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Trick Question

Being against evil doesn't make you good.


Diamond Tiara has a difficult relationship with her mother. She gets an idea for a Hearth's Warming wish from Ruby Pinch that may help, but it's something money alone can't buy.

For material goods, bits will do nicely. For everything else, there's friendship.

Written for the 2018 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Meridian Prime.

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Dayum, Merry jinglemas

"You should know better by now," hissed Spoiled. She walked to an alcohol cabinet at the edge of the room. Setting down a cocktail glass, the unicorn mare poured ten centiliters of vodka, then grabbed a small, dark bottle with her magic. "All I need this morning is the bark of the timber wolf, as they say."

Spoiled rich is an earth pony

Wow. I thought Diamond Tiara was a unicorn as well, but apparently I didn't put in any references to that.

I have no idea how that got in my head. Maybe I imagined the horn because she's elitist and I was being speciesist...

Kinda surprised she didn’t try Twilight for a magic solution.

"Still, I have a ton of bits! There has to be somepony I can pay, or something I can buy..."

She could try to bribe Starlight. Nothing is impossible with a teeny-tiny bit of mind control!

Oh man it's here!

Glad I found this - and I'm glad I can now thank you properly! Thank you so much for writing this, it's absolutely wonderful. I am for what seems like the millionth time cursing myself that I haven't saved my initial comments from the collab post, but this really struck a very personal chord for me.

Huh. That went places I didn't expect. Spoiled's transition from arrogance to collapse feels a bit abrupt, but it's not like I've never been part of an intervention. Excellent work in capturing both the addict's desperation and Diamond's own continuing struggle to become a better person. Thank you for this.

This was a sweet tale. Especially for Diamond Tiara

This was a really well-delivered happy ending in a situation where there often aren't.


I like stories like this, where a Diamond Tiara who hasn't quite gotten the hang of being good tries to do the right thing. She's a really good character when she's explored well, and I think this fic qualifies. Nice work!

"Me? I doubt it. Maybe for him, but I dunno," said Diamond. "Still, I have a ton of bits! There has to be somepony I can pay, or something I can buy..."

This sentence punched me in the heart. Poor Diamond.

Spoiled's breakdown was painful. The end was sweet.

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