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A dalek appears in Equestria - not just any dalek, but the one that had been corrupted by Rose Tyler's DNA. It has a choice of life as a pony, or dying, and finds that it cannot bear to die a second time. Thus begins a strange adventure as the dalek tries to find a place for itself in a world that is completely antithetical to its former existence and way of thinking...

...and why does that earth pony stallion look familiar...?

Chapters (9)

After witnessing a series of strange events Twilight Sparkle and friends search for answers, only to find themselves entangled in a war between two ancient races and a plot that could end all existence. Luckily, our heroes find help in the form of an eccentric brown pony with an impossible blue box.

Chapters (5)

More popular than the "Celestia's Homecare" omnibus, better selling than "Fifty-Three More Things to do When Trapped on the Moon", and more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes", how does the story of this remarkable book differ in a universe full of... pony?

After escaping the destruction of Equestria at the hands of some big ol' meanies, Pinkie Pie leads her friends on a series of baffling, mind boggling and downright nonsensical adventures through a galaxy where harmony is in short supply, but aliens, monsters and chaos are most definitely not.

Gasp! As they meet strange alien creatures!
Cry! As emotional torment assails our characters!
Groan! As the Author includes yet another 4th wall break!

And most importantly, DON'T PANIC

Chapters (22)

(The continuation of this story-verse is Star Trek: Pegasus.)

This is a direct sequel to my previous fic The Quandary of DisQord and is, of course, another Star Trek: The Next Generation / Friendship is Magic crossover. This time, however, Q has decided to bring the crew of the Enterprise-D along for the ride as well.

This is a much lighter story than Quandary was (since Quandary was the story of Discord's reign prior to his first defeat, it was bound to be a bit on the dark side). Also, be warned, though I tried to keep them to a minimum, there are still a few references to and spoilers for Quandary in this fic here, so I'd obviously recommend reading that one first before reading this one. Though, at the same time, this one is hopefully self-contained enough that you wouldn't necessarily have to read Quandary first in order to understand anything, if you don't care to.

Also beware, there is a bit of very mild one-sided shipping between one of the ponies and one of the humans, but nothing super serious or squicky or anything like that. And the Discord/Celestia ship from Quandary is touched upon again, of course. Just thought I'd mention it here, in case someone might be turned off by that sort of thing.

As with Quandary, extensive (and spoiler-filled) Author's Notes can be found after the end of the final chapter.

(Cover image is a direct screen-grab from the Next Gen episode "The Arsenal of Freedom" that I played around with in GIMP.)

Chapters (15)

Friendship, the Final Frontier.
When a Starfleet ship discovers that the Orion Syndicate is enslaving ponies, her commander decides to do a good deed and return the rainbow-maned pegasus home to Equestria. Things don't go smoothly for the crew of the USS Judges, but what they find may be one of their biggest discoveries ever.
A Friendship Is Magic/Star Trek Online crossover.

Chapters (13)

====Originally Written June 2011=====EQD Link====
There is a shadow to all of existence, a place that all worlds are shielded from by a thin veil. A Dark Place, where a single presence plots and struggles to consume all creation with its darkness. The author Alan Wake is one who has defeated this Dark Presence, but to save his wife and his world Alan had to remain trapped in the darkness.

Now, through his struggles to return to his wife, Alan has unintentionally released the Darkness and an old villain upon Equestria. To fix the mistake, Alan starts a new story with Twilight Sparkle as the protagonist. Can the unicorn find the strength to face the darkness, or is all of Equestria doomed to be the victim in the dreadful horror story?

Note: Story assumes no preceding knowledge of the game Alan Wake. Written for any MLP:FiM fan to enjoy.

Chapters (16)

The Medallion of Light and the Medallion of Shadow are some of the most powerful yet obscure artifacts of antiquity. Created by a now-vanished cult of assassins, the two devices together give their bearer the incredible power to walk the worlds with but a single step.

Nefarious forces are closing in on both artifacts, and very little stands in their way. Heinrich Himmler's agents covet the medallions for the greater glory of the Third Reich. Ahuizotl's simply want their master to get what's coming to him: the world, and everything in it.

With the fate of all good people and ponies in doubt, one thing's for certain: saving two worlds would be one hell of an adventure. And if adventure has a name, it must be Daring Do… or is that Indiana Jones?

Will our heroes win the day? Find out in... Daring Do and the Medallion of Shadow! Or, Indiana Jones and the Medallion of Light!

NOTE: there will be some violence in this story, but nothing more than you would expect to see in an Indiana Jones movie-- so I didn't check the "gore" content box.

Artwork by Tzelly-el.

Special thanks to SapphireStarlightPony & Rated Ponystar for helping with the brainstorming on this one.

Thanks to this stupid thing I've had the Indiana Jones theme song stuck in my head for like the past four days and I am about to claw my eyes out AAAAAAAHHHHH @_@

Chapters (12)

Princess Luna is sick of not having any friends. So she uses her magical pony powers to travel across the pony multiverse. Surely out there is somepony who will be her friend, right?

A MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/Transformers crossover

Chapters (1)

Six years ago, a strange craft fell from the sky. The creature that fell with it has been living secretly as a pony in Ponyville ever since, unaware of its true nature.

Now, six years later, Big Macintosh has disappeared, and the creature from the sky is the only one who can save him. The secret must be unveiled, no matter the cost.

A Doctor Who universe crossover fic.

My first (non-terrible) fic, so tips would be great.

Suggestion on categories would be appreciated as well, as I'm not really sure how it works.

Chapters (11)

Rainbow Dash and Equestria's newest inter-dimensional visitor, Gir, eat cupcakes together.

That's really all that happens.

Chapters (1)
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