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Long before Twilight Sparkle was taken under the wing of Princess Celestia, another pony was given a chance to prove himself. Your history books will tell you that he was a bitter, lonely, powerful old Unicorn who never really understood the magic of Friendship. But history, as we all know, only ever remembers one side of the story.
This is the life and the tutelage of Star Swirl, one of the greatest pony minds to ever walk Equestria.

Featured by Seattle's Angels on July 6th, 2014.
Featured on Equestria Daily on September 23rd, 2014.

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Friendships don't always last, time isn't always well-spent, and not everyone gets a happy ending. Everypony has their regrets, paths not taken, failures and lost loves. Sometimes, it's too late for second chances.

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On a schoolday afternoon, Snails admires the one thing that fills him with joy; his secret bug collection in the shed behind his house. As he attends it he thinks back on his life and cutie mark and has to wonder; who else would appreciate his passion?

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Twilight is practicing her latest spell; one that let's her read the minds of other ponies!

She asks Pinkie to help, since nothing could possibly go wrong. I mean, it's not like Twilight could mess up the spell, causing Pinkie's mental patterns and memories to infect Twilight's mind; that would just be silly! And even if that did happen, Pinkie would help her friend reverse the effects.

...Wouldn't she?

Image by the ever-amazing mysticalpha, used with permission.

Thanks to SonicBrony for proofreading.

Fanart! (:pinkiegasp:); Think Pink by applecream

Google Docs version.

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My name is Canvas. I remember because I wrote it in the corner of the white box. It takes twelve steps to get from the cot to the wall. And the lights hurt my eyes.

(Note: The story isn't in color because I decided to try this without the gimmick! But I still recommend reading the GDocs version.)

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I debated on updating this or changing it or even not posting it, but a quick google search showed that a lot of people still remember this (bad) fan fiction of mine and wondered where it went. Therefore, I'm posting it here unaltered so you won't have to dig around for it anymore.

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