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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Semi-sequel to The Diamond and The Apple, though it's not required for you to read that to understand this fic. Takes place between Seasons 7 and 8. Story idea suggested by Osakayumu. Proofread by Smity1038 on DeviantArt. Proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FiMFiction.)

Hearth's Warming, truly a most pointless holiday, at least as far as Spoiled Rich sees it. The rich mare sees it as nothing but a waste of time that could be better spent doing almost anything else. And she's the only one in all of Equestria who thinks that way.

However, on this particular Hearth's Warming Eve, Spoiled is about to have an out of this world experience. For a few "spirits" will be stopping by in the hopes of teaching her a lesson, not only about the holiday, but about herself.

Together, they'll delve into Spoiled's past, present, and future, digging up memories Spoiled herself has long forgotten. And realities she's ignored or payed little attention to over the years.

But will they be able to pin down just why Spoiled hates Hearth's Warming so much? And can they do the impossible and get Spoiled to change her ways (or at least make amends)?

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Comments ( 10 )

Wow that was wonderful! Happy to read this ill read it again and again. This should be a episode on the show.

Love this story! Glad to see a reform Spoiled story that most stories here on this site always against her 🤔

Would be nice to see a one shot of Diamond seeing her Granny.

I kind of suspected that the ring cutie mark Spoiled has would have a twofold meaning. I also suspect that she forgot about what the first meaning was.

How was I not aware of this?

dat ending gives hope for a sequel...
but is the hope real?

8827384 Maybe I'll do it for Christmas this year.

Yeah, this really deserves a sequel.

9116500 I'm thinking I might do it for my Christmas fic this year.

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