• Published 3rd Mar 2015
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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining - David Silver

After deciding to stay in Equestria and learn its ways as a unicorn colt, Silver Lining now faces Canterlot and learning how to be a unicorn with his former-OC and Trixie to watch over him. Will he master magic, or discover the cruel side of foals.

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4 - Welcome Home

Silver Lining trotted alongside Rough Draft and Trixie, thinking on the day. Despite feeling that it was relatively short, a creeping drowsiness was filling his steps and his thoughts. Without any vocal prompting, Rough Draft snatched up Silver and he was soon riding the larger earth pony. He murmured a faint complaint, but sleep descended fast and completely atop the safe warmth of Rough Draft.

Trixie glanced up at the colt before looking sidelong at Rough. "This has gotten more complicated than Trixie had first predicted, she admits."

Rough nodded softly as he trotted along the evening roads. "I'll second that. I thought today would be the last day of the convention, but here I am, moving into a whole new city instead."

Trixie gave a wan smile. "Does it upset you?"

Rough quickly shook his head. "No! I mean... He's still my friend, even if he isn't exactly how I imagined him. He needs me..."

Trixie's smiled deepened a little as she taunted, "Somepony sounds more like a father than a friend."

Rough snorted, "I would protect him even if he was still a human. Don't forget the bandages I got trying to do just that."

"Speaking of which," said Trixie as she looked Rough from head to tail. "You healed quickly."

"Earth pony durability," said Rough with a bit of pride. "It goes well with our stubborn streak. I'm not letting him down, even if he did decide to change species. Especially now."

"Especially?" asked Trixie. They had arrived at the new house. It was a single story house made of well chiseled stone on the outside. Lights led the way up its driveway towards the door. There was a garage for a carriage or similar vehicle. For a non-elite, it was luxury for Canterlot. Trixie whistled softly as she looked it over. "They were too kind. There is plenty room here for all of us." She trotted up towards the door, producing the key along the way.

Rough followed after Trixie. "Yes especially. He's so small now... Somepony could just snatch him away, like in Manehattan..."

Trixie turned to see Rough was fighting tears and frustration. "You did your best, Rough. Trixie thinks you have been a fine friend, and more, to Silver."

Rough gestured to the door. "Go on and open it."

Trixie lifted the key into position with her magic, but her eyes remained on Rough. "Trixie means it. We will keep him safe. For now, put him to bed."

The door was pushed open to reveal a well-furnished living room. Trixie saw a light switch and, with a flick, light was summoned. "Electrical lighting, how luxurious," Trixie said with a smile, thinking back to her many nights in her old carriage with a gas lantern or even her humble apartment in Manhattan. "Trixie is rewarded for her service!"

Rough Draft walked in, kicking the door shut lightly behind himself before moving through the clean hallways to peek through the doors on either side. The first door proved to be a bathroom, but the tub within was large enough for two full grown ponies to use at once easily. He moved to the next door and found a den with what appeared to be a stereo system of some kind. At the third door he found what appeared to be a master bedroom. Making mental note of it, he pressed on. Luck was with him, the next door was a guest bedroom. It was a little smaller, but still very nice.

Deciding it was a better fit for a colt, Rough Draft trotted in and gently set Silver on the plush bed there. He pulled out a small set of saddlebags from his own bag and set it on the dresser where Silver Lining could see it when he woke up. When he exited the room, Trixie was standing there. The door closed behind him, likely with Trixie's magic. She gestured towards the room with her horn. "Is he still asleep?"

Rough nodded and trotted around her, moving for the kitchen. She followed along without prompting. Rough asked, "So, you asked me. Now I'll ask, does it bother you?"

Trixie closed her eyes and shook her head with confidence, "Trixie is fine being the Helpful and Maternal Trixie for now. He is eager to learn from Trixie, and he listens when Trixie says to do something." She went quiet a moment before adding, "He also understands Trixie."

Rough perked an ear as he pulled open the fridge. A peek inside revealed there was a jug of some kind of juice within. He sniffed it, still fresh. He pulled the jug free in his mouth and set it on the counter. "How do you mean?"

"Trixie is not comfortable talking about it," said Trixie right before she went right on talking about it anyway, "But since you ask, Trixie will be magnanimous and tell you. He saw Trixie somehow, knew of her hard times. He looked at her with sad eyes and said he liked Trixie just the way she is, and said she was not treated well." Trixie hefted up the jug with her magic and poured two cups quickly, nudging one towards Rough Draft. "Every time Trixie thinks about his strange human face, she feels sad and happy together. Trixie thinks he really likes Trixie, as a pony."

Rough smiled a little. "You have a... unique way of handling the world, and other ponies." Trixie raised a brow and looked guarded. Rough reached across the countertop and gently booped her on the nose. "But I agree with David. The David that said that, and the Silver now. You are a good pony."

Trixie gave a light smile before she sipped from her juice. "Of course Trixie is a good pony! She is the best pony!" Her tone was defiant and defensive, but her posture showed her relief. Rough moved around to her and simply stood beside her. He made no attempt to touch her, he didn't have the courage, but standing close and sharing the drink with her seemed good enough. She apparently agreed, and they drained their glasses in companionable silence.

Rough nodded towards the master bedroom. "I should get some sleep. You're going to be OK?"

"Trixie will be fine," said Trixie with a toss of her mane. "Go and sleep."

Rough moved to put the jug away, but Trixie lifted it away from him. "Trixie is still thirsty. She will put it back." Rough nodded and moved to the bedroom. They exchanged soft good nights and the door closed behind him. Trixie sat alone in the dark, looking thoughtful until a soft sound caught her attention. There was Silver, emerging from the bathroom and approaching her with a sleepy smile.

"Hello Silver," she said as he sat down beside her.

"Hey Trixie," he replied, "Do we have time for another magic lesson?"

Trixie perked an ear at him. "You looked tired. Are you certain?"

Silver bobbed his head. "I have the light magic down. I don't want to taste chalk again."

Trixie smirked at that. "Trixie can remember the taste of chalk and does not favor it either. Very well, since you have come before the Educational and Inspiring Trixie, she will teach you."

Silver leaned forward and nuzzled her side gently. "You're the best."

Trixie smiled brightly. "Trixie knows this. Follow Trixie."

Trixie led Silver into the den and set out five marbles on the table. "Trixie will teach you what you want to know most. Tonight we cover the holding and manipulating of things with your horn."

Silver sat across from her at the table, clapping his forehooves excitedly. "Yes, please! What do I have to do?"

Trixie's magic wrapped around a marble and lifted it. "We will start small. Success is one marble lifted. Eventually, under Trixie's tutelage, you will lift all five and more. You know how to fill your body with your magic, yes?"

Silver Lining let the internal channels open, feeling his body temperature begin to rise. "Yes."

"Good, now, instead of letting it all out, which makes sparks or light," explained Trixie. "You must channel it through the outer portion of your horn. From there, you can direct it. You cannot get the magic to flow properly to the outer layer without firm control of the flow. Now you see why Trixie had you practice your light first?"

Silver nodded slowly. "That... makes perfect sense. If you let the magic out through the middle, you get light. Keep it towards the outside, and you get fine control?"

Trixie clapped her hooves together. "Precisely. There are some spells that require central channeling, for power, and even more that need some magic to flow in both places. Learning how to control channeling is the first and most important skill for a unicorn. Show Trixie your light. Make it as bright as you can without sparking or sputtering."

Silver took a slow breath as he relaxed the muscle that allowed magic to flow. The warmth flowed up into his horn and it began to glow soft silvery light, illuminating the dim room all around himself. As he focused on increasing the flow within himself, controlling the light became steadily more difficult. It kept wanting to dance or spark and he stuck out his tongue as he concentrated, but soon had the room well lit.

Trixie nodded. "Just as Trixie expects from any pupil of Trixie. Now, hold that, no matter how odd this may feel." He saw her magic go for his horn and the light cut off as the magic was forced away from that central channel into a new place. He gasped loudly as tingling erupted all along his horn with magic flooding new portions of his horn. It was all he could do to keep the magic flowing strongly despite how strange it all felt. "Do you feel that?" He nodded quickly. "Good. Trixie wants you to learn this feeling." She withdrew her magic and the magic snapped back to the center. His horn began to spark and fizz wildly for a moment before Silver could get it back under control.

With Trixie watching him, he tried to push the magic back into that other place on his own. He reached for that strange feeling, but struggling with all his might only got some magic to flow to both. Trixie stepped in, with her magic, showing him what it felt like over and over. Even when Silver got frustrated, she pressed him on. By the time the clock in the room struck midnight, he had the magic flowing through his outer horn and was smiling broadly at his accomplishment.

"Very good," said Trixie. "Trixie will want you to practice this. When you are in boring parts of class, practice channeling. That is a better use of time than napping."

Silver's magic cut off as he jerked. "What? You heard about that?"

Trixie nodded. "Trixie knows many things." She booped Silver on the nose with her hoof. The fleshy interior of her hoof felt funny and comforting on his nose. "Or Trixie guessed and you confirmed for Trixie. Don't fall asleep in class."

Silver blushed softly. "Yes Trixie." He took a slow breath and began channeling the force. At first it was light, but he pushed it outwards. "Now what?"

Trixie tilted her head. "Trixie would say practice first, but Trixie is no fool. If Trixie does not tell you, you will try on your own." Silver said nothing, but knew she was right. "So Trixie will tell you, so she can be here. Take the magic on the outside of your horn. You have more control over this magic. Reach with it. As you said when you first wanted to learn, this is done with thought."

Was it that easy? Silver grinned a little and looked towards the marbles. He envisioned his old fingers and grabbed a marble right off the table. He was so surprised and delighted that his control lapsed. His horn turned to sparks as the marble dropped to the floor.

Trixie tilted her head. "Trixie expected that to take longer. Trixie has a test. Pick up two marbles."

Silver regained control over the forces within himself and soon was back in the right state, magic humming through his horn. He imagined two hands, reaching and grabbing two marbles and lifting them up.

"Very good, now make them circle," ordered Trixie.

Silver imagined the two hands spinning around with the marbles and they did so. Trixie took off her pointed hat and set it on the table. "Put Trixie's hat back on her head properly, do not forget Trixie's ears."

Silver set the marbles down and picked up the hat with his mind, imagining those ghost hands setting it on Trixie's head and guiding her ears through the slits. He then gave her a soft pet along the mane.

Trixie snorted at the pet. "Don't get too bold, student." Trixie tapped her chin thoughtfully, then asked, "What are you imagining?"

"My fingers," replied Silver. "They do whatever I want them to."

Trixie smiled. "Of course. You had hands, and fingers. It is easy for you to imagine such manipulation. For unicorn foals, they are moving from their mouths and hooves to this. Many unicorns never get past that level of dexterity."

Silver looked back to the marbles, grabbing two, then considering a moment before deciding, why not, and envisioning three more hands, each holding a marble. It wasn't as easy to keep the clear mental image of five whole hands and they wobbled dangerously. All the focus required to keep the hands made his concentration on his horn falter. The marbles fell as he began to spark wildly and muttered a most un-child-like swear.

Trixie shook her head. "You have done very well, as Trixie would expect from a student of hers. Practice channeling. Even if you are good at imagining, without complete mastery of channeling, you will never be good at magic."

Silver slumped in place, fatigue suddenly pulling heavily. Trixie frowned. "You have expended too much energy." Her magic wrapped around Silver, lifting him into the air as she trotted to the kitchen. She quickly poured him a glass of juice and offered it to him. He sipped from the glass. Mmm. It tasted like raspberries and cherries. Silver quickly gulped down the rest as Trixie tilted the glass in her magical grip. Energy began to perk up in him, but he was still tired.

"Did you eat dinner?" asked Trixie. Silver shook his head. "Tsk," said Trixie with a displeased expression. She held him there, floating in the air as she began to assemble a salad. Silver made a bit of a swimming motion, pedaling his hooves in the air, but there was no friction to be found in Trixie's magic.

"So," said Silver. "Am I bothering you?"

Trixie perked an ear. "What makes you ask Trixie this?"

Silver shrugged. "You were a single mare with your own, you know, plans." His ears fell a little. "And then I showed up? I didn't intend for Luna to make me your responsibility."

Trixie trotted along, holding the bowl of greens, tomatoes, and nuts along with the still hovering Silver. "Did you wish for another teacher?"

Silver shook his head quickly. "It is... an honor to learn magic from Trixie, uh, you."

Trixie smiled up at Silver before setting him down and the bowl just before him. "It is an honor to be your teacher," replied Trixie. "Trixie has foalsat before, but she never taught an adult like this."

Silver raised a brow at her and she shook her head. "Trixie is serious. You may have a young body, but you are an adult. You think like one. But then..." She rolled a hoof while Silver began devouring his meal. "You are also so new. Trixie thinks you will go in directions Trixie would not think to go." Trixie leaned in with a grin. "Trixie thinks you will make many big messes that Trixie will have to clean up."

Silver focused on his horn, but Trixie put a hoof on it, fizzling it before he could do anything. "You are not yet skilled enough to surprise Trixie. Eat." Silver nodded and put his attention on his food. The collection of fruits, veggies, and nuts were simply divine to his tongue and he made short work of the entire bowl. He still didn't feel full, but he didn't feel hungry either.

"Why aren't I full?" he asked of Trixie, looking up at her.

Trixie snorted. "You tell Trixie. Trixie has told you enough to figure it out."

Silver frowned a little. "Was channeling the magic that draining?"

Trixie nodded. "Of course. You are still untrained. You waste so much just getting the magic in the right place before you even begin to do anything with it. You will be hungry often. Trixie will prepare some snacks for you to take to school. It is not unexpected for unicorns to nibble on something, especially if they are learning magic." She tapped her chin. "Trixie will give you a note to give to your teacher, so she knows you are learning from Trixie."

Silver gave a warm smile. "Are you sure you were never a mother? You're so good at it."

Trixie flushed hotly. "No Trixie has not! But Trixie is good at anything Trixie decides to do."

Silver nodded. "Yes Trixie is." Trixie raised a brow when he used her method of speaking.

"Are you mocking Trixie?"

Silver was quick to shake his head. "I wouldn't dream of mocking my favorite unicorn. Thank you, Trixie. I mean it." He rose to his hooves and focused his magic again. That time, Trixie did not stop him. He pushed the magic into the right place, then reached with his ghostly fingers, gently petting Trixie along her mane. Her hoof snapped out and bopped him on the horn, cutting off the magic with a squeak of surprise from Silver.

"Stop doing that," ordered Trixie. "Trixie is not some dog that needs petting."

Silver rubbed his own horn, which felt a little sore. Maybe it was from being interrupted in the middle of movement? Silver wasn't sure, but he turned his attention back to Trixie. "Sorry. I'm not that good at being affectionate, but I want to be. You and Rough make me feel so... wanted, and safe."

Trixie looked unsure of what to say. She took the easy way out and pointed to his room. "You need your sleep. School is tomorrow, and Trixie will not have you being late."

Silver trotted past her with a happy smile on his face, and was soon in his room. Trixie gathered the abandoned bowl and set it in the sink before she considered her own sleeping arrangements. Peeking in each room she found there were only two bedrooms. One had Rough Draft curled up on the large bed in the master bedroom, and the smaller had Silver Lining sprawled out on the other. Trixie sighed before entering the master bedroom and curling up opposite of Rough Draft. Soon everyone in the house was asleep, recharging for the next day in Canterlot.

Author's Note:

End of the first full day in canterlot, as typed while I should be cooling down for sleep, but the words! They couldn't be stopped!

Writing with Chalk is not easy, especially in your mouth, so expect typos and report them for proper termination.

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