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Bob finds himself in the midst of a dilemma. On one hand, he’s spent the last twenty-something years as a human being. On the other hoof, the magical and wondrous lands of Equestria beckon.

Can Bob make his mind up in time? And if he does decide to stay, what adventure and companionship might await him? What might he find in this world that he couldn’t already have?

He’s only got five minutes to make his choice.

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Comments ( 7 )

Looks good! I'll definitely tell you what I think after I read it (sorry, don't have time now)

Wait I found a plothole!

Bob considered himself to be a man of curiosity, rather than one of pragmatism or self-preservation,

Bob has common sense. Be like Bob

There is a direct contradiction here, I demand you rewrite your whole story to accommodate me!:rainbowwild:

In all seriousness though, it was good, funny and to the point. Like.

Bob is a legend. We should all aspire to be like Bob. T^T

The sarcasm here is incredibly heavy and i love all of it.

That being said.
I don't know whether the ending was just a comedic twist or the equivalent of saying people only or at least primarily want to go to equestria because they are kinky.

Personally, if I was in this situation I would play the opposite card.
I would use common sense and not even consider going back to the human world.

Human world < pony world.
Every time.

...for some reason this gives me Stanley Parable vibes

(Slightly) fuller review here, but in brief: I appreciate that this fic doesn't take itself overly seriously. The satire isn't light-touch enough to work for me, though.

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