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A cartoon dog in a cartoon world.

Human: HPE 2 stories
  • Human: HPE 2 stories Best Humans and Ponies Everywhere
    Created by McPoodle
    - October, 2014
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If the sirens had their way, they would have divided and conquered all of Equestria. But a certain Star Swirl the Bearded wasn't having it. Rumor has it he found a way to banish them to another world – one where he believed their magic power would be lost. That world must have been the one where my Canterlot High friends live.

But Star Swirl must have sent them there ages ago. How come they're just surfacin' now?

A cursory look at the sirens' thousand years of history in the human world before the events of Rainbow Rocks. With apologies to Kim Stanley Robinson.

Absolutely no connection to Death and the Dazzlings.

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Adrian Parker is a man on a mission. After a strange purple pony from another world shows up at his house, he is determined to forget about it and return to a normal life. But the governments of the United States and the alien kingdom of Equestria have other plans. Will Adrian escape his destiny? Will the Americans convince him to serve his country? Will the Equestrians teach him the magic of friendship? No to all three, but it'll be fun to watch them try.

(Rated Teen for language and brief pony nudity.)

UPDATE: No new chapter this week. Something, something, writer's block, something. Sorry, everypony. :-(

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