• Published 29th Oct 2016
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Silver Shield - David Silver

Gaea Shield is a proud member of the guard. Despite being a pegasus, he has the bulk of any earth pony, matching mass with Big Mac. But brawn alone may not be enough as the political minefield he's stepped in isn't kind to those without finesse.

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2 - Around Town

Shield strode through the streets of Canterlot. Unlike most guards, he had no armor shielding him from view. That was not a mistake. He was often called on for non-combative purposes. Perhaps it was partially because he was a solar pegasus instead of a lunar one, but he could approach the citizens more easily, and they took advantage of it.

He went down to the poorer side of town. He wanted honest opinions, and he knew a place to start.

The Belfry. It drew lunar pegasi and those who enjoyed rubbing hooves with them, to say nothing of those that saught out the somewhat infamous fortune teller that lived within. He entered and was greeted with warm smiles from the staff. They knew him. He was, after all, part of the lunar guard, even if he wasn't lunar.

His eyes swept over the dim tavern before settling on his target, an earth pony with tufted ears. Ponies did that at times to fit in better with the lunars. Shield approached and reached with a wing, pulling out a chair. "Mind if I join you?"

"Huh? No..." He was peering at Shield with curiosity and a bit of concern. "Nice dye job."

That wasn't the first time Shield had been asked that. His dark fur was, especially in places like that, taken as a sign that he was one of the lunar imitators. He went with it that time. "Thanks. Nice tufts." He gestured with a hoof at them. "Take long?"

The pony's eyes wandered up towards one of them as it began to twitch. "About an hour each if I want it just right. So, what's up?"

Shield tapped the table. "I was actually curious about an even more reclusive species than the lunars."

The pony blinked softly. "More reclusive? What could even compete?"


The pony shivered softly. "Oh, uh... What about them?"

He looked clearly nervous. Shield decided to pry a little. "Why so scared? Aren't the ones in the city our friends?"

The pony glanced away and back at Shield. "They say that... but they're designed to lie. I mean, no offense, really... It really is their nature. They appear as what they aren't, trick people..."

Shield pointed up at the pony's tufted ears. "I know at least one other pony that pretends to be what they aren't."

The earth pony turned a deep red. "It's... different." He shrunk a little.

Shield pressed a little. "And if a lunar was fooled, you wouldn't enjoy savoring their love?"

The blush spread down the poor stallion's neck. "I-I wish..." He seemed to realize what he had said. "Oh..." He sat up suddenly, looking less lost. "Is it really just like that?"

Shield smiled. "They just want to be liked. Who doesn't? Do you know much about them?"

He shrugged a little. "They have a hive not that far from here. Some... of my friends go there." He glanced away. "They say they'll do a great lunar impression, for some bits." He swallowed thickly. "But then there was... the trouble."


He nodded quickly. "You haven't heard?"

Shield rolled a hoof. "No, what's going on?"

"Everyone's talking about it... Changelings just bursting into ponies' houses, taking stuff, and just leaving."

Shield frowned a little. That didn't sound right, especially for changelings. Why would they stoop to such obvious burglary even if they did want to steal things? "Did they steal your things?"

"What? No! Thank Luna..." He let out a little breath. "I'm guessing you're fine. Still, we let them in the city, just for them to snatch our stuff. That isn't right..."

Shield rolled a hoof. "Let's not be too hasty. If some pony, not a changeling, broke into your house and stole stuff, would you be angry at all ponies everywhere?"

He tilted his head to the side a little. "I guess not... Still... Look..." He squirmed in place. "Let's let that go. I'm here to chat it up with some lunars." His eyes darted and he broke into a smile. "There's one there." He pointed to an incoming lunar pegasus mare. "She's a smoking hot ember in the night." His tail had started wagging. "I wouldn't mind letting her drink my blood."

Drink blood? "You do know lunars don't do that, right?"

He shook his head. "Not most of them, but a few... I was fed from once." He shivered from bottom to top. "I'd do it again, if they let me. Look, it was nice meeting you, but I'm gonna go say hi." He rose to his hooves and strode off towards the mare, hoping to get lucky in ways most ponies would not consider to be very lucky.

Shield shook his head in kind and rose from his seat. He had gotten something to go off of. Perhaps he should check in with the source of the changelings...

Silver nuzzled into the large form beside him. "Celestia, you were... energetic today."

"Was I?" Celestia rolled to better face him and leaned in, rubbing snouts gently. "It has been some time since I was with a pony attentive enough to notice. Did it bother you?"

Silver shook his head. "Of course not." A sudden smirk spread. "You dance with the sun, you'll be seeing spots."

Celestia rolled her eyes at the humor. "I have decided."

Silver blinked. "Decided what?" He leaned forward a little. "Something good?"

She lifted her shoulders faintly. "It can be taken either way. I do not think I want a foal at this time. I know you would gladly supply one for me, but something... It doesn't feel right."

Silver's mind slid along the hints provided. "Is something coming?"

Celestia kissed him on the cheek. "Sharp stallion. I think so... But don't worry. I feel it is simply the dark before a new dawn. That's not it, I don't think." She tapped him, pressing a hoof to his nose. "When that dark comes, however, let it carry you. If you struggle, I feel... I don't want you hurt."

Silver frowned at that. He was no timid pony! He could fight! But then it hit him. He was royalty. His part was not... that. He would ruin the stories of Equestria if he started bucking its fate and destiny at every turn. "I'll try to be calm."

"Thank you." Her horn glowed, grabbing her tiara from across the room. "I'll retire to my room."

Silver put a leg over her and drew her close. "Just because we finished the first act doesn't mean you have to run away."

Celestia gave a gentle smile. "A stallion that enjoys snuggles?"

Silver pressed against her. "Only a fool wouldn't enjoy snuggling with you, Celestia."

"Be that as it may." She kissed him between the eyes. "You have other wives to tend to, and I, a nation to oversee." She paused suddenly. "Do not take that as an insult. Your work is quite invaluable." She pulled away and rose to her hooves. "We are both devoted to our people. It makes me proud to serve them at your side."

She strode away and Silver shook himself out before hopping up to his own hooves. He had his own affairs to see to.

Night settled down in the dimly-lit room. She was trying to take every precaution. She had spent hours preparing sigils to protect the space even as the green form of the spectre of the mare she had spurned so viciously in life hovered about.


"Hmm?" The green ghost leaned in, nose twitching. "Are ya ready?"

Night nodded. "I think we are." She pointed to the jar that rested in the center of it all, shaking once in a while under its own power. "Nefertari wasn't lying. I've never seen a spirit quite this... angry before."

Surprise moved for the jar and ran a hoof over it gently. "It'll be okay... We need to let him out first. Being bottled up is making him all kinds of angry."

Night took a slow breath before she sat down just outside the inner circle of the bottle. "He will still be bottled, but we'll get him in a larger one to start. He'll be able to see us, and talk with us, if he wants to. Do you think you can calm him down?"

Surprise bobbed her head, her floofy mane bouncing wildly. "I'm absolutely positively sure." She made the sacred sign of the Pinkie Promise. "Just give us a chance."

With reservation, Night reached for the bottle with both wings. "Angered spirit, you are not alone. Come." She popped the seal.

The room flooded in red light as the spirit surged outwards, filling the inner circle with a potent fury. "I will tear off your goddamn head!"

Surprise held out a hoof. "We're not the ones that put you in there, promise. We--"

"Diane?" The spirit's energy swirled a confusing mix. "Wait... no." He drove a fist against the side of the magic circle with a bone crunching noise. "What are you?!"

Surprise blinked gently. "I... I'm another flavor of her." She smiled a bit more timidly. "We're here to rescue you."

"Another flavor?!"

"Excuse me." Night tried to get in edgewise between the two spirits. "You are Charlie, right?"

The human spirit wheeled on Night, his spectral hair flowing wildly. "Who the hell are you? Where's that dog bitch lady? I owe her the ass kicking of a lifetime!"

Surprise approached the circle. "Forget about her. We got you away from her. You're safe now."

"There is no such thing!" He slammed the ground with the fist that somehow bled despite being a ghost. "Let me out of this thing right now or you're up first on the pain train."

Night spread her wings. "Spirit, contain yourself. We are not your enemies."

"Oh yeah? Then why are you holdin' me?" He pressed up against the side, staring at Night with an unnerving energy. "Why are you in my way?"

Adjusting her glasses, Night nodded a little. "You've been hurt and are... understandably angry. We--"

"Let me out."

"Only once I am sure that won't end in someone being attacked."

Surprise threw her hooves wide. "Come on, Charlie."

"You don't get to call me that!" The spirit threw himself against the barrier, making it ripple from the impact. "Where's my Diane?"

Night knew little about how the various probabilities came together, but it seemed safe to start, "She isn't here. We are. Can you deal with us?"

Night looked ready for things to get worse. Surprise was smiling, an expression of hope. Charlie brimmed with that furious energy.

Author's Note:

The story continues.

It began as a commission, but is hereby mutating like a pokemon. Gaea Shield will be a protagonist, but not every chapter will have him. We have plenty of others wanting a turn, so we'll slip around, bouncing from character to character. It's a busy time, so there's plenty to see, right?

If you feel this is the worst typo ever, let me know! If you love it, also let me know!