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Romance, palace intrigue, and swashbuckling adventure await our six heroines when Princess Luna summons the Elements of Harmony to Canterlot.

I started writing this story in the middle of March 2011 and submitted the last chapter and the epilogue to EqD 3 1/2 months later on July 4th. The basic idea for it, though, had come to me after watching the first two episodes on YouTube at the beginning of that February, but it took me a month to discover there were places on the net to which a person could send fanfiction and have it posted. I don't get out much, y'see...

The discerning reader may, therefore, find a bit of canon-fodder here and there, and for all that I've thought about diving back in and changing a few things to make the story line up better with Season 2, I'm not gonna. For better or for worse, this story's done, and I hope to use what I learned while writing it and from the comments it's gotten--and the comments I reckon it'll get here--to make my next story better.


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The bustling city of Metropony is under siege by Luna and her villainous assistant Trixie's army of deadly Lunatrons! Can Lyra and Bon Bon's crimefighting prowess and vast supply of heavy munitions keep the city safe for yet another week? Find out in this exciting episode of... HARPFLANK AND SWEETS. Warning: Not suitable for under-5s or those of an unawesome disposition.

- Now with added side-story, by supersheep64! - Harpflank and Sweets: The Lost Episodes
- Now with more added side-story, by RTStephens! - Haprflank and Sweets: Season 1
- Now with further more added parody, by Cold in Gardez! - Harpflank and Sweets: A Very Special Episode
- Now with extra further more added parody monstrosity, by Blueshift! - Sweetflank and Harps
- Now with extra TVTropes!
- Featured on EqD, rated 6-Star, for what it's worth!
- Exclamation marks!

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The tale of Cadence's ascension to alicornhood.

Cover vector by Icaron.

A charity commission for the incredibly generous WTFHIW.

Chapters (1)

The sirens are defeated and Sunset Shimmer has restored her magic. All's well and good, right?

Of course not. What begins with Sunset's friends wanting to have a very important talk with her will escalate until the fate of at least one world hangs in the balance.

Rated Teen for cosmic calamities, trace amounts of waifu theft, and a bit more skin than Hasbro is likely to show. Cover by iisaw.

The Story Shuffle short stories "Aftershock" and "Rock On" take place in the same continuity as this story. The background details of "Fish Out of Water" apply, but the story itself does not.

Chapters (9)

Visiting her sister was nice. A degree in rock science was within her grasp. There was just one last thing nagging at her. She had a mission to complete. It was that time of the month again. Time to pay a visit to the House of Enchanted Comics.

This idea suddenly came to me, and I just had a super burst of inspiration. I'm a big fan of classic 1960's Marvel comics, so this was a joy to write for me personally. Not only that, but I adore Maud, which should be fairly obvious.

I'm assuming there are plenty of other fics with a superhero named Iron Mare (I didn't check) but I decided to stick with the name anyway. It just fit too perfectly. I was considering changing it to Super Maud but I just couldn't get over Iron Mare. Hope somepony out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Grounds #12: "While it was nice to meet Pinkie and her friends, Maud Pie must now return to her regular life. She never did let Pinkie know about her other side..."

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„In a secluded desert on the frontiers of Equestria, an eccentric genius works to bring the stars within reach of everypony. But can smiths and metalworkers who never made anything more difficult than ploughs or golden trinkets really make the dream a reality? Or has inspiration arrived a hundred years too early?“

Originally published on Equestria Daily (6-star), uploaded to FimFiction upon request.
Imported from GoogleDocs in order to preserve formatting (italics/etc.); this may have resulted in table-breaking and other various display bugs. Should you see such issues, please do not hesitate reporting them!

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Told mostly in "fourteeners," iambic heptameter couplets broken into quatrains, this mini-epic poem follows Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie, drawn together by circumstance and ancient prophecy, as they confront a menace from Equestria's past. Many thanks to Aquillo and Casca for pre-reading, to Illya Leonov for the fine audio version, and to presentperfect for metrical notes above and beyond the call of duty!

Chapters (3)

Princess Celestia sends four adults ponies out into the world. They find that just because it's not your destiny to save the world, doesn't mean a goddess won't ask you to do just that. This story follows the tale of Pokey, Redheart, Cheerilee, and Medley as they find out what it means to sacrifice for the greater good of Equestria.

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Twilight Sparkle considers herself a learned pony. With the power of her intellect and a healthy dose of friendship, there’s no problem too big to solve. Or so she thinks.

However, when she criticizes Discord’s favorite action movie, the mad god takes revenge in a way that nopony saw coming—he turns her entire life into a summer blockbuster. Now, Twilight’s out of time, out of options, and out of luck, as... the princess under fire.

Many thanks to JeffCvt for editing. Cover art and all chapter art provided courtesy of the talented Magello.

I am forced to assume that neither of those two gentlemen have ever seen an explosion, because they're always facing away from them.

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Maud Pie has an unstoppable passion for rocks and minerals of every sort, but no one else seems to share that same passion. Not even Boulder is as enthusiastic about them as she is.

Follow Maud Pie and her close companion Boulder as they make their first stop on their rock expedition: Appleloosa. The town is in the middle of a gold rush, but everything may not be as it seems. What mysteries will Maud and Boulder uncover?

Probably none!

It's a very boring story, so be happy that it is COMPLETED.

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