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Being against evil doesn't make you good.



Candy Mane isn't very clever, but that doesn't mean she can't be a hero!

No, wait. It probably does mean that.

Written for the 2017 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Admiral Biscuit.

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Still a glorious tale of achievements in uncleverness. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

This...this is perfect comedy. The simple matter of fact way everyone, including herself, deals with Candy Mane is hilarious.

I was going to comment something meaningful and clever. But then I realized that this story needs nothing else. It's ridiculousness is perfect. Thank you for the entertainment!

Candy Mane is not a clever pony, but she has great pasture posture.

Despite everything she shows a more practical and self-aware approach to navigating the world than some people I know.

I can see why they put up with her:twilightsmile:

"And Fluttershy flutters shyly, and Applejack..." said Candy Mane, and then she paused with a puzzled expression on her muzzle, while Carrot Top held her hoof over her face.

"...wow. Well, that's entirely her business," she concluded.

I love this line so much.

I would have liked if you said something meaningful and clever because I don't get it.

You are not alone in your love for it...

There was no joke to get, just my honest opinion about the story

She kinda seems as "unclever" as Discord is "chaotic".
Alternatively, she can be a nice subtle evidence of how Equestrian life is different from ours: on our planet brains mastered navigation and not getting stuck in loops hundreds of millions years before mastering speech and counting.

At least she has something going for her!

Perfectly funny in every way!

This is wonderful!
I sincerely hope that you have doomed yourself to an endless series of 'Another Day in the Life of Candy Mane' sequels... Many many more, please?

When I was still doing the whole brony community thing I would say Candy Mane was my favourite background pony. I still like her design. I don't think I ever read a story where she was the main character. Not sure where the whole unclever thing comes from. That's not a thing in fandom is it?

Not in particular that I know of.

I actually do have a T one planned where she looks for a special somepony. Manely because I forgot to put in a shipping element to this one.

It's unfortunate this one's so unpopular, though. It places sequels on the back burner for now.

I think that this only furthers the case that Ponyville is an asylum. They have a few sane ponies to keep the town stable while the rest of the residents are all inmates.

Candy Mane should probably have several friends who just stop her and help her just like Twilight did.

Amazing job. There's something about it that made me think of Monty Python, or maybe Alice in Wonderland with it's absurdity.

The bit about the mailbox got me. :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh! A comment!

Ooh! A comment!

Alright, you got me with this one. Clever and I was not beyond the giggles. Well timed, well thought out, well played!

I find myself walking away both mirthfully and a little uncertain for poor Candy, but then...if she's happy, right? She may have one up on us all.

My brain hurts now. In a good way. I think. Actually I'm not sure. Anypony got any asprin? Maybe a piece of candy? Ow.

Author Interviewer

This story just about killed me. XD

"For friendship's sake, Candy Mane. Could you be any less clever?"

"Any fewer clever,"

This is one of the greatest jokes I have ever read.

Author Interviewer

PresentPerfect has read this story here! :V


Small suggestion: when reading dialogue, you might want to pause more between two characters speaking, or else add in "character said" tags to the read.

Also, I've been working on the sequel to this story for two days. :trollestia:

Author Interviewer

More like maybe you should add in more dialogue tags???

Heck, a sequel! :O

Unnecessary dialog* tags can be a mistake in fiction. They make the read more repetitive, and if there are only two characters in a scene it should be obvious to the reader who's who if you emote every few paragraphs.

Unfortunately, that makes books on tape much more challenging when they contain dialogue*. (Not to mention equations and diagrams.)

* = I prefer to use "dialog" for the adjective or compound noun, "dialogue" for the noun, and simply avoid the verb.

Why didn't I read this sooner?

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