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Minuette has an imaginary friend. At least, that's what everypony else thinks.

When ten-year-old magic student Minuette comes into possession of an antique vanity mirror, she is surprised to discover there is a creature living inside: A bug pony with big fangs and glowing eyes. Most little foals would probably be scared of such a creature, but not Minuette. Armed with a cheerful smile, she decides to befriend the bug in her mirror and uncover the mystery behind his bewildering predicament.

It's just such a shame that nopony else can see him.

Edited by Mister Hypothetical

This story is part of 'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, whose other entries include The Bug in The Herd, The Bug in The Basement, and The Bug in The Cave. You do not need to read any of these previous stories to enjoy this one, as they are not directly connected.

Inspiration for this story comes directly from this fine individual right here.

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After the Storm King's army was disbanded Tempest decides to stay in Ponyville for a few weeks to prove she can be a valued citizen of Equestria.

She expects to be bored. She expects civilian life to be hard to adjust to.

She doesn't expect Rainbow Dash to approach her, asking for combat training. And she certainly doesn't expect to start to like the cocky Pegasus.

But opening your heart to friendship means opening it to some other things as well.

Chapters (4)

The summer holidays can't come soon enough for Smolder.

Finding it increasingly difficult to harmonise the lessons of the School of Friendship with her dragon nature, she wants nothing more than to kick back with her friends and to forget the tug-of-war battles raging in her heart and head.

What she gets instead is Headmare Twilight bringing forward her first assignment from the next term as homework. Paired off with one of the "Pillars of Old Equestria", Smolder finds herself having to spend a month with Meadowbrook, and writing up her resulting experiences and reflections.

But when they travel to a village trapped by a terrible curse, those experiences become profound and life-changing, for Smolder and Meadowbrook both.

Cancelled here; may be continued over on AO3

Chapters (1)

A modern-day explorer gets his chance to visit Equestria, and writes down notes about the interesting ponies he meets and the stories that they tell.

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It's been several months since the Alicorn Amulet incident, and much has changed for the Great and Powerful Trixie. Her reputation damaged once again, she continues on with her magic act, determined to try and turn over a new leaf. With Twilight Sparkle now an alicorn princess, however, Trixie finds herself plagued with nightmares and a renewed sense of jealousy. Sympathetic to the mare's feelings, which mirror ones she once held long ago, Princess Luna decides to intervene.
Original sketch of the cover image was done by Becca Hillburn at http://www.nattosoup.com/ . Vector of sketch made by myself.

10/16/2014: Now featured on Equestria Daily

8/4/2015: First Time on Featured Box

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This story is a sequel to Business Trip

Five years ago, sixteen mares founded a hotel in New Jersey called the Mareiott. These are their stories. A sequel to Business Trip, it's recommended (though not necessary) to read that first. Act I serves as a prequel, Act II is comprised of side stories to Business Trip, and Act III explores what these mares have been up to in the ensuing years.

Of note, Mr. Jones Goes To Equestria is a side story to this, and completely optional prior reading.

Character tags: Cherry Pie, Daisy Dreams, Dewdrop Dazzle, Diamond Rose, Feathermay, Flitterheart, Honeybuzz, Lily Blossom, Lulu Luck, Ploomette, Plumsweet, Rainbow Flash, Snowcatcher, Starbeam Twinkle, Sunny Rays, & Sweetie Swirl

Each chapter will be told from a first pony perspective, so you can see the character's thoughts and motivations for their actions. That's sixteen individual points of view, and the pony in focus will be spelled out in the chapter name. Also, please note that due to the changing perspectives, the tone of the story will shift from chapter to chapter.

Written as a thank you to all those who enjoyed the original and requested a sequel, and also serves as another entry in Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request/not-a-contest for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


Pre-read/edited by: Snowliasion

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This story is a sequel to Brightly Lit

It's been six weeks since Equestria came to the world and a desperate battle against a creature of myth and legend was fought. Six weeks of our world coming to terms with new knowledge, new insights, and new ways of thinking about our place in the universe.

It has also been six weeks of Twilight Sparkle being in charge of Equestria. Of sitting on the throne, of hearing things secondhoof while others get to explore a strange new world full of insights and information. A world teeming with books. So many books.

Turbulent times will engulf both worlds as they are enveloped by the storm of change that seeks to swamp them all in anarchy and chaos. And in a storm, all ships seek out the brightly lit beacon of a lighthouse. Of the Pharos.

Another story from, The Canary Files.

Chapters (8)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders move to Starlight’s Village with Big Macintosh, where many ponies are still struggling to reconnect with their cutie marks.

Chapters (13)

Twilight Sparkle has always respected the laws of science and magic. It's a respect that got her a scholarship to SGU, where she formed a small but comfortable group of friends and has received top grades in her two years there. It's a life that makes sense.

With her final year beginning and a special instruction from the Princess to bond with a fellow pupil, Twilight has enough to fill her life and her mind. It doesn't make sense that she should have recurring dreams about a mysterious mare, that this mare seems eerily familiar despite being a total stranger, or that she can recall the dreams with unusual clarity.

Twilight has questions about Equestria and about herself, and the answers could reshape her perception of both. She begins her research with a central question:

What lies beyond the edge of a dream?

Featured on Equestria Daily

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Mark Wells was a klutz, but even he could not imagine stumbling into a mirror that he had just bought at an antique store and ending up in a world of colorful equines, not to mention gaining hooves and wings at the same time. And whoever heard of green fur on a horse? Perhaps the great and powerful Princess that the guard was taking him to would have some answers because he sure didn't!

An alternative version of canon events with humorous twists. Written in collaboration with Airy Words.

Cover art by Mix-up and their DeviantArt account is Amalgamzaku.

Book One: Chapters 1–33
Book Two: "Further Off The Mark": Chapters 34–69
Book Three: "On The Mark": Chapters 70–?

Sex tag added as of chapter 32 but it's mostly due to talk. Actual sex takes place "off camera".

Chapters (93)
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