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The legend is known throughout Equestria, but there are few who believe. Those who claim to have seen the beast are dismissed as crackpots and madponies. Those who bring evidence before the world are dismissed as histrionic deceivers. There are those who have seen, however -- those who know -- and they will forever cry out their warning from the back seats of filthy, old train cars, even to those who dismiss them, who revile them, who ignore their warnings unto their own mortal peril.

"The sasquatch is real!" they will cry forevermore, even as nopony believes.

But from this day forward, Sassy Saddles will believe.

Written on a dare. I apologize for nothing.

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Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Equestria, is still, above all else, a dedicated librarian and bibliophile. Books must be cared for. Books must be returned on time.

Books must be respected.

Now with dramatic reading!

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Candy Mane isn't very clever, but that doesn't mean she can't be a hero!

No, wait. It probably does mean that.

Written for the 2017 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Admiral Biscuit.

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Starlight Glimmer assembles the townponies of... the town to finally pick a name for the village they all dwell in. However, finding a name that does not promote any form of inequality proves to be harder than she imagines.

Inspired by a brief chat with Tired Old Man

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Applejack is chosen as The Nightmare's new host.

It really isn't that big of a deal. Until it is.

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When Prince Blueblood crafts a new magical spell, he is transported to a mystical plane of existence. There, he is informed that he is to become a full-fledged alicorn prince.

He takes it rather well, all things being considered.

Equestria as a whole takes it a small bit less enthusiastically.

Blueblood's Ascension Series:
Blueblood's Ascension; or, Alicorns Just Aren't What They Used to Be
Blueblood's Ascension Part II; or, The Otherworldly Adventure of an Alicorn Prince
Blueblood's Ascension Part III; or, Even Alicorns Have Dreams
Background Ascension; or, Alicorns are "in" This Season (Side Stories)

Recommended Reading Order:
1. Blueblood's Ascension; or, Alicorns Just Aren't What They Used to Be
2. Background Ascension; or, the Heart of an Alicorn
3. Brother's Ascension; or, Alicorn Sales-Ponies Nonpareil
4. Backstory Ascension; or, Apple Alicorns are Anonymous
5. Beauty's Ascension; or, An Alicorn Love Story
6. Blueblood's Ascension Part II; or, The Otherworldly Adventure of an Alicorn Prince
7. Bogus Ascension; or, Alicorns Don't Count for Much Nowadays
8. Badguy Ascension; or, An Alicorn's Crime of Fashion
9. Blank Flank Ascension; or, A Very Alicorn Hearth's Warming Eve
10. Blueblood's Ascension Part III; or, Even Alicorns Have Dreams

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Shocking, how Celestia never taught Cadance the Royal Canterlot Voice. And Twilight will need to learn it as well. What can a Princess of the Night do but hold a class to teach this essential art for princesses? Hopefully she knows how to maintain classroom discipline....

Cover by Guardian Core.

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When Spike asked Twilight to help him create The Noble Dragon Code, he hoped a lot of things would happen.

Getting worshipped as a god by legions of theologically-inclined dragons wasn't really one of them but, hey, whattcha gonna do? Them's the breaks, kiddo.

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Fancypants has always relied on his legendary wit and charm to endure tedious high-society events, but there's one pony he can't fool: his lovely wife. Fleur de Lis has chosen Ponyville as the venue for a major talent show, and as her supportive and obedient husband it's his duty to attend. But there's a mischievous streak behind that dazzling smile, and a poignant heart-to-heart with an unlikely kindred spirit brings it out in full force. A story about how important it is to love, cherish, and... there was something else, I'm sure of it. Oh, never-mind: the show must go on!

This is the story that won first place in a collaborative contest involving ponychan's Art and Fic boards. It was daydreamed, written, and edited in only three days, using the cover illustration as a creative prompt. It's been cleaned up slightly for errors and clarity, but the story itself is unchanged. You can find the picture that served as the prompt for this story here, and you can check out all the other finalist stories here. Do, please, read and enjoy!

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Equestria stands on the brink of ruin. A necromancer has raised an army of the dead and is poised to plunge the world into darkness. Monsters and brigands roam freely across the land, preying upon the innocent.

Only one hope remains. Armed with swords, spells, snacks, and a bag of dice, five heroes band together to defeat the forces of evil… if their rolls are good enough.

Welcome to gaming night in Ponyville.

Dramatic reading by Goombasa.

Cover image by Elosande used with permission.

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