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Once upon a time, there was an average, everyday pony, whose special talent was being magical. She lived her life alone in secret studies until one day, she moved into a new town, made five very special friends, and saved the world. She only failed when it was necessary to advance the plot or show character development, or when the author had some issues she needed to work out. Soon, the universe realized how perfect she was, and she was turned into an alicorn and named princess.

Celestia can't stop writing stories about her, and Luna is getting worried.

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Twilight has seen and learned a lot about Celestia. Little too much for her own liking sometimes.

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Celestia has always watched over her little sister. When she has to banish her sister to the moon, she works to right some wrongs in Equestria so that her sister will be happier upon return.

However, the biggest change Celestia made has gone completely unnoticed by Luna since her return. Celestia calls Luna into her study to bring Luna's attention to one of the biggest changes of Luna's life.

(Note: romance tag NOT for princest.)

EDIT 3/26/14: In the popular stories box! Thank you all very much! This is my first really popular story, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the positive feedback!
EDIT 3/26/14 (again): Featured! Oh my GOD. This is just too awesome. I'm going to have a celebratory bowl of Lucky Charms and wonder how I came to earn the support of you lovely people.

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"I'm pregnant."

Pinkie decides to prank Sombra on April Fools just to poke some fun at him, but her plan backfires when his reaction isn't what she thought it'd be.

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Celestia is thousands of years old, and has experienced almost everything the world has to offer. But there's one ordinary thing she's never experienced, and she's determined to ask Twilight about it.

Spanish translation by F3n1x here.

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In response to threats of a griffon attack on Equestria, Twilight responds with a letter detailing just why such actions would prove unfavorable for them.

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Under 1000 word micro-fics based on one-word writing prompts. Romance, Slice of Life, Sad, you name it, we got it.

All authors are welcome, just check out this thread for rules and latest prompt.

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The Iron Pony competition. A festival. Hard cider.

For Marble Pie, all of them are foreign, as strange as towns with houses built into trees or shaped like giant candy.

When her parents finally decided to go visit her eldest sister, she wasn't prepared for the fesitivities going on in Ponyville. And when she met her cousin Applejack? Well... she wasn't prepared for the feelings that surfaced either.

Many thanks to Karrakaz for prereading and idea storming.

Cover art by the talented Myandra

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Spike decides he wants some spending money, so he gets a job as an assistant to the local DJ, Vinyl Scratch.

What starts off as a part-time 'errand boy' job, quickly evolves into a close friendship, and may become something more in time. Apparently, they have more in common than they ever would have thought.

Super special thanks to Avox for being my editor.
Super speical thanks to themouthofmush and Starlight Shadow for Proofreading. You guys rock!

Cover by: wafflenaw

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Rarity prides herself on her work, and when letters start pouring in from Canterlot after the Royal Wedding she is overjoyed by the enthusiasm for her dresses. Drawing on her friend Fancy Pants, she is able to set up a temporary shop in Canterlot for one month, where she will do her best to turn out as many dresses and outfits as she possibly can.

She swears to Twilight and her friends that she won't fall for the allure of the big city again, and that Ponyville won't have to go long without her... but once there, she is quickly swept up in the grandeur and glamour of post-Wedding Canterlot. Her clients are rich, prestigious and famous, with clout and influence to burn...

...but it is one mare, a simple gray earth pony, who catches her attention. She doesn't behave like the rest- she is quiet, yet when she speaks she is witty and clever, not dull and droll like the others. She dodges Rarity's questions about her artfully, which only piques the white unicorn's interest and nigh-on forces her to dig deeper into the community to find out about this mysterious mare named Octavia.

But what does she hope to find? Why is she so driven to find out more about the gray earth pony musician... and what will she do with the information she gleans?

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