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Trick Question

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In a series of Lunar coincidences, Rainbow Dash gets in trouble while teaching.

Written for Trotcon 2018's Speedfics-R-Us panel. The prompt: write a story involving Rainbow Dash, Featherweight, and the Moon.

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Comments ( 15 )

That was only four moons.

Luna's butt was the fifth. :trollestia:

Dearest Sib, Whose Anus Could Wring Diamonds From Coal,

On this night We learned that banishment to the moon is, like many things, better with a friend. Also that there have been some startling and delightful innovations in the novel use of feathers since Our return.

Yours eternally,

The only thing better than reading this now, was listening to you read it at the panel.

Wednesday still cracks me up.

Is there a 'tube video of it? I'd love to see that!

Man, this is dirty comedy done right. Full marks. As an aside, I would totally read the story of Luna's Second Banishment To The Moon (duration - one full Thursday).

On a completely different note:
9071291 - I swear you've been in the comment section of half the stories I read, and every single time your comment is solid gold. Just wanted to finally acknowledge how much your comments add to my experience on this site.

Booty never goes out of fashion. Not with stories like this one. It's faved.

This was hillarious

Author Interviewer

God, that's funny. XD

PresentPerfect reviewed this story over here. :twilightsmile:

This was actually almost believable. Have a green thumb.

This was some silly fun!

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