as best he could, imitating their posture. It felt kind of interesting to be sitting upright like this, almost human.

"Now class..." began Butter Scotch, leaping right into the lesson. She was explaining what a cutie mark was, but Silver already knew what one was, even if he didn't have one yet, a fact that didn't seem to go unnoticed. Several fillies seemed to point him out in guarded whispers between giggles. Silver rolled his eyes. He made a casual oath to himself silently to not become this school's Cutie Mark Crusaders. He'd get his butt mark when he was good and ready, and not a moment sooner.

"Misses Butter Scotch," came the cultured tone of Peach Blush. "What does it mean if a pony doesn't get a cutie mark?"

Butter Scotch tilted her head. "Though rare, some ponies don't find their special talent well into adulthood. This is why we try to give all you fillies and colts plenty of chances to experience things and discover what really motivates you. A grown pony without a cutie mark is lost." She flashed a bright smile. "Not that I expect anypony in here to have that problem, but don't worry, none of you are old enough yet for there to be any issue with still looking for that special talent that calls you." Her eyes wandered, picking out the ponies in the class without marks, which included looking at her newest student.

The lesson went on, talking about certain famous cutie marks, such as the ones adorning the flanks of Celestia and Luna. "There are others, which are recognized from the moment of appearance for their powerful destinies. For instance, our newest princess, Twilight Sparkle, was recognized and became the personal student of Princess Celestia after her mark was revealed. While others, such as Princess Cadance, wasn't fully realized until far later in her life, but now she's princess of the Crystal Empire." She tapped the chalkboard with a pointer stick she held in her snout. "Not that a grand destiny is needed to be a good pony."

"I wanna be a princess," came a coltish voice from behind Silver before a soft thud made his ears curl backwards towards it.

A filly's voice whispered harshly, "You can't be a princess, dummy. Colts don't get to be princesses."

The lesson finished without much else drawing Silver's attention, and they went on into some math problems. Silver's eyes grew heavy. He tried to shake himself awake, but it was no use. He couldn't stay awake in class as a human, being a pony wasn't making it any easier. Ugh, multiplication? Soon he was out like a light.

His nap was interrupted as the teacher's pointing stick struck his desk with a loud crack. "Silver Lining." He jerked away and looked around frantically before he remembered where he was and looked up at Butter, smiling nervously. She gently pat him on the head. "Show us how to do this problem. Your father said you were good at math."

Silver slid to his hooves and approached the front. On the chalkboard was written 5 + (10 * 4) . Silver smiled a little as he looked around for the chalk. He found it, but he had no fingers to grab it with. Not wanting to look stupid, he grabbed it in his mouth and got to drawing. His handwriting with fingers was... questionable. With a mouth, only worse. Still, write it he did. He drew out:

5 + 40

He put the chalk down, licking his lips to clear them of the chalky flavor. Butter seemed pleased and resumed the lesson as Silver returned to his seat. Some of the other foals were less impressed, making remarks on his poor 'mouthponyship'. Ugh, was that even a word? Silver thrust the insults aside, looking forward to the day when he'd mastered levitation and wouldn't have to mouth things anymore.

A bell rung, making Silver swing his head sharply to see the bright red device ringing eagerly. The other colts and fillies were on their hooves, moving to depart.

"Class," came Butter's voice. "Don't forget your reading assignment is due tomorrow." Soft groans were her reply, and the room was soon emptied save Silver and Butter.

Butter approached Silver's desk. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Silver shook his head. "Not all bad," he agreed, though he still didn't like school all that much. No reason to annoy the teacher with whining though, or so he figured. "Should I have some books?"

Butter shook her head. "Your father forgot to get you a saddlebag. He'll make sure you have one for tomorrow and I'll give you your books then. Don't worry about that assignment. Where did you go to school before?"

Silver tensed. "Uh, far away. A place called Coram."

Butter looked perplexed. "I never heard of a town called that before. I'm glad they taught you well. Your father said you were behind in social studies, so I'm going to give you a few special assignments tomorrow." When Silver's face fell, she just smiled gently. "Don't worry, it's just some reading. Do you like reading, Silver Lining?"

He nodded. "As long as it's interesting. I used to read all the time."

Butter beamed. "That's great. Then you should have no trouble at all. Come along, I'll take you home now."

True to her word, Butter Scotch led the way through the city. Silver paid attention, even if they would have a new home soon. It was never a bad idea to learn the lay of the land. He waved at her as she departed, leaving him at the manor. He trotted up to the door and softly knocked. The butler arrived shortly and looked down at Silver. "You are expected." He stepped out of the way and allowed Silver in. In the living room stood Trixie with a captivated Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee. The two rich ponies were clapping their forehooves appreciatively as Trixie kept them captivated with displays of magic and chicanery.

Fleur Dis Lee looked over when Silver was walking past. "There, look." She pointed directly at him.

Fancy Pants looked where she pointed. "I say, you were quite right, my dear. He really does have a resemblance."

Trixie looked confused, her show petering to a halt. "What does he resemble?"

Fancy Pants directed a hoof at Trixie. "You, my dear. He has your mane and tail color, and that bright glint in his eyes."

Fleur Dis Lee nodded with a smile. "And he has the fur color of the stallion she is with."

Fancy Pants adopted a shocked expression. "Miss Lulamoon! If you... have had a colt, you should tell us. We are your friends."

Trixie waved her hooves wildly. "No no no no no! Trixie has not had any colts!"

Fleur Dis Lee half-lidded her eyes, then waved Silver closer. "Come here you adorable little thing."

Silver hesitated, but decided to come over. He smiled at Fleur Dis Lee gently. "Yes ma'am?"

Her hooves moved to his cheeks and she turned his head left, then right. A shimmer of her magic had his lips open as she inspected his teeth and turned him around. "We can keep a secret, dear. Your colt is spotless, you should be proud."

Silver flushed softly through his fur, unsure how to feel being casually handled. Colt in body, but grown in mind, his thoughts wandered towards what else the pretty unicorn could do without complaints from him. Fancy Pants nodded in support of his wife. "There's nothing to be ashamed of around us, Miss Lulamoon. We want to help, as friends. I know the lower-born sometimes have... issues, but you're our friend."

Trixie was as red as Silver, looking quite unsure what to say. "Trixie is very glad to have such good friends, but she has found a plac--"

"Where?" asked Fleur Dis Lee.

Trixie said an address and Fancy Pants frowned. "That won't do! Not for our favorite entertainer. You can have our spring home. We rarely use it anyway."

Fleur Dis Lee bobbed her head. "Oh that would be lovely. I'd love to see it seeing some use. Please say yes, Trixie. It would be a delight to know a young family was there."

A card floated over to the stunned Trixie and tucked into the brim of her pointy hat. "I won't take no for an answer," insisted Fancy Pants.

Trixie gave a stiff nod. "Then Trixie will graciously accept. You are too kind."

Fleur smiled. "Our friends tell us that all the time. But what is the purpose of money if you can't make a few ponies happy with it?"

Fancy Pants agreed as he leaned in closer to Fleur. "Precisely. I can think of no better use for that quaint little house than the raising of such a fine colt."

Soon Trixie and Silver had managed to excuse themselves and entered the bedroom to find Rough Draft writing busily in a book. He looked up at them and perked an ear. "Did something happen?"

"I was felt up by Fleur," said Silver, drawing a loud snort from Rough Draft.

Trixie drew the card from her hat with her magic. "We've been given a new place to live. Trixie admits... it is much larger than what Trixie had put together. We should go there now, so we are ready for tomorrow."

Rough Draft closed the book he was working on and began packing his few things. "Alright, but you have to tell me all about it on the way."

Author's Note:

First day of school! New digs! Things are looking up and nothing could go wrong!

Except typos.

Three chapters in one day? Why not?!

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