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Trick Question

Here, feel this.  (Patreon & book n/a.)


Derpy is the subject of a highly random intervention or two.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "TBD" contest, which I decided meant "Totally Banned Derpy".

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Well this is RANDOM

Derpy is secretly a genius. I'm happy to see someone else has finally acknowledged this fact and shared it with the world.

Soon the heretics will see the truth!

Exquisite use of Best Pony. Thank you for it.

I tend to dislike simpleton!Derpy fics because they usually are tearjerkers by hammering home how Derpy is depressed because others treat her poorly or some other reason. A seemingly clear contrast to her seemingly upbeat self in the show.

That is why I don't know why the fuck I keep doubting you.

Simple. Concise. Slice of life with a dash of random. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks again, T.Q.

I for one welcome our secret rabbit toy factory overlords.

the Doctor was here, and Lyra Heartstrings, and Bon Bon. Plus, there was that pony whose name I keep forgetting,

I feel that this went directly from the author's heart.

The story gave me a good laugh. Otherwise... there's not much to say, really. It was random, simple, random, and foremostly random.

"Secret rabbit toy factories," Derpy corrected. "Also secret rabbit toy factories. I know that's kind of confusing, but I'll add a chapter or two to explain the difference."

It's rabbits that are secret in former case, and toys in latter case? Or rabbits and toys are both secret for latter one? :rainbowhuh:
Taking into account 3 nouns here, there could be 2^3 - 1 states of secretness total, that further adds at least one more level of secretness on it's own. Layers and layers! :derpytongue2:

Carrot Top put down the bulky manuscript.

"Exactly how many nested stories are there in this literary disaster?" She asked, scrunchy-faced.

"Keep reading. There's a big twist later on!" replied Derpy, a rabbit on her shoulder.

Now this is random comedy done right.


The former is describing a toy factory run by rabbits and the latter is describing a factory that makes rabbit toys.

Even more unknown secrecy variables! Number of states of secretness has been grown exponentially!

Now this is why the random tag exists. Well done :scootangel:

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